Bellchamber Rings

2020 Custom Gallery A

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2019

Green Tsavorite Celtic Gold Ring A solid yellow gold Dianne Loveknot Ring with a bezel set 1/3 carat green garnet also known as a tsavorite.  The apple green colour rivals the best emeralds!  This one is in stock and ready to go $1200 CAD.  ORDER. Crescent Triskele with large diamonds A client brought us her large 1.25 carat round diamond and had us set it into our Crescent Triskele pendant along with 11x smaller 2mm diamonds.  It really made for a stunning piece of art.  All of it was in 14k yellow gold.  ORDER

Stuller 12843 Custom Ring Bezel set diamond An elegant two tone gold ring.  A 2mm halfround band with a white gold bezel setting holding a 0.4 carat diamond.  This one was a clients gemstone from her grandmothers ring which we reset into this new ring.  The gem would have been cut in the 1920's or 30's ORDER Celtic Ring with Purple Sapphire A 1/2 carat purple sapphire bezel set into a clients gold Celtic ring.  All gemstones are set in the store.  Sapphires come in every colour of the rainbow.  ORDER

Anealing a ring Annealing a ring involves heating it to a cherry read (700 degrees) to 'soften' the metal.  Repairs, sizing and adjustments are all done in our store.  This is a 13mm Eternity Triskele ring being annealed on a charcoal brick using an oxy-acetylene torch.  INQUIRE Hand Engraving a signet A client brought us an ring they inherited.  They wished to have it sized and re-engraved.  We hand engraved the initials CG in a script font on the re-polished sigent.  INQUIRE

Celtic Heart Shaped Diamond Ring This handmade custom band is solid platinum and 14mm wide!  It has a bezel holding a heart shaped diamond (3/4 carat) the shoulder Triquetra interlace has six 2mm emeralds and the border hold twenty six 3pt. diamonds.  The total diamond weight is over 1.5 carats.  Each stone was set by Jason Bellchamber.  INQURY Diamond in charmed ring Bellchamber's specialty is setting Exotic size gemstones.  This one is a 1.5 carat diamond set into a client designed ring.  Our client wanted a design with an off center split shank design which would fit perfectly on her finger.   The setting is a bezel which can be set lower than any other style of gem seat.  INQUIRE

Circle Triquetra Ring We designed a tapering Celtic Triqueta ring and made it in white gold.  The center interlace is called a Triquetra and dates to the 7th century.  The shoulders have triple spirals called Triskeles.  The circle in the center represents eternity.  The band tapers to 5mm and the circle portion is 10mm.  Jason has a how-to-draw video here.  The loveknot is hand-pierced for a cut out effect. ORDER Cirlce Triquetra ring Mothers Ring A customized version of the Circle Triquetra ring (to the left) completed with birthstones.  Blue sapphire in the centre, ruby at the bottom and 2 red garnets at the top.  A pretty mothers ring.  ORDER

Double Triskele Celtic Loveknot ring A lovely natrual blue zircon gemstone which is claw set into a white gold Double Triskele ring. The centre stone is 5.7 mm in diameter and is over 3/4 of a carat. ORDER Bezel Ring Repari Gold is the king of metals. It can be repaired many times over and is very forgiving. Items usually last more than one lifetime. In this case our client had inherited this ring from a loved one and worn it for a time. The diamond setting is a bezel and needed to be rebuilt and the ring resized. Bellchamber's does this kind of upkeep repair daily. Ask your goldsmith first.  REPAIR INQUIRY

Updated soon Our client wanted us to make a 14k gold Zeeland Ring (aka 'Dutch Button Ring').  The top design is a representation of the Astrantia flower.  It measured 16mm in diameter of the top and the band was a 3.0mm wide ring.  ORDER Updated soonA view of the under carriage of the Dutch Button ring (left).  This ring was completely hand made and the wires in the bud are 0.35mm in diameter. Consider that a human hair is 0.07mm thick, this was a feat in welding.  ORDER