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Two Tone Gold and Silver Claddaghs 

Above are two tone Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Claddaghs.  Available now for $395 and $350 plus delivery.

**This is the archived site of Bellchamber.net**

*As of July 25, 2020 this version was retired*


Sept 28th, 2020: As a self taught programmer, some would say hacker, updating can be tough to swallow.  Often, everything you learned has to be tossed to 'progress'.  Wordpress is a wonderful modern tool for tablet and cellphone viewing.  Html (like this side of my site), not so much.  However, html is solid as a rock and great for desktops.  That being said I have decided to update my custom galleries on the html side as well as the Worpress side of my site too.   I hope you enjoy it too.

July 25: The new wordpress site of www.bellchamber.net is up and the page you are looking at is officially archived.  Any links you have will need to have '/old/' added to the end at the end to view ie (..hamber.net/old/cata....)

July 9th: Posted a photo of a Dutch Button ring in solid 14K gold onto the last row of the Custom gallery 20A.  It was a lot of work with many weld points.  It is also known as a Zeeland ring.

July 2nd: We are open by appointment. Please call or email to book a consultation or for pick up or your jewellery. When you arrive masks are mandatory due to the emergency. Thank you! If you have a repair, taking a couple of photos and emailing us can expedite the process for you.

June 9th: Good news! Phase 2 of Ontario re-opening retail means that on June 17th we will be able to meet customers in our store.  It will still be by appointment from 10am-5pm, and between noon to 1:30 will be walk-ins welcome until further notice.  Contact us for details. 

May 15th:  We hope you are staying safe.  We are operating and still making custom designs We are open for video chat appointments or email.  Please know our brick & mortar store is still mandated to be closed.  If you have a repair feel free to contact me for an assessment.

May 11th 2020:  We are nearly 2 months into the emergency measures here in Canada and it's working.  I hope you are staying safe.  Jason is still taking orders by email consultation or over the telephone.  Repairs need to be held off at this time.  It is likely we will reopen after May 31st according to our province.  https://covid-19.ontario.ca/

May 8th: We are working on updating our entire site very soon so it is mobile friendly.  It's time for a change to this site.  This one as you know it will be archived with a minor address change.

.April 23rd: During business hours Jason is available to talk via video or telephone.  An appointment is necessary.  Online Office Hours are Monday - Friday 10am to 5pm.  Even though our doors are locked during the Covid-19 crisis, Jason is here to help.  We noticed yesterday that the Google incorrectly posted we were permanently closed.  We are not, we are open for consultation.

April 21st, 2020:  We are a month into social distancing and we hope you are staying safe.  Remember this is temporary.  We have a home bench and have been able to do custom work and repairs remotely during this time.  Since March 14th we have shipped orders to Ireland, California and Canada.  Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with as we are fully operational.

April 3rd: If you are looking for a break during the day, Jason has added a new playlist to our free "How to Draw Celtic Patten's" channel.  This one is a 1300 year old tree of life pattern.  All that is required is a pencil, white eraser, pen and straight edge ruler.

March 30th: We hope you are doing well.  Posted a photo of an inherited ring we repaired for a client.  See the ring on the 6th row of the custom gallery 20A.

March 26th:  We are open for Online Office Hours only at this time. Free delivery is available on all rings and some repairs. Consulting is done only by telephone or video chat by appointment. Our physical store is temporarily closed during the Covid-19 crisis.  

 March 25th: Stay Safe!  Take the time which the world is taking a pause for health as a positive break.  Do something to level up your personal skill at home.  Jason offers free Celtic/Viking Drawing lessons on youtube.  If you have questions email us, we love to chat.

March 23rd: Jason is still busy working remotely on Custom Designs and repairs.  If you have any questions we would be glad to make an appointment for a telephone or video chat.  Please stay safe and #stayhome during the Covid 19 emergency. 

March 19th:  Please stay safe.  Currently our mall, the Talbot Centre, is still open with limited stores operating.  We ask anyone who has a repair or custom job to call us or email for an appointment.  I will try to arrange personal delivery.   In Canada non-essential stores have been asked to close for 3 weeks.  We are taking things day by day and will keep you updated.  We will not be open Saturdays until further notice.   If you are looking for a fun thing to do, I will be updating my Celtic Drawing page on Youtube next week.

   March 17th:  Happy St. Patricks day!  Appointments for Custom designs are welcome via facetime, telephone or skype.  If you have an idea for a design, please email or call us.

March 14th:  We will keep you up to date with any notice of operation changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  As of today at 11:45 am we are still working regular hours, from Monday to Friday 9-5.

Feb 21st.  We are closed both Saturday the 29th and Saturday the 23rd.  We are open for regular hours Monday the 24th thru Friday the 28th of February.

Feb.11th: Posted a gorgeous natural blue zircon set in a Double Triskele Ring.  See it on the 6th row of the custom gallery 20A.

Feb. 6th: 1.5 Million views on YouTube is big.  Jason's how to draw Celtic patterns page just clocked that number!

February 5th: Posted a family ring with 4 birthstones on the 5th row of the custom gallery.  They are set in a Circle Triquetra ring made of white gold.

Jan 31st:  The first month of 2020 has gone by quickly.  We are busy making custom rings and setting Exotic sized diamonds and gemstones.  See the 1.5 carat diamond we bezel set for a clients designed ring on the 4th row of the custom gallery.

Jan 30th: All of the platinum on the earth would fit into a 4.25 meter cube.  On the 4th row of the Custom gallery 20A is a handmade platinum ring with Celtic Eternity Triskeles and a heart shaped diamond.  Completely made in our store!

Jan 28th: Posted a photo of a signet ring we resized and hand engraved a clients initials to.  See it on the 3rd row of the custom gallery 20A.

Jan 25th:  Updated a photo of a ring being annealed on the 3rd row of the custom gallery.

Jan 22nd: We have AA Purple sapphires are available in a deep regal colour.  We set one of our 1/2 carat gems into a clients yellow gold ring.  See it on the 2nd row of Custom Gallery 20A.

Jan 20th:  Starting the year off by setting family rings and inherited gems.  We set a clients diamond into a two tone gold ring with a bezel setting.  See it on the 2nd row of the custom gallery.

January 17th: Resetting diamonds new and old is a service not every jewellery store can offer.  We reset a clients diamonds into a Crescent Triskele Pendant.  See the yellow gold version on the first row of our current custom gallery.

Jan 16th: Updated the new Custom Gallery page 2020A with an Apple Green Garnet gemstone set into a Dianne Loveknot.

January 2nd: Updated store Contact info with a new html page.

January 1st 2020:  What a great year we had.  Happy New years to you!  This year is a new decade and we soon be changing our website to an updated platform on the 2nd week of January. 

December 24th: Happiest of Christmases to you and yours.  We at Bellchamber rings hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter.

December 21st: Happy Solstice!  The days get brighter from now till summer, remember that so it may make you happy.  The Stock sale of 25% off is extended to Dec 24th.  We are here Saturday until 2pm, Monday 10-5 and Tuesday 10-12:15.

December 16th:  We have beautiful hand made pendants on special at the moment.  If you need custom engraving on them, we can do that before the 23rd.  Posted a yellow gold Heart Triskele on the custom gallery 19D.  (3rd Row)

.December 11th: DON'T PANIC!  At least not until next week.....We have a lot of stock to choose from and it is on sale.  Also, posted a white gold diamond ring, the Double Triskele on the 3rd row of the custom gallery D.

.December 6th: 2.5 weeks did you say?  The season in upon us, time to get the Xmas records out.  Updated Custom Gallery 19D with a Princess cut diamond ring which we shipped to Hungary.

Nov 30th.  Please come to the shop to visit us for the Special Sale!  We are here for cheer!

Nov. 29th:  Saturday (tommorow) is our in store Customer Appreciation date. from 10-2pm.  Please visit for the special sale!

Nov. 21st: Posted a white gold ring with fifty, yes 50 x diamonds set into the border on the 2nd row of the new Custom Gallery 19D.

Nov. 19th: Posted a photo of 18K yellow gold Pikorua earrings on the top of Gallery19D.  They are based on the Maori twist symbol of loves bond.

Nov. 12th.  We have 2 two-tone rose and silver traditional claddagh rings in stock for Xmas.  Email us if you would like to see them.

Nov. 11th.  Its Remembrance Day here in Canada.  We honor those who have fought and defended democracy.

Nov. 7th:  Posted a photo of 3 purple sapphires each with a different colour saturation on the bottom of the custom gallery 19C.  When choosing a gemstone it is best to see them in person.  We have many different gemstone suppliers from across Canada and the USA.

Nov. 6th:  Only 7 weeks and 2 days until the gift season of Yule.  Posted a yellow gold hammered ring on the last row of Gallery 19C.

Nov 4th: Christmas gifts are special when they are planned!  If you would like a custom ring for guaranteed delivery by the 23rd of December.  Our full custom deadline is Nov 8th.  Also, posted a Bailey Triskele set with a 1/3 carat diamond on the Custom Gallery row 7.

October 29th: How do you fit 9 birthstones onto 3 rings which then fit together as one ring?  See that one of a kind design on the 7th row of the custom gallery.

October 28th:  The X-mas deadline guarantee for custom rings with gemstones is the first week of November.  That is next week!  If you are thinking about something please contact us with your inspiration.  Posted a one of a kind custom art signet on the custom gallery row 5.

October 14th:  Inside ring engraving is a service we provide even if the rings are not purchased from Bellchamber's.  On the 5th row of the new gallery is an example engraving we did for clients.

October 11th:  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Here in Canada we celebrate on the 2nd weekend of Oct.  We posted a pair of Celtic Wren earrings on the Custom Gallery 4th row.

October 10th:  Posted a modern version of the Celtic Wren pendant on the 4th row of the custom gallery.  It's 14k yellow gold.

October 7th: Posted a 1/2 Carat Diamond ring on the Gemstone Ring Gallery C on the 3rd row from the top.

October 4th:  We custom cut a Bloodstone for a clients ring idea.  A thick bark tree of life ring holds the stone in a yellow gold bezel.  See it on row 3 of the custom Gallery.

October 1st:  Emerald cut (octagon) stones are much more difficult to set than round stones.  On the 3rd row of the custom gallery 19C is an emerald cut Aquamarine set into a Double Triskele ring.

Sept. 30th:  Is September over already?  Wow.  Please look at the 7 emerald ring on the 2nd row of Gallery C.

Sept. 27th: Updated the Gemstone Gallery C with a 1.25 ct diamond in a modern Celtic style engagement ring.

  Sept 25th:  We repaired a 3 stone platinum setting in platinum set with a new yellow gold shank with handengraving. See it on the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery 19C and the Custom Gemsetting Gallery B.

Sept 24th:  Posted a exotic sized star sapphire set in a Dimma Loveknot ring on on the first row of the Custom Gallery 19C.

Sept 21st:  How to Draw Celtic Patterns has a new 7 part series on drawing an Irish Celtic Cross.  See the entire video series here.  Jason has over 10.5K subscribers at the moment.

Sept 19th: The word Clann is a Gaelic (Gaeilge) for the word Family.  It's also what a family group of wolves are within a pack - a Clan of Wolves.  A custom Wolf Clann ring is on row 8 of the Custom Gallery 19A.  It's set with a beautiful black sapphire all in 14K white gold.

 Sept 18th:  All of the Gold on earth would be a 50 foot cube.  If all of the Platinum on earth were refined it would only be a 14 foot cube.  We made a Platinum Tree of Life pendant for a gift and its on the 7th row of the custom gallery 19B.

 Sept 17th: A Bagpiper walks into a jewellery store...and ordered a large Sterling Silver belt buckle for his pipers bass drum belt.  It's large too!  It's photo is hoisted on the 5th row of the custom gallery.

Sept 16th:  Hand setting gems is our speciality.  Posted on the 5th row of the Custom Gallery 19B are a pair of rare Tri-Green Sunstones set into yellow gold wedding bands

Sept 4th:  All repairs this month are on special.  Also, watch batteries are BOGO-4free.  Buy one and get one watch battery for free.  Good until Sept 30th.  Posted a Gold Bailey Triskele on the custom gallery too.  Recycle and reuse your gold to make a new ring!

August 26th:  Posted a beautiful white gold Claddagh ring with 2 blue sapphires and a rainbow opal in the centre of the heart.  It's on the 4th row of the custom galleries.

August 19th:  Posted a new How to Draw Celtic Crosses series on Youtube.  It's free to watch!  Drawing like any art takes practise, the people who practise most become the best.

August 16th:  Our shop is open Saturday the 17th of August from 10-2pm.  However, we will be closed Saturday Aug 24th and 31st for the last weekends of summer 2019.

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