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Hand made in London Ontario Canada.  Please email us if you have any questions.

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A new Eternity Triskele Design that is very symmetrical on a 5mm wide Ring.  Design Suggested by Don Pettipas of La Maison d'Or.



A custom white gold hammered ring with Yellow Gold Borders. 10mm in width.





A modern Tiffany Style White Gold Ring set with a .83pt Green Sapphire.



A Yellow Gold Colophon Loveknot

set with a 3mm Ruby.





A Yellow Gold Colophon Loveknot

set with a Green & a Pink Tourmaline.



A White Gold Version of my Wolfhound ring.  With Raised Yellow Gold Borders




A Brand New Claddagh Loveknot Wedding Set called the Durrow Claddagh Ring





The Custom Claddagh Design has space for engraving initials.




A 14K White Gold Durrow Eternity Ring with Flush Yellow Gold Borders





A Custom Double Venus Wedding Ring Set.  Both in Soid 14 Karat Yellow Gold.




A 10K Yellow Gold Version of my Wolfhound ring.  With a 5pt (0.05carat) Diamond set in the center of it. 





A Custom Celtic Wedding Ring Set.  Made for an anniversary using the Clients Engagement Diamond.



A Gold 7mm Dianne Loveknot without borders with

a 0.85ct Diamond in a White Gold Bezel.




A 13mm Yellow Gold Dianne Loveknot with borders set with

a 5 point (0.05carat) Diamond in a White Gold Bezel.



An Eternity Triskele Ring ET4 set with a Clients Diamond.




An Eternity Triskele Ring ET2 set with a Clients birthstones for a mothers ring..



A custom wax design of a Double Goddess

I make a wax ring initially and then cast it in Metal.



A new Tree of Life Ring.  5mm wide with a Copper Beech Leaf in 14KW



A Set of Two Tone Tree of Life Triskele Rings in White and Yellow Gold.

Nov 2006




A 14K Yellow Gold Version of the Giron Star Ring.

The Piercework really makes the design shine.


A Round Sapphire with two Diamonds in a Dianne Loveknot

7mm wide with a White Gold Setting.



Nov 2006




 A Welsh Dragon Ring in Sterling Silver with Raised Gold Borders.  The top border is Rose Gold and the Bottom Border is Green Gold.



Nov 2006



A pair of White Gold Kells Triskeles with no borders and custom runes on the inside.

Nov 2006




A new Eternity Triskele Design that is very symetrical on a 7mm wide Ring.  Design Suggested by Don Pettipas of La Maison d'Or.


Another DImma Loveknot 6mm wide in Sterling SIlver on an 7mm Rose Gold Sleeve.  Oct 2006




 A new Ring of Kells Loveknots.  Note how the design looks like an intricate form of the Dimma Loveknot from the 7th Centruy but is from the book of Kells and Lindisfarne from ~800-850.


Raised Ogham Runes _ Go Bracht "For Eternity".  These runes are an ancient phonetic written language
in Ireland and Britain.  Sept 2006




A pair of DImma Loveknot rings one 4.5mm wide without borders the other with raised White Gold Borders.


The Duro Celtic Bat ring.  The Bat is a nocturnal symbol of abundance & luck. Oct 2006



A side view of the the Symetrical design on the Duro Celtic Bat Ring.


A Custom Wide Dianne Loveknot

Currently this is the widest ring that we've made at 17mm wide at the front of it's taper.




The First Edition Signet Gryffin Ring with the Name "Leslie" engraved at the top.


  A Gold version of a size 18.5 10mm Wolfhound Ring




The First Edition Fehu Rune Charm in Platinum.


  My Custom Sleeve to fit a Clients existing Antique Engagement ring.  Both in 18K White Gold.



White Gold Sleeve with ring out of it.  This sleeve is only a size 5. Ring width is always a personal preference.



  A Custom Dianne Loveknot in Sterling Silver with a Gorgeous Blue sapphire set in a 14K Gold Bezel.



Side view of the ring at Left. Note the height of the Bezel to accommodate the stone and the taper of the design.



  A set of Dianne Loveknots in 14K Gold the ladies ring is set with a 20pt diamonds and 6x2pts



A scale photo of a Rune wax of "Fehu".  To be cast in Platinum and finished by hand.



  A set of Gold Braided Triskele Knots..



A Design Suggested by Don Pettipas of La Maison d'Or. for a Custom Celtic Knot Pattern.  Below shows detail.



  The Design had two triskeles at the sizing bar and a wave pattern around the shank.  White Gold with a Slightly Raised Yellow Gold Border.



 Finished in 14K White Gold with a Slightly Raised Yellow Gold Border.


  The Top ring is a mount I set last year using my Clients Mine Cut Stones.



I needed to make a matching band that fit beside it with 3 pink stones and 2 diamonds. 



  My Dancing Fire ring.  9mm wide with Red Enamel in the design.  An abstract design that looks like people dancing.



When flippled over the design looks like the flames of a fire.




  The "Bailey" Triskele in Sterling silver.  There are two versions of this a 10mm wide and a 15mm wide.  Both Taper down to 5mm at the shank.



A side view of the "Bailey" Triskele in Sterling silver.  This ring would look great with a round or Marquis cut stone set in the centre



  A Wedding set of the Anglo Saxon Rune Rings.  One 7mm wide and the other 5mm wide.



A Silver version of  the Anglo Saxon Rune Rings.  This one has raised letters and is 13mm wide.


  A Wedding set of a very round White Gold Ring with a Rose Gold middle Ring and a matching Penne Pendant for the Gent who can't wear a ring


What the set looks like with the Chain.

  A Wedding set of Wide and Medium width Wolfhounds.

Finished in 14K Yellow Gold.

One of my first Greenman designs put into a custom cufflink.

Finished with Green Enamel

A new design incorporating a Braided Loveknot with a Medieval tree of Life Design.  Design Suggested by Don Pettipas of La Maison d'Or.

Side view of the Braided Loveknot with a Medieval tree of Life Design.  This one is finished in 14KYellow gold with a Flush White Gold Border

  A White Gold Version of my Wolfhound ring.  With a 5pt Diamond set in the center of it.  The White Gold is very masculine.

A custom Design of a Chinese horoscope symbols of a Rat and an Ox.  The two circles will hold the spaces for the partners birthstones.


A small pin for the CHIMA association with a Ruby and Sapphire on each end of the design.  Corporate designs are an excellent way to showcase my abilities.


A small pin for the CHIMA association with a diamond on each end of the design.  This one was for the past president.

An Custom Ring in 18K Yellow Gold which I made for my Mother. The stone is an 8x10mm Emerald.  The shoulders have fine hand engraving to accent the ring.  Emeralds are hard but can be brittle.  They need special care and should avoid getting wet.

A custom Signet ring for a band called Straightjacket.

An Engagement ring mount in 18KYellow Gold with 2 Triskeles Carved on the sides.  The stone is a 1ct Canadian Diamond in a Platinum 4 Claw setting.

The Double Triskele Diamond Mount.  A side profile.  The two knot patterns actually protect the setting (claws) by being designed this way.

Thanks to Don for the suggestion to make this peice.

The top view of the Double Triskele Mount.

A traditional 6 claw Tiffany Engagement band in White Gold.  Set with a 25pt Diamond.

All Stones are set by Jason Bellchamber.

The 9th handmade lock back pocketknife I've made, with Handengraving on the hilt and A Hand Polished Coca-Bola Handle.

A new 10mm ring featuring a Star Knot or Pentacle design.

A new design of an Ancient Double Loveknot in 10mm Wide.



  A slim version (4.5mm wide) of the Ancient Double Loveknot


Above is a Custom Wide Dianne Loveknot with Borders in Sterling Silver.  There is a Blue Sapphire set into a gold Bezet in the Center of the ring.


A side view of the Dianne Loveknot to demonstrate how it tapers.


Above is a Tri Gold Traditional Claddaugh Design suggested by Annie MacDougal for a client of La Maison d'Or.



  The Three colours of Gold used, are White for the Hands and Shank, Yellow for the Back Ground Ring and Rose Gold for the Heart.


Above is a Family Crest using a Ostpreußen / East Prussian motif.  It's a stag horn and I set the clients Ruby and used his gold as well. Forged and Handmade.


  A 'Fishermans" cross that I made for a client at Christmas.  Note how the knotwork looks like fish bodies.


This Dianne Loveknot is set with  a .22ct VS2 F colour Diamond and is finished in 18K Gold.


  A Traditional Claddaugh design in 14K White Gold with a  Rose Gold Heart.


Above is a new Signet Design of a Rampart Lion on my crest ring design.

  This Signet ring is a Lions Head, all finished in Sterling SIlver

Both of these rings where finished without borders.  The Gents is a Welsh Dragon holding a Diamond and the Claddaugh Loveknot has peirced knotwork and is pave set with diamonds.  Both are in 14K Gold.

This is a bold set of White Gold Griffin and Dragons one is 10mm wide and the other is 8mm wide.  Both have Yellow Gold Borders the smaller is Flush and the wider ring has raised Gold borders..

Above is a 2x5mm baguette Family Ring that I made for my mom.

A slim Eternity Triskele ring with grooves to fit an engagement band.

A Custom Three Sapphire Ring in White Gold.

I set eight 3pt diamonds between the 7x5 oval Sapphires.  A setting job like this takes about 5hrs.  Each stone must be secure and straight.  I also engraved a triskele loveknot on each side.

A Gents Signet Ring in White Gold.  The Center stone is a .47pt diamond Bezel Set.  The shoulders have triskele knots that are pierced and a simple knot design engraved on the signet face.  Design Suggested by Don Pettipas of La Maison d'Or.


An Eternity Triskele ET4 but with wider custom borders in a Pale 14K Gold.


A Traditional Claddaugh all in Sterling Silver with two birthstones, a Peridot and a Citrine.


a custom ring for Don @ La Maison d'Or using a clients diamonds and Celtic serpent design.

A custom Tie Clip with a Claddaugh all in Sterling Silver.

Zackery Mo Cara Ring

Zackery Mo Cara Ring Side

This Zackery Mo Cara Ring is a custom design that I made for a Client who wanted a Gaelic phrase.  It translates to "Zackery my Friend"  I set the Clients Stone in the center of the ring.  It's big too, a size 13.

Zackery Mo Cara Ring Center


A custom signet ring

set with an Ammonite (opalized Nautilus Shell)

A matching pair of Medieval Tree Triskele rings.

The smaller in Two tone Gold with Flush Borders.

A White Gold Colophon Loveknot

set with a Princess cut Sapphire.


A Yellow Gold Colophon Loveknot

set with a 2.5ct Garnet.


A crisp Loveknot in White Gold

with flush Yellow Gold borders.


A Durrow Triskele Loveknot 8mm wide in Silver.

Thistle Tree of Life Ring R173

Side of Thistle Tree of Life Ring, the pattern is a flower of Life design.


Thistle Tree of Life Ring in Sterling Silver R173

Thistle Tree of Life Ring. This ring is finished an antiqued sterling silver and is 9mm wide.  ORDER


6mm Maltese Cross Ring in Silver


Welsh Dragon Ring in sterling 10mm


A nice Bolder Turquoise in Sterling Silver Sept.'05


A simple Hammered Finish in Sterling. Oct'05

A Traditional Claddaugh with 2 two 10pt Diamonds and a 3mm Emerald in the Heart. May'04


A Raccoon Ring in Silver with Gold Borders. Oct '05

A Rose Gold Oroborous
with wing in Green Gold and a Ruby Eye. 
14K.  Sept '05


Ogham Runes _ Go Bracht "For Eternity".  These runes are an ancient phonetic written language
in Ireland and Britain.  June'05


Pictured is a size 17 Gold Colophon Loveknot in twotone Gold.  The largest gold ring I've made yet.

A Colophon Loveknot wedding set Nov '05


A Family Rune Pendant


 A Tiffany 64pt Diamond and Pink Sapphire Ring


A Tsavorite aka Green Garnet in a Dianne Loveknot


A Custom Veterinary Pendant


A custom Mermaid to match a clients tattoo @ right.


Although this isn't my design I do custom Tatoo artwork.  Email me for an inquiry.


A custom 5.5mm Dianne Loveknot in White Gold

A modern Platinum Ring with a Princess Cut Diamond.


A lovely yellow sapphire set into two tone gold ring.



A new Solitaire mount that I'm working on.  Wax and ring cast in White Gold

The Uffington Chalk Horse on a Sterling Silver RIng


A Traditional Claddaugh with 2 x .10ct diamonds and a 3mm Natural Blue Zircon.

A Custom 9.5mm Dianne Loveknot with a
 .47ct Diamond and

4 x .03ct accent Stones.


A Custom Pentacle or Celtic Star Knot pierced and in Sterling Silver.

A large Rainbow Moonstone of 120cts. in Silver for a

Christmas order.


A Traditional Claddaugh in White Gold with a Yellow Gold Crown.  All in 14K.


Drawing to Wax to Finished Metal Ring.


Inside Ring Engraving.  I can copy individual handwriting into rings as well.


A Dimma Loveknot 6mm wide

with a .35ct Diamond in a white gold bezel.


A wide Eternity Triskele Ring 13mm Sterling Silver with a Raised Gold Border ~ $245 CND


Rampart Lion Cufflinks in Sterling Silver ~$145CND

A new Eternity Knot from the Book of Durrow.


A Tree of Life Signet Ring. 
A design from the Abingdon sword.


A large Emerald set in a Hand engraved 18K Gold Ring.

If you have an idea of what a Ring or piece of jewellery would look like, I can help you make one.  Simply send me a suggestion


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