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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the the first page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2013

 Custom Medieval Cross Rings

 Above are Yellow Gold rings 12mm wide with a custom medieval cross design and 2.5mm princess cut diamonds set into each.  The borders on each ring are raised as well.  INFO

Medieval Cross Rings with Black Enamel

Above are the same Medieval Cross Rings save for the background being a black enamel.  Unlike Sterling Silver, Gold does not naturally oxidize.  A black enamel is used to darken the background.  Enamel on a ring worn daily is not permanent and must be treated like a piece of art to keep.  The enamel must be replaced every year or so.


Antiqued White Gold

 From the left is a white gold ring (R519) in a regular finish.  The center ring (R101) is also white gold but has and antiqued background.  On the right is a Sterling Silver ring with an antiqued backgound.  Silver normally oxidizes in this way, gold does not naturally oxidize and needs to be finished this way in the final polish.

Eternity Triskele Celtic Rings 10mm and 8mm wide 

A wedding set of the Eternity Triskele in 10mm wide and the 8mm wide without borders in 14K White Gold.  Specifically hey are model R71 and R71N.  ORDER


18K Gold Triskele Rings

A wedding set of the Muny Musk Triskele design.  The models are R69 in 7mm wide and 4.5mm wide without borders.  ORDER

Celtic Ring with a 0.29ct E colour Diamond

The Dianne Loveknot ring with a bezel set 0.29ct E colour Diamond, the ring is in 14K White Gold.  Model R11. ORDER


3 Colour Gold Celtic Cross

Fleur de Lis Celtic Cross in 3 Golds.  This cross is 3.5cm tall and is hand made.  Note the Cross itself is Rose Gold, the Interlace is Yellow Gold and the tips are White Gold, all in 14K -  ORDER

Hebrew Song of Solomon Ring

The 10mm Song of Solomon ring in Sterling Silver. In Hebrew it reads "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine". Song of Solomon 6:3. The exact letters were taken from a very old Torah called the Aleppo Codex from the 10th Century CE.  ORDER


Welsh Dragons Ring

Above is R571, the Celtic Dragons Crest Triskele Ring in Sterling Silver.  Any blazon or monogram can be engraved on the crest which is flanked by two Welsh dragons and then Celtic Triskele Knots make up the rest of the shank.  It is 10mm wide.  ORDER

Sizing Bar on Welsh Dragons Crest Ring

The sizing bar at the back of the shank of the Celtic Dragon Crest Ring. A sizing bar is standard on Bellchamber Rings.  A ring that has a continuous pattern can not be sized, but one with a sizing bar is able to be by a silversmith or goldsmith.  R571


Side of one Dragon

One of the Dragons which flanks the crest.  Notice the Triskele Knot to the left of it.


Above is a custom pin for CHIMA.  Over the past several years we've made close to 3 dozen of these pins each in gold set with a sapphire and a ruby.  Bellchambers can custom make your company award pins or pendants too.  ORDER


A close up of a Celtic Bracelet

A new style of Unixes Silver Bracelet with a silver pendant strung by a thick silver cord.  The blue sapphires where the clients stones to reset.

Celtic Crescent Triskele Ring

A new Celtic ring style called the Double Crescent Triskele.  It is available in 11mm and 13mm wide.  You can see the interlace here in the Book of Kells.


Celtic Cross of Black

This design is called the Black Celtic Cross. A client of mine of the Clan Black of Scottish ilk wanted me to make some family heirlooms from his own scrap gold and gemstones from his ancestors.  So I made him 2 of this cross design in sterling silver for his daughters and set 4 diamonds into the corners of each cross. This Cross is 3.5cm tall and is very nice.  Model C565 ORDER

Faery Ring or Fairy Ring

Two gold Flower Faery rings.  Perfect for a little princess.  These two rings are in 10K gold and have a little diamond set in the arm of the Faery as she sits on Hibiscus Flowers.  The back of the shank is 2mm wide and the Flower Faery is 10mm from here bent knee to the tip of her wings.  ORDER


Mj´┐Żllnir in Gold, side 2 of Bellchamber's Thors Hammer

Gold Thors Hammer side one. This is the Sleiphnir & Triskele Side of the Hammer, N.B.the chian is handmade by Bellchamber's.

Gold Thor's Hammer side one with hand made chain

The reverse of the Bellchamber Thors Hammer called the Ravens & Mobius Side in 14K Gold (model P183_184)





Valkarie/Goddess Pendant

The Elemental Goddess Pendant in a pale yellow gold, the background on the inside of the pendant is a hand textured finish.