Bellchamber Rings

2019 Custom Gallery B

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2019

Updated soon A custom bracelet using the Pacific Eagle and Whale Tail pendant. Finished in sterling silver with a 9mm wide figaro style link bracelet. The Whale is the Chief of the Ocean. ORDER Updated soon A client brought us a very large 24mm signet ring in and this 22K half Sovereign. We made a flat cap of gold welded over the signet space and welded 4 claws to it. Jason then claw set the clients coin onto the top. Customization of client work is always a joy and challenge.

Updated soon A client brought us her natural pearls to restring and decided she wanted 2 of them to make into earrings. We made a gold post to go through each pearl with a ball rivet and attached them to European Lever-backs. Repairing client jewellery uses creativity and problem solving. The goldsmiths at Bellchamber Rings can help you too. Updated soon A Rainbow Moonstone cabochon is set into a white Dianne Loveknot ring.  The stone is 9x7mm and the ring is unantiqued.  Adularescence is an optical property of Moonstone which gives it the blue hue from a 45 degree angle to light.  ORDER

Ring of Mara If you are a gamer you may recognize this pattern.  Our client wanted one in 14K white gold.  It looks like interlace surrounding a Celtic Cross pattern, it's the Mara Ring.  ORDER Gold and Silver Ring of Mara The Mara ring set in antiqued sterling silver and white gold.   Note that white gold will not antiqued like sterling silver does.  We leave it with a sandblasted finish in the recessed areas.

White gold Claddagh iwth Sapphire and Opal A Traditional Claddagh ring made in 14K white gold with a pair of diamond cut blue sapphires and 3.5mm A grade opel set into the heart.  We are able to customize this ring with any round stones you wish.  ORDER Bailey Triskele A client brought us her gold to recycle and remake into this beautiful Bailey Triskele.  We also set her engagement diamond and wedding ring diamonds into the interlace too.  This Bellchamber designed was inspired by whale tales.  The Whale is the chief of the ocean.  ORDER

ORegon Sunstone Gold rings Genuine Green Sunstone from Oregon USA, bezel set in 14K yellow gold Dianne Loveknot rings.  This is a very rare tri-colour gemstone our client wished us to set a matching pair into wedding rings.  Like moonstone, it is a gem variety of feldspar exhibiting green and blue. ORDER Custom Pipers Silver Belt This is a custom St.Andrews Belt Buckle made in sterling silver.  It is for a bagpiper drummers belt end.  Finished weight was over 3 oz and measure 8x5 cm.  It is one of the largest silver pieces we've created.  ORDER

Platinum Tree of Life Taking photos of high polished jewellery, especially with a flat surface, is akin to taking a picture of a mirror. It's challenging to put something 3d into 2 dimensions! This Celtic Tree of Life Pendant is made of solid platinum. Notice that it is a soft white grey rather than the warm colour of white gold. A slightly different angle is in the right photo, try crossing your eyes for a stereoscopic effect. Celtic Tree of Life ring in Platinum The Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in rare platinum from a slightly different angle. This is the first in this rare metal we have made. The tree represents the connection of heaven and earth. ORDER

Midnight Blue Black sapphire Wolf Ring A Custom Wolf Clann ring with a 3/4 carat Midnight Blue-Black sapphire.  The ring is 5mm wide making the detail have to be hand engraved and carved into the ring.  It's a nice bright 14K white gold.  The pair of wolves represents the alphas of the pack, the Dam and Sire.  Clann is Gaelic for 'family' (of sons and daughters). Black Sapphire Blue Black ring Front view of the custom Wolf Clann ring.  Under bright light one can see a bit of the blue scintillation in the sapphire, usually it appears as a black gem.  ORDER