Bellchamber Rings

Click HERE for our New Earring Gallery.  This page is our old one. 

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are a selection of Earring designs.

Celtic Spiral Earrings Triskele on a Sheppard Hook.  A pair of these earrings is $65 CND.  Model: Alicia of the Daily Planet. ORDER Sheila Na Gig Earrings These studs are called Sheila Na Gigs.  They are ~1cm tall and are a fertility symbol from Ireland and Scotland.  ORDER

Birds of A Feather Charms These earrings I call the Birds of a Feather.  I designed them after visiting the Anthropology museum at UBC.  They are $125 CAD. ORDER Priestly Triskeles New Triskele Designs Earrings in 14K Gold with 4mm drop ball studs.  They can be made as a charm as well.  These are called Priestly Triskeles, after the client whom helped deisng them.  The Celtic Triskele represents Eternity and Good Luck.   14K Gold Earrings such as these will retail for $325/pair. ORDER

Updated soon An 18K Gold stud of the Rampant Scottish LionLion Rings are also available.  This earring is 12mm tall and has much detail. ORDER

Updated soon A pair of yellow Gold Bailey Triskele earrings.  Gold may be specially ordered. Sizewise they would fit inside a nickel.  Available in Sterling Silver for $95 or $125 Pierced.  ORDER

Diamonds handset into new earrings and pendant A client's diamonds she inherited we set into a new handmade pendant and matching whitegold earrings. If you are able to visit our store with your stones we can provide you with a quote. ORDER Updated soon The gorgeous Spiral Triskele set in white.  Handmade at our store in the pierced effect is done with a coping saw with a blade is 0.4mm thick. The pendant is 20mm round and the earrings are 15mm in diameter.  ORDER

Updated soon -Spiral Triskele Earrings with Sheppherd hooks in Sterling Silver. ORDER Celtic hearrt Loveknot A Forever Love Heart Triskele charm and earring set in white. A silver set like this is regularly $279 CAD, on special for $249. The heart pendant is pierced and the earrings are solid. ORDER