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All work is hand-made in the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada.   Below are custom jewellery designs from 2009

Matching Wedding ring and Engagement Ring

A Custom Wedding ring to match a clients engagement ring.

Custom Made Diamond Wedding Ring

 The wedding's diamonds are set to span the same circumference as the engagement ring.  

 Custom Made White Gold Diamond Ring

The Wedding ring has 11 diamonds at 0.02ct each.

 Matching Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Note the rounded design of the engagement ring.  In this case the Wedding ring needed to have a complimentary width and shape so that the focus is on the Diamond, yet they look like a set.

 Cernannos Pendant

Cernunnos Pendant in Sterling Silver.  It measures 3.6cm tall.  The motif is from the 1st Centruy Gundestrup Cauldron.  I wanted to keep the design as close to the original as possible, so it is instantly recognizable.  To the Iron Age Celts, Cernunnos was the male aspect of nature.  Order INFO

Celtic Torc Bracelet

A Celtic Torc Bracelet in Sterling Silver 12mm wide.  It features a Loveknot from the Book of Durrow called the Colophon Loveknot.   Order INFO

 Gold Celitc Cross

A Custom Gold Cross called the Armando Cross.   It is 18K Yellow Gold and has a lot of hand engraving too.

 Claddagh Cross

The Armando Cross before the engraving.   This is the same cross as the one to the left. 

 BDSM Triskele Cuff

The Hall Triskele features a spiral design which  has been found in Family Crests in Japan as well as in ancient Celtic Bibles such as the book of Durrow and in the Book of Kells.  The very wide cuff on it is 2.2cm wide and is very comfortable. 

Sinclair Crest Cufflinks

A pair of Sterling Silver cufflinks with  the Sinclair Family crest.  The crest has an addition of a red enameled maple leaf into the center.

 Celtic Ring with Moonstone

A Celtic Wolfhound Ring set with a 12 x 10mm Oval Moonstone.  This Moonstone has a very nice blue colour.

Silver Moonstone Ring 
Side profile of the Wolfhound Ring set with a Blue Moonstone Cabachon.  The Bezel is made of 10K Yellow Gold.

 Birthstone Ring with Hand-Engraving

Above is a White Gold Birthstone ring with Hand-Engraving surrounding each stone and the band. 

Hand Engraving is done with a steel tool into the metal and is the last process in it's manufacture.

Birthstone Ring in 14K White Gold 

The Victorian Style Engraving spans from 4 to 8 o'clock, in order that there is a space that can accomodate sizing adjustments in the future.

The ring is 3.4mm wide in 14K White Gold.  The Birthstones are for July, November, January and March.

 Gaelic Wedding Rings - Gra Go Deo

Gra Go Deo Rings in Sterling Silver with Raised Gold Borders.  His in 14K White Gold, hers with 14K Yellow Gold.  The design is was pierced through with a coping saw by hand.

Celtic Ring with Priincess Cut Diamond

A 1/2 Carat, D Colour Diamond, Princess Cut on a Dianne Lovekont Ring deisgn.  There are 4 sapphires set into the knotwork of the design.  All in 14K White Gold. 

 Optical Illusion Jewellery C160S

An Optical Illusion Cuff design.  All in sterling silver

Cetlic Bracelet In Silver

1st of 92 Limited Edition Celtic Bracelet. In antiqued Sterling Silver.

 Finnish Ring Kalevala

A custom Kalevala ring which incorporates an old Finnish version of a St. Johns Arm design.  It's also a lucky symbol of the 4 guardians that hold up heaven, which was forged byIlmarinen the eternal Smith.  The myth is contained in the Kalevala.

The Ring is just over 5mm wide and is set with a Canadian Diamond.  It's a square cut called a Princess cut.  The Ring is Rose gold to symbolize the Copper Bowl of the sky in Finnish myth.  The setting is in White Gold.

 White Gold Celtic Ring with Princess Cut Diamonds

Thie is a White Gold Colophon Loveknot ring set with 3 ascending Princess Cut Diamonds.  The diamonds are Canadian, meaning they were mined and cut in North America.

3 Diamond Celtic Ring in White Gold

 The diamonds where supplied from the client.  Princess diamonds are square in shape and have as many facets as a Round Brilliant cut stone (58) which gives it a maximum sparkle.

 Silver Thors Hammer

A Limited-Run Thors Hammer. Only 92 in Sterling silver are available at $225 CND each. It is a Scandinavian or Viking motif which represents Construction (positively) or Destruction (negative).  Symbolically, you can build with a hammer or you could use it as a weapon.  One aspect gives life the other takes it away.  It's attributed to the Viking God Thor who kept Heaven and Earth Separated.  This item is a collaboration between Bellchamber Rings and designer Vance Kelly.  

Stering Silver Thors Hammer

A quarter show the scale of this Thors Hammer.  The Sterling Silver Version is antiqued and is quite intricate.  Each peice is individually numbered 1-92 and a certificate is provided.

 Silver Celtic Ring, Dianne Loveknot with a 3.5mm Purple Sapphire

 This Sterling Silver Celtic ring is exclusively available from Bellchamber Rings.  This is the first time we've set a Purple Sapphire into a Dianne Loveknot design.  The Bezel setting is Yellow Gold.

 Custom Made Craig Celtic Rings

The Craig Celtic Rings.  A pair of his and her rings custom made where the wider ring has the design raised with a border and the smaller ring has the pattern reversed.  Giving the appearance that they fit together.

 The 8mm wide Celtic Craig Ring

The 8mm wide Celtic Craig Ring in 14K White Gold with a flush Border and a raised pattern.

 Celtic Craig Ring 6mm wide.

The 6mm wide Celtic Craig Ring in 14K White Gold without a border. The pattern is relief or reversed into the band.

Habiscus Flower Ring with Blue Sapphire

A custom white gold ring featuring a Habiscus flower pattern.  The fantastic blue Sapphire is a Trillium cut.

 Habiscus Flower Ring with Trillium Cut Sapphire 

The setting is a delicate looking 6 claw setting.

  Side view of Habiscus Flower Ring

The side view shows the leaf pattern of the Habiscus as well as the Crown style setting.

 Gold Rune Pendant, and 18K Fehu Rune.

A Fehu Rune Pendant in 18K yellow Gold.  Other Custom Runes are available too.

 Outlander, Claire's Ring Thistle Triskle in Yellow Gold

The Thistle Triskele Ring in 14K Yellow Gold.  Symbolizes Eternity and Beauty.

Sizing Bar at the back of the ring Outlander, Claire's Ring 

The sizing bar is only at the back of a ring.  The Thistle Triskele Ring in 14K Yellow Gold.  It makes a spot on the ring where it can be adjusted with ease. 


 Griffin and Dragon Ring right side.

Griffin and Dragon Ring in 14K White Gold with Raised Yellow  Gold ring.  The design is inspired from the Book of Lindisfarne

10mm Griffin and Dragon Ring Raised Yellow Borders

View of the front of the Griffin and Dragon Ring.  The pattern is mirrored on each side.  The dragon has scales and the griffin has wings and an eagles head. 

Dianne Loveknot with Marquis sapphire in 6 Claw |Platinum Head

A lovely Dianne Celtic Knot Ring in 14K White Gold set with a Marquis Blue Sapphire.  The Claws holding the stone are platinum.

Griffin and Dragon Ring with Bind Rune.

Griffin and Dragon Ring in 14K White Gold with Raised Yellow  Gold ring.  The engraving on the inside is a special bind rund of the Clients and his fiancees intials. 


A set of Celtic Loveknot Pendants and Earrings to match the woodend Ring Jacket made in April 09

Custom made Celtic Loveknot designs in 14K Yellow Gold.  The earrings are made with a drop-ball stud and the pendant is slightly larger.   They are a set to go with the Wooden Ring Jackets also on this page.


A Custom made Marathon Pendant.  My client brought me an image of a running icon and wanted the 26.2 at the top which is standard length of a marathon.

Gaelic Ring

A new Gaelic ring meaning "New Beginning" - Tus Nua.  The Triskele in the middle represents good luck.  ORDER

The loveknot that surrounds the Gaelic Words is the Dimma Loveknot.

 Silver Gaelic Ring

Side view of Gaelic 'Tus Nua'.


The Sizing bar.  A sizing bar is in every one of my rings so they can be sized at a later date.  Rings with patterns which are continuous can not be sized.

 Original Agrillite Haida Killer Whale

A Client came in and asked if I could make a pendant for her husband.  He had received this Haida Killer whale Pendant when he lived with them in the 1970's but it broke in 3 spots and he could no longer wear it.  The original was made of Argillite , about the only thing I could do to preserve it was to epoxy the 3 pieces together and hang it in a frame.   To the Haida  the Killer Whale is the Chief of the Ocean, hence the Eagle head in its Dorsal fin.

 Haida Killer Whale Pendant in Sterling Silver

My Killer Whale Pendant is 4cm tall and I tried to incorporate all of the symbols of the original such as the blowhole, the teeth and other details.

Traditional Claddaugh in White Gold, Sleeved in RoseGold with an Alexandrite

Traditional Claddagh in White Gold.  The Ring is sleeved in Rose Gold and set with a large Heart Shaped-Brilliant cut Alexandrite

Rose and White Gold Claddagh with Heart shaped stone

The finished setting must look balanced yet at the proper hieght to accomodate the stone.  It took Jason 3 hrs to set the stone.  The slower the better.

White Gold Claddagh

Note that the belly (height from the table to culet) of the Alexandrite is taller than the stone is wide.

 Traditional Claddaugh with Sleeve unassembled

The rings and setting before assembly.  It takes years of practice and patience to produce a ring like this.   After they were cast, there was 8 hrs of patient work polishing and setting the stone for this ring. 

 Gorely Triskele Wedding set in White Gold.

A wedding set of a design I call the Gorely Triskele.  The engagement ring has 2 birthstones surrounding the diammond.  The knot is a variant of the Munymusk Triskele found in the book of Kells.

Side view of the Gorely Triskele Wedding set

Side view of the Gorely Triskele Wedding set in 14K white gold.  The 2 rings are soldered together.

Bellchamber Triskele  Box # 4

Triskele Box #4.  The woodburning is freehand to fit each box.  The design is inspired by Celtic Knot designs of Pictish origin.  Including a Triskeles making up a Celtic Cross  (a 4 sided knotwork design)

Bellchamber Triskele Box # 4

Triskele Box #4.  Woodburned by Jason Bellchamber.  Open to show the inside.

 Rooney Loveknot in 14K White Gold Pierced with a RoseGold Sleeve 

A custom made ring called the Rooney Loveknot. The knotwork is in 14K White gold and is pierced so that the 14K Rose Gold sleeve is visible through it.  The design is found in the book of durrow and some older pictsh artefacts.

Custom Claddaugh in White Gold with a RoseGold Sleeve

A Custom Claddagh in 14K White Gold with a Rose Gold Sleeve.  The Shank of the ring has a hammered finish.  The heart is a bit more 3D than usual. Design suggested by Don Pettipas at La Maison d'Or who is always challenging and pushing my limits when it comes to designs.


 Ogham Gra Go Deo Wedding Rings

A pair of custom made Ogham Script Wedding rings. The words are Gaelic and read "Gra Go Deo"  in English "Love of my Life".  Made in 14K White Gold. ORDER

Celtic Ogham Script_Gra Go Deo Wedding Rings

Ogham Script is an ancient form of writing found on artefacts from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the UK.  It's occurance predates Latin.  Other Gaelic rings that Bellchamber Rings makes can be found here

14KY Celtic Jacket for Wood Ring

 A clients wooden ring next to Bellchamber Rings Celtic 'Jacket'.  ORDER

14KY Celtic Jacket for Wood Ring

Note how the wood ring fits flush into the Ring Jacket.   Design suggested by Don Pettipas at La Maison d'Or who is always challenging and pushing my limits when it comes to designs. ORDER

10mm Colophon Loveknot Ring in Platinum

A Platinum version of the Colophon Loveknot, the piercework really sets the design off.

14KY Celtic Jacket for Wood Ring

 A Custom Made Yellow Gold 'Ring Jacket' made to protect a clients Wood Ring.  The total width is 9mm.

Celtic Gold Ring Peirced, two tone Durrow Eternity Loveknot

An 8 mm version of the Durrow Eternity Loveknot in two tone gold and peirced knotwork.

Custom made 18K RIng 2 Tone Gold

A half round ring.  Meaning the outside is rounded.  The ring is 18K Yellow Gold and the center has a brushed White Gold.

Elemental Goddess Pendant in Gold with a Red Sapphire

Elemental Goddess Pendant in Yellow Gold, set with a 0.30 ct Red Sapphire


Custom Mo Anam Cara rings with Initials in white gold

Above is a set of Custom Mo Anam Cara Rings in 14K White Gold.   The Client wanted them designed with their initials in the design too.

 Tribal Dragon Ring in White Gold

This Ring uses 2 of the Dragons in the Scythian Dragon design with cross in the center.

side profile ot the double dragon ring

One side of the Double Dragon ring.  Note the triskele in the center of the head.

Custom 3 Diamond Ring with woven Setting

Custom White Gold ring for 3 diamonds

3 diamond Ring top view, center stone is 0.70ct

Note that the setting on this ring is woven to hold the diamonds in 4 claws each.

Antique Roman Coin set in a custom made Gold Pendant

Antique Roman Coin set into a Gold Pendant

Colohphon Loveknot Sterling with raised Gold Borders

This Celtic Loveknot is found only on the Colophon page of the Book of Durrow.  The ring is Sterling Silver with raised Gold edges and has been peirced.

   Triskele Loveknot from the Book of Kells, variant of MunyMusk

A wide Gorley Triskele 11mm wide in 14K White Gold with raised Yellow Gold Edges.


Thunderbird Cuff in Sterling Silver

Thunderbird Cuff in Sterling Silver 10mm wide 


Limited Edition Mothers Heart Loveknot

This is the first Bellchamber Limited Edition.  It is called a Mothers Heart Loveknot.  Of the Limited Editions on 24 in Gold will be made and only 92 in Sterling Silver.  Then the mold is retired for good.  Each comes with a sealed certificate.  Order INFO.



 Custom wood burned Box for a Platinum Rune

Special Clients of Mine will receive a custom made box with their order.  The woodburning on this box took 12 hours to cmplete.


Open Triskele Box

The woodburned design on this box is inspired from a pictish stone Knotwork from 1500 years ago.

 Tanzanite 70pt set into a WhiteGold Dianne Loveknot

An oval 0.70ct Tanzanite.  A Blue Purple Stone that looks stunning set into a Whtie Gold Dianne loveknot. 

Tanzinte is a beautiful stone! 

Tanzintie is a great model to photograph.  It  naturally exhibits Trichlorism, meaning it has more than one colour, blue and violet.

 Amphreville Triskele Raised Motif in Yellow Gold with White Gold Flush Borders

A new version of the Amphreville Triskele.  I've made the Celtic Spiral motif raised.  This ring is 2 Tone Gold.  Flush White Borders on 14K Yellow Gold.

Amphreville Triskele 2 tone Gold set with new diamonds

The new Amphreville Triskele with 3 diamonds and one 1/5 of a Carat Bezel set diamond in the center of the ring.  The ring is 2 tone Gold in 14 Karats.

 White Gold Triskele Mount with a 1/2 Carat Emerald

A White Gold Ring with a Claw Set Round Emerald.

The Triskeles on the shoulders of this ring are pierced.

Double Triskele Ring in White Gold set with a 1/2 Carat Emerald 

White Gold in this ring is 14K or (58.5% Gold).  The Emerald is over 1/2 Carat Round Brilliant cut.

White Gold Triskele Ring set with an Emerald  Top profile view of the Emerald Triskele Ring.  Click on the photo if you have any questions.

 White Gold Wedding Ring with Yellow Gold edges.

A nice 14K White Half-Round Wedding Ring.  It is 6mm wide and 2mm tall in the center.  The Border is 14K Yellow Gold.



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If you have an idea of what a Ring or piece of jewellery would look like, I can help you make one.  Simply send me a suggestion




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