Bellchamber Rings

2016 Custom Gallery A

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are our unique custom jewellery designs from 2016

Gaelic Mo Anam Cara rings in Gold Gaelic Mo Anam Cara Ring wedding set in two tone Gold. The words translate to my lifetime friend. The rings are both yellow gold with raised white borders. One is 9mm and the other is 6mm wide. ORDER Gaelic Mo Anam Cara wedding bands in gold The Gaelic on the wedding rings goes around the shank and each word is separated by a double heart interlace representing eternity.  The rings on the clients hands are below. ORDER

Three of Life Ring Three Oak A 10mm wide Gold Three Oak Tree of Life ring finished in yelow gold.  The tree is heaven and earth intertwined with each other as well as a family tree. ORDER Gaelic wedding rings Our clients were happy with their Mo Anam Cara Rings above and wished to share their joy.

Richmond Family Crest seal A family seal featuring the crest of the Richmond Family. Finished in white it measures 4cm x 3cm. Custom designs available. ORDER Gold Claddagh Ring A 9mm wide version of the Custom Claddagh Loveknot ring in a deep yellow gold. ORDER

Celtic Bat Ring The first silver ring we halmarked this year is a new Duro Celtic Bat ring. Above is the side profile with one of the small bats hanging upside down in the right wing. The centre of the design is pictured to the right. Three Bat Ring The front of the Duro Bat ring has spirals and wings making up the design. The circle are stars and the crescent is the moon. Did you know that die fledermaus means the bat (flying mouse) ORDER

Pierced Celtic Triskele Earrings A pair of pierced Triskele Earrings in white with a drop ball earring and nut. The Triskele represents eternity and good luck. ORDER Dimma Loveknot Celtic RIng A 5mm wide Dimma Loveknot Triskele ring finished in white. This ring has represents stability and luck. ORDER
Celtic diamond ring A Modern Celtic ring mount set with a 1.25 ct Diamond. Finished in deep 18k yellow. The interlace goes from the top to halfway down the sides. ORDER Pierced Celtic ring The side view of the shank has spiral Triskeles pierced through the top.  All stones are set at Bellchamber Rings.

Celtic Triskele Pendant in gold P641 A two tone gold Spiral Triskele pendant with custom set 2mm birthstones. A personal and unique touch. Available in solid gold as well. ORDER Celtic Spiral Triskele Earring set The gorgeour Spiral Triskele set in white.  Handmade at our store in the pierced effect is done with a copling saw with a blade is 0.4mm thick. The pendant is 20mm round and the earrings are 15mm in diameter.  ORDER

Claddagh Riong GIIF A 360 gif file of our White gold Traditional Claddagh Lovebird Tree of Life ring A 7mm wide Lovebird Tree of Life ring in white gold. This design is from the Book of Kells. Birds mate for life and this design symbolizes 2 halves of a whole. ORDER