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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the third page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2013

Custom Family Crest Rings in White Gold

Above a pair of wedding rings using the Rankin and the Torres Family Crests. Making the rings 8-10mm wide is advised to get the most detail for the designs.  ORDER 

Antiqued White Gold

The same pair of wedding rings in White gold which have been antiqued.  Antiquing on gold is finiky and tends not  to be permanent.   White Gold antiques to a dark brown.


Celtic Diamond Ring

The Angeline Triskele engagement ring, set with a 0.30 ct diamond.  This ring can be set with any size diamond or stone.  It has been designed so that it will fit with a flat edged wedding ring for a wider range of choice.  ORDER

Celtic Diamond Ring in White Gold

The 7mm Spiral Labyrinth Triskele ring in 14K White Gold.  It has a 0.32 ct Diamond set in a bezel.  Note the small Triskeles at the sides of each labyrinth.  A labyrinth spirals to the centre and then spiral back out symbolizing balance and life - ORDER

Celtic Cross Ring in two tone gold

A Custom Celtic Cross ring in white gold with flush borders of rose gold.  The initial sketches for this ring are in the background.  Its width is 9mm ORDER

Celtic Diamond Ring with White and Green Diamonds

A Dianne Loveknot diamond engagement ring.  The centre stone is a 1/3 of a carat and the 4 small accent stones are green diamonds.  ORDER


Celtic Diamond Ring

A new Celtic design named the Gwenivere Triskele.
It's triskele represents purity and radiant love.  This model is white gold and is set with a diamond.

New Double Triskele Diamond Ring

Front shot of the Gwenivere Triskele Ring.  The diamond has a weight of 0.40 ct.  The ring measures just under 5mm wide and is quite pretty.  ORDER


Custom Yin Yang pendants with sapphires

The Yin Yang Pendants here are two separate pendants that make up the symbol of Light and Shadow.  A white and black sapphire are bezel set into each one respectively. - ORDER.

Wedding Ring with Hammered Finish

Two wedding rings, on the left a yellow gold 6x2mm Halfround ring with inside ring engraving.  The right is a white gold Halfround ring with a hammered finish.  This is done by hand with a ballpeen hammer.  ORDER


Gold Celtic Brentfordshire Triskele

 Originally carved into a 2000 year old saddle horn this gold  Brentfordshire Spiral Triskele was made to  commemorate 2014 the Year of the Horse.  ORDER

Welsh Dragon Belt Buckle in Sterling Silver with ruby eye

An heirloom Welsh Dragon Belt Buckle with Celtic Interlace.  Weight of 100 grams, and is 8cm x 6cm in size. is larger than this picture looks.  ORDER


Angeline Triskele with Cluster setting

The Angeline Triskele engagement ring set with a clients diamond basket setting remouted into the new whtie gold ring. ORDER

Rune Rings in Gold

A pair of Rune Rings in Gold.  The runes are an ancient Saxon charm to make one invincible.  ORDER.


Catherine Celtic Cross Ring

A custom designed Celtic Cross interlace ring in 14K white gold.  This ring looks very nice with the pierced interlace design.  ORDER

Custom Rune Pendant Elhaz - Algiz

A large handmade Elhaz Rune pendant.  It stands just under 2.5 inches and is sterling silver.  Also known as Algiz this rune represents the Elk.  ORDER


Chisholm Celtic Cross Triskele Ring

A Chisholm Triskele Ring in 14K yellow gold, 10mm wide.   The pattern is from one of three Celtic Crosses from Erchless Castle near Inverness Scotland.  The interlace would be considered a Celtic triskele pattern because it repeats every 3 steps.  ORDER

Chisholm Celtic Cross number 1 of 3 from Erchless Castle Scotland

The Celtic Cross of Annie Cecilia Chisholm, note the triskele interlace in the mid portion above the boar crest.  The Chisholm motto is Feros FerioI am fierce with the fierce. 


White Gold Raven Oak Ring

Custom Raven Tree of Life ring.  Our client wanted a ring that had the elements of a Celtic Raven and an Oak tree of Life included in the design all in white gold.

Custom Raven Tree of Life Ring

The Ravens wings reach into an Oak tree of life pattern with a red and a white oak leaf on each wing.  The ring was finished with a width of 9mm -  ORDER