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 The Lion Rampant is a Royal emblem of bravery, protection and strength . Originating in Africa, it is the King of the Jungle, symbol of the Chief. The 'Rampart' pose of the lion is the strongest stance, with it's two front arms striking and bottom legs clawing. 

  Lions have emblazoned many family crests and national flags since the middle ages.  The Leon/Lion symbol was not seen in Europe before pilgrimages to the Middle East.  


Pendants with the Lion Rampant

P301 is The Royal Standard of Scotland 2.4cm tall - INFO

P309 is a 2cm Tall version of the Royal Standard Lion - INFO

P164 is the 2.4 x 1.7cm Version - INFO

P195 is 1cm tall suitable for a charm or Earrings - INFO


Email me if you would like me to design a Custom Crest for you.

Silver Cufflinks $195 CAD (as in photo)

Sterling Silver Pendants start at $195.00

14 Karat Golds $Call for a quote (Rose, Yellow, White or Green Gold)

Prices in CND$.


McIntyre Scottish Lion.

Lion Rampant Pendant in Gold

A Custom Pendant with a Pictish Celtic Knot pattern (500AD) in WhiteGold with a 14KY Rampart Lion in the Centre.  It is titled the McIntyre Leon, a variation of the Scottish Rampart Lion.ORDER



Also Available Click here to visit the ring page.

Lion Crest Rings Page

Lion Signet Ring in Silver

Above the Lion Rampant signet ring in Sterling Silver. 11mm tall and tapers to 7mm at the back of its shank. Style R111. INFO


Lion Crest Triskele in Sterling Silver

Above is The Lion Crest Triskele design in Sterling Silver. A Celtic Interlace knot design completes the shank.  The hand engraved blazon has the initials "J.R.P". INFO


Lion Crest Ring in Gold

Above Custom made ring with Lion Crests in 14K Gold.

Below is the same model ring in Sterling Silver.  Lion Ring Page

 Lion Crest Ring in Sterling Silver



The Lion Rampant on Pendants

Scottish Rampart Lion P301

This Pendant is modeled after The Royal Standard of Scotland, in 14K Yellow. Model 301. INFO


Rampart Lion Pendant in Silver

Rampart Lion Pendant Model 309 in antiqued Sterling Silver. INFO



Lion Cufflinks in Silver

Above is a pair of Rampart Lion Cufflinks in Sterling Silver INFO


Lion Pendant in Silver

Above: The Rampart Lion Crest model P164.  INFO

Above: Rampart Lion without crest. INFO


Lion Triskele Bracelet

A new Cuff design using the Lion Crest Triskele design. Available as a cuff or ring. It's 10mm wide. The crest in the center is customizable. In this case it has a Medieval style 'D'. The chain on it is an 8mm figaro style. INFO







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