Bellchamber Rings

2018 Custom Gallery A

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2018

Rose cut diamond engagement ring with Celtic Triskele A 7mm Wolfhound ring in white in a wedding set with a Double Triskele engagment ring with the clients own rose cut diamonds.  ORDER Gold claddagh with heart shaped diamond Traditional gold Claddagh ring with a 1/4 carat Heart shaped diamond. Jason Bellchamber sets all stones by hand. ORDER

Gold Initial D pendant with birthstone A small 14K Yellow gold initial charm with a 3mm alexandrite birthstone in a bezel. This pendant is 18mm in diameter the size of a dime. ORDER Highlander Thistle ring in silver and gold A custom Highlanders Thistle ring in antiqued white with raised rose gold borders. The pattern on the shank is the Eternity Triskele design. ORDER

2 carat solitaire with 6 claw setting A stunning 2 carat round brilliant diamond. All gemsetting is done by Jason Bellchamber.  ORDER Key Pattern Wedding set with 6mm Green Sapphire in each A happy couple sporting a pair of Green Sapphire wedding rings set into the Key Pattern Triskele Design.  Here is a close up of the ladies ring it\s on the Custom Gallery 2016E row 8.

Gold Claddagh with 3mm fine emerald This gold Traditional Claddagh is set with a 3mm round brilliant cut emerald and a custom engraving on the inside of the band.  ORDER Celtic Cross in Silver The Celtic Revival Cross in sterling silver. 1" tall before we add the jump-ring for the chain. Handmade to ORDER

Highlander Ring We can turn Lead to Gold at Bellchamber Rings. We start with a simple pencil sketch when custom making a ring, as you can see here our client wished for a Celtic Eternity Triskele with alternating thistle flowers and leaves. The 4th final sketch at the bottom is what we then use for the ring at right. Updated soonCreated from the drawings on the left which we use to make a wax model this is the finished 10mm wide Thistle Triskele in antiqued white.  The eternity triskele is a classic Celtic interlace from 7th -8th century Pictish artifacts in Scotland.  ORDER
Celtic Crescent Triskele pendant with diamonds and sapphire A Crescent Triskele in Yellow gold set with two 10pt diamonds and a 2 carat triangular cushion cut sapphire.  The stones belonged to our client.  We can set your gemstones as well.  ORDER Rose Gold and Silver Claddagh with Ruby Heart A Rose Gold and Silver claddagh with a round ruby set into the heart.  The traditional claddagh represents Faith, Love and Friendship.  ORDER

Gold Ingot colours We make different colours of gold from Mr.Bellchamber's own combinations.  Matching gold colour for sizing or for casting is and art and takes several years of practice.  Pictured are different ingots, each contain gold, the alloys added to the gold determine the resulting end hue.  From left: rose gold, green gold, yellow gold and white gold.  The process is explained in the History of Alloy article. Making an ingot of gold Pictured are; a modern clay crucible for melting gold in, a steel ingot mold held with a c-clamp both on a ceramic soldering board which withstands high head.  Ingots are prepared to make castings or wire.  Ingots are 'milled' for sizing rings by flatting them or rolled in a mill to makesquare wire which is then made into round wire.  The red capped bottle contains borax powder used as a flux.  A flux is sometimes added sparingly to recycled/remelted gold once it is liquid.  It will cause oxides and impurities rise to the surface. 

Modern 5 diamond ring in white gold Jason has set every stone by hand in our store since 1992.  In this photo there are 5 client diamonds set into a new modern white gold ring. This is an elegant anniversary band which fits with a wedding ring set. ORDER Red's Cross A custom cross design featuring the 3 crosses on the mount. This cross is called Red's cross.  ORDER