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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below are our unique custom jewellery designs from 2012

 Celtic Spiral Rings in Yellow and White Gold

 A wedding set of a Spiral and Triskele Loveknot.  Representing eternal balance, this design is 10mm wide and shown with raised gold edges.  INFO

 Rune ring based on the Anglo Saxon Kingsmoor Ring

 A new model of the Kingsmoor Invicibility Ring.  This model is 8mm wide and has Runes engraved into the band and looks more authentic.  INFO


 Green Man Ring with Ladies Peridot Ring.

 The Greenman Ring in this wedding set was made by Bellchamber Rings.  The client wanted us to match the green in his fiancés peridot ring as enamel in his white gold ring.  INFO

Celtic Rings in Sterling Silver 

The Dimma Loveknot Ring is a classic 6th-7th century Celtic knot.  The photo shows 3 widths finished in Sterling Silver. 10mm, 7.5mm and 5.5mm wide. INFO


Gold Claddagh with wedding ring

A Traditional Gold Claddagh with a handmade wedding ring to match. Note the Gaelic inscription 'Mo Anam Cara' - My Lifetime Friend on the outside of the wedding ring. INFO

 Gold Claddagh with wedding ringA

The wedding ring is custom fit to lock underneath the Claddagh ring.  The Gold is a 14K Rose Gold.  INFO 


BDSM Triskele Ring

A pair of Hall Triskele Rings in Sterling Silver with a custom engraving inside. Note that the dot in the center of the each section is peirced through. 

Lion Triskele Bracelet

A new Lion Crest Triskele design.  Available as a cuff or ring.  It's 10mm wide.  The crest in the center is customizable.  In this case it has a Medieval style 'D'.  The chain on it is an 8mm figaro style.  INFO





Gold Lion Crest Triskele RingA

A White Gold Lion Crest Triskele Ring.  The crest is hand engraved with the Sinclair Blazon. INFO

Lion Crest Triskele in Sterling SilverGold.

The Lion Crest Triskele design in Sterling Silver. The hand engraved blazon has the initials "J.R.P". INFO


Steelers wedding

The Center gents ring is the 10mm wide Custom Claddagh design in white metal.  Thanks to Shawn who drove 6hrs to pick up his ring.  This wedding ring is now in California.  INFO for the center ring. Photo by Griffin Photography.

Celtic Gold Ring with 1/2 ct Diamond

A 1/2 Carat Diamond is bezel set into a Bailey Triskele ring.  The Celtic Knot is pierced out making the design very striking.  INFO


Om Pendant in Silver and Gold

Above are 2 new pendant designs finished in 3 different metals- Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold and 22K Yellow Gold.  The Center pendant is the 'Triskele Triple Braid', with the Triskele pierced out and surrounded by a loveknot. INFO.  The left and the right are 'Vindus Om Triskele'.  INFO

Custom Celtic Gold Rings

A pair of wide Celtic wedding rings called the 'Celtic Cross Ring'. I set the clients family stones into the right ring. The pattern is a very complex Celtic design that is seen on the length of the Pictish Cross pictured here. I classify this as a Celtic Cross design because its symmetrical horizontally and vertically. INFO


Custom Rune ring

A custom Rune ring in Sterling Silver.  The Runes are Saxon runes and read 'Live in Grace'.  At the ends of the design are an ancient triskele.  INFO

Double Knot rings in Gold with 3 small diamonds in each

This wedding set is the Ancient Double Loveknot in Yellow Gold.  There are three small diamonds set into the helix in each ring.  The first model is 10mm wide and the slim ring is 5mm wide.  INFO


Tree of Life Ring in Sterling Silver with Gold Borders Flush

A Medieval Tree of Life ring in sterling silver with flush Yellow Gold borders.  This model is 7mm wide.  Custom engraving on the inside is available too. INFO

Pink Emerald - Morganite

Morganite pendant with custom made silver basket settings with a feminine black necklace.  Morganite is the pink variety of beryl, akin to being a pink emerald.  The pink is a "Ballerina Pink".  Handmade settings  are one of a kind and are made depending on the availability of stones.  INFO


Celtic Tree of Life pendants in Gold

 Three different size Celtic Tree of Life pendants in yellow gold. Note the large 2.4cm pendant on the right is 10K gold which has a lighter colour than the center and right pendants which are 14K Gold. INFO


Balrog with Gold Bangle Black Speech

The Balrog overlooking the Black Speech Möbius Bracelet.  INFO

LOTR Bracelet

A Möbius Bracelet with 'Elven' Black Speech engraving on its one surface.  This 18K Yellow Gold bracelet was one of  the most challenging things for my hand engraver Peter Cook. INFO


Celtic Spiral Ring

Sterling Silver Amphreville Triskele Ring.  An ancient 2500 year old Celtic Spiral Triskele ring set with 3 sapphires and a ruby.  The borders are 14K Yellow Gold. INFO

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