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 Below are photos of the best Custom designs from Bellchamber Rings store for 2010.

 Rune Pendant, Berkanan or Beorc

A Bellchamber Custom Rune pendant in Sterling Silver.  This one is called Berekan in Old Futhark or Beorc in Old English.  It represents the Birch tree a symbol of inception and fertility.  ORDER

Briolete Triskele

Above is a Briolette Triskele in Sterling Silver.  This pendant is made up of 3 trillium triskele designs.  It represents eternity.  ORDER

 Dianne Loveknot with 1/2 carat Ideal Cut Diamond, 2 Rubies and 2 Golden Sapphires

 Above is a Dianne Loveknot in 14K Bright White Gold set with an ideal cut 1/2 Carat F Colour Diamond and 2 accent Rubies and 2 accent Gold Sapphires.  The Diamond setting is a Platinum Bezel. ORDER

Dianne Loveknot Wedding set

The matching ring in this Dianne Loveknot set is a 7.5mm Non Tapering Dianne Loveknot ring with borders. ORDER

Tribal Celtic Version of the Dianne Loveknot Ring

A version of the Dianne Loveknot with a tribal influence.  This custom designed ring is in solid 14K white Gold and is set with a 6mm plus Blue Sapphire

Bezel setting to accomadate stone height

Note that a bezel is one of the lowest ways and smoothest ways to set a stone.  It must still be a certain heigh to accomitate the stones height so that the culet won't scratch the finger.

Celtic Silver Ring, Pattern from the Book of Durrow.

A custom Celtic knot ring, with a pattern from the 7th century Book of Durrow page 8v.  ORDER

Iron Age Celtic Ravens

A quarter shows the scale of this pendant.  The Iron Age Celtic Raven Triskele.


 Gold Celtic Claddagh Wedding Rings

A Claddagh Wedding set of 6mm and 8mm rings in 14K Gold.  It is a new version of the Dimma Claddagh with a tighter weaved Celtic Knot which can be peirced.  4mm and 3mm and 10mm are available too.

Celtic Knotwork Claddaghs

This style of Claddagh demonstrates that we can custom make your own style of Claddagh and Knotwork too.  Please Contact us if you have any suggestions.



Rampart Lion Pendant in Silver

A new Rampart Lion Pendant in Sterling Silver.  Model P309S.  The Lion is the symbol of the Cheif and is used on many Family Crests and Country Emblems.

Rampant Lion Pendant in Silver

 The Scale of this Rampart Lion Pendant next to a Canadian quarter.




Gold Celtic Triskele Earrings

New Triskele Designs Earrings in 14K Gold with 4mm drop ball studs.  They can be made as a charm as well.  These are called Priestly Triskeles, after the client whom helped deisng them.  The Celtic Triskele represents Eternity and Good Luck.

Celtic Tree of Life Charm in Gold

 The Celtic Tree of Life charm in gold.  This charm is about 1.3 mm in diameter.  Similarly a dime is 1.8mm.  The Tree symbolizes the Family and strength.



Celtic Ring with Garnet

 All stones are hand set by J.Bellchamber in our shop.  Above is a 12 ct + Garnet in a 4 claw 14K Gold setting.  The Celtic Knot on the ring is part of a new set called the Norman Feather design.  It's an elegant double triskele design representing 2 souls intertwined.

Fine Celtic Ring Claw setting

I was challenged by my client to make a Celtic Knot setting for a large stone which was thinnner than my typical designs.  Note that the knot is mirrored on each part of the shank and spans to 3 and 9 o'clock. 



 Wishing Coins

Last summer I wanted to come up with the simplest pendant I could.  But it still had to have meaning.  So I came up with Wishing Coins. From the top left is a Celtic Lucky Star (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit), a Celtic Tree of Life Coin (Heaven and Earths Connection) and a Shijin Lotus (The Universe) an Asian motif of the four guardians of Heaven; Dragon E, Phoenix S, Tiger W and a Tortoise N).


Pierced Celtic Rings

Hand pierced Celtic Rings with the Muny Musk Triskele.  One is the 5mm version and the other is 7mm wide both without borders. 

In order for the a ring pattern to look good peirced there must be slightly more negative space to the ratio of the design, that way the positive space will look balanced.



 Custom Kanji Rings

A Wedding set of Custom Kanji Rings.  The 10mm wide ring is Antiqued Sterling Silver and the 7mm width ring is 14K White Gold.

White Gold Celtic Animal Ring

An all 14K White Gold Celtic Wolf Ring.  10mm Wide with Riased White Gold Borders. 




 Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in Gold

The Bellchamber Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in Yellow Gold.  The Tree symbolizes the connection of Heaven and Earth, since it roots in the ground and in the sky.

Celtic Tree of Life Ring

The Celtic Tree of Life Ring in 2 Tone Golds.  A 14K Yellow Gold Accented with raised White Gold Edges.  In this motif the symmetry of design is the two halves of of the tree that grow together in the same vessel.  This design of a pot and knotwork leaves is found throughout the Book of Kells.



Gra Go Deo Rings in Gold

Bellchamber Rings can make you your own CustomGra Go Deo Ring.  Utilizing different Celtic Knot Designs or even your own Font.  This set is a 7.5mm White Gold Gra Go Deo and a 5mm Yellow Gold Ring.  The Loveknot is a 8th Century Triskele Knot.

 Gra Go Deo Ring

This is the 5mm Gra Go Deo Ring in 14K Yellow Gold. 



Roman Numeral Pendant

Above is a hand-cut Roman Numeral pendant in Sterling Silver.  It's about 3cm across and 2cm tall. Custom Designs are welcome.

 Gra Go Deo Ring

This is the 7.5mm Gra Go Deo Ring in 14K White Gold.  The Celtic Knot and "Gra Go" are visible in this photo.



Griffin Ring in Sterling Silver

Rampart Griffin Ring in Sterling Silver.  This ring is engraved with the surname 'Leslie'. 


 Silver Ring with Red Sapphire

Above is a 8mm Sterling Silver Ring set with a 3.8mm Red Sapphire  It is a bid wider in the front to accomidate the depth of the stone.  


Japanese Dragon RIng

An Imperial Dragon Ring in 14K White Gold with Raised White Gold Edges.  The 2 Asian style Dragons meet at a yin yang spiral representing light and shadow. ORDER.

Chinese Dragon Ring

This Ring is 11mm wide and a size 13.  Bellchamber rings can custom make you any style of Dragon on a ring.  This Dragon is considered Imperial because it has 5 fingers per claw. 

Asian Dragon Ring

The left shank of the Dragon Ring.  Not the sizing bar at the back of the shank.

Dragon Ring

View of the right shank of the Dragon Ring.  


Custom Celtic Ring

A new variation of the Dianne Loveknot finished in 14K White Gold.  This version is 8mm wide and does not taper like the original.

Custom Celtic Ring

This view show the Celtic Knot looks on the shank from the Triskeles to how it terminates at the sizing bar. The even width Dianne Loveknot is available in an 8mm wide, a 10mm wide and 5mm wide.  

 BDSM Silver Ring

A new Sterling Silver Triskele Ring of a Celtic Sprial Design based on the Hall Triskele.  ORDER INFO


Tree of Life Ring

A Tree of Life Ring in 14K White Gold Shank and 14K Yellow Gold Tree,  based on a motif from the hilt of a Saxon artefact called the Abingdon Sword.  It is one of the styles of Signet Rings we make exclusively. ORDER INFO


 Celtic Luckenbooth Ring

The Celtic Luckenbooth Ring.  This is the first edition of this ring in Gold and was the grand prize in our 5th Day of Christmas Draw for 2009.  It measures  5.5mm wide and has a Dimma Loveknot leading up to the Luckenbooths Heart and Crown


 White Gold Dianne Loveknot with 2 blue diamonds 7pts and a 22ct white diamond

A Celtic Diamond ring.  This Dianne Loveknot is finished in 14K White Gold and has a custom setting with 2 blue 0.07ct diamonds and one 0.22 ct white diamond.  This is a Custom Celtic Ring, each setting is made to order based on the stones.



Saxon Dagger Hilt from The Staffordshire Hoard

Sword Hilt from the Staffordshire Hoard of Saxon Gold found in July 2009.   This motif predates the Celtic Wolfhound design from the Books of Lindisfarne or Kells by over a century.   The Wolf is an important symbol in ancient Rome, Europe, Britian and North America.



 Staffordshire Saxon Ring

Above is the Sterling Silver Beowulf ring.  It is 10mm wide and features a Saxon Wolfhound motif from one of the solid Gold sword hilts of the Staffordshire Hoard.    The wolf is a symbol of Strength, Loyalty and Intelligence.  ORDER

 Saxon Ring with a Wolfhound Design of the Staffordshire Hoard

This design is also available in a 6mm wide version.  Although zoomorphic, I would conclude that they are a Wolf or Dog based on the fact that the toes are cleft more than once (not the hoof of a horse or stag).  And that the Wolf was one of Saxons most important symbols. 

Tribal Celtic Version of the Dianne Loveknot Ring

A version of the Dianne Loveknot with a tribal influence.  This custom designed ring is in solid 14K white Gold and is set with a 6mm plus Blue Sapphire.


 Bezel setting to accomadate stone height

Note that a bezel is one of the lowest ways and smoothest ways to set a stone.  It must still be a certain heigh to accomitate the stones height so that the culet won't scratch the finger.



Custom Silver Pendant

 This Cuustom Pendant is a Sterling Silver Tag style Pendant.  It measures 4.5cm x 1 cm.

Celtic Tree of Life Rings in Gold 

These rings feature the Celtic Tree of Life motif from the Book of Kells.  They are both 14K Yellow Gold with raised White Gold Borders. 7mm wide. INFO


Below are custom jewellery designs from 2009

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