Dianne Loveknot

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Celtic Knot  

Dianne Loveknot design from Chi Roh Page of Book of Kells

 My mother has some of the best ideas for custom designs, infact she told me to make Custom Jewellery, so I did.  She will approach me and tell me exactly what she wants.  Then it turns out to be a fantastic design.  This is one of them which I named after her.  This design is found on the Chi Rho Page of the Book of Kells close to the black badger biting a Salmon. 


Ideal Cut Diamond in Celtic Interlace Ring

A very fine 63pt. E colour Ideal Cut Diamond set in a Platinum Bezel with four 2pt Green Diamonds set into the Yellow Gold pattern of a Dianne Loveknot Ring. - ORDER 

The Dianne Loveknot consists of two Triskeles (triangular knots) which come together as one.  It looks fantastic with a stone set in between the triskeles.

It represents two souls side by side.

  Triangular knots are called triskeles and in Celtic Designs represent Eternity and good luck.

Available in Three widths which taper.   The non-tapering verion webpage is here.

Three Widths AvailableModels:R10 (13-7mm), R11 (9-5mm), R311 (7-5mm)

Model - Description

R11 - Dianne Loveknot without borders (7mm Wide)...ORDER

R11 - No Borders set with a Gem (7mm Wide)..ORDER

R10 - without  Borders  (9mm Wide)...ORDER

R10- Dianne Loveknot (12mm Wide)...ORDER

R311- Dianne Loveknot (7-5mm wide)

R311- without Borders (3mm wide)

Prices in CAD

Gold Dianne Loveknot with Sapphire

Pictured is the R11 Dianne Loveknot set with a 0.5 ct Blue Sapphire.  This is the 7mm version which tapers to 4mm at the back. ORDER

Yellow Gold with White Gold Bezel and Round Brilliant White Sapphire

A Dianne Loveknot R10 model is set with a 5.5mm Round brillian White Sapphire and is finished in Yellow Gold.  This is the 9mm version which tapers to 5mm.  ORDER

Yellow Gold set with Oval Diamond and 4 accent diamonds.

 The first Dianne Loveknot in 14KY gold set with a gem.  A 0.74 ct Oval and four .10ct Diamonds.  The Bezel is 14K white gold.  Model R10 - ORDER

White Gold Dianne Loveknot with Diamond and 6 accent Diamonds

A Dianne Loveknot in White Gold with a bezel set 0.40pt diamond and 6x1pt accent diamonds. Model R11 - ORDER

Celtic Diamond ring wedding set in White GoldModel R11 set with .75 ct diamond and accent sapphires and rubies.  The top is a straight Dianne Loveknot ring which doesn't taper.  - ORDER

Dianne Loveknot in white Gold set with an oval Tanzanite and small diamonds 

A Dianne Loveknot in all white gold with a oval Tanzanite, 4 accent stones are in the knot interlace. R11 - ORDER

Ideal Cut Diamond in Celtic Interlace Ring

A very fine 63pt. E colour Ideal Cut Diamond set in a Platinum Bezel with four 2pt Green Diamonds set into the Yellow Gold pattern of a Dianne Loveknot Ring. - ORDER

R11 on top of R10 Dianne Loveknot Ring set

Here is a pair of Dianne Loveknots in Sterling Silver without Antiquing.

A half carat Diamond in a platinum bezel setting in an R11 Dianne Loveknot

This Dianne Loveknot is set with a Clients Diamond and is finished in Yellow Gold.  This model 11 withour borders, 4.5mm wide at the front.  ORDER

Dianne Loveknot no borders R11

The 4.5mm version without borders in 14KW.  Model R11 without borders.  ORDER.

Below is a 7x5 Oval Green Garnet (tsavorite) set into a slim yellow gold Dianne Knot. Model R11. borders.

Gold Dianne Loveknot with Bezel set Oval Green Tsavorite.

Gold Celtic Interlace Ring with Tsavorite

Three stone bezel setting in model R11

A Dianne Loveknot in Yellow Gold with a Sapphire and two Diamonds in a White Gold Setting with three stones.  R11 - ORDER


White Gold Green Sapphire Celtic Ring

A customized version of model R311.  Set with a 5x3mm green sapphire.  Note the shank is a smooth high polish in place of the knotwork.  ORDER 

Dianne Loveknot 7mm wide in 14K white gold. 

Model R11 with borders.

Model R10 without borders ~9mm wide.

A wide version with borders in Sterling Silver.  A Blue Sapphire is bezel set into a gold setting.

A Sterling Silver version of the Slim Dianne Loveknot set with a Red Ruby.


Dianne Loveknot with Diamond ring

The dainty model R311 set with a 0.40 ct white diamond.  ORDER

White Gold Dianne Loveknot with diamonds

A .47pt diamond set into a 9mm borderless Dianne Loveknot. Model R10

This Dianne Loveknot is in White Gold and is set with a 40. diamond and several small accent stones.

A side view demonstrating how it tapers.


A white version of  the R11 Dianne Loveknot set with a Blue Sapphire.

Dianne Loveknot with wedding band

Above is an engagement ring Dianne Loveknot atop a custom fit wedding band.  Each needs to be custom made since every stone will be a different size.  ORDER

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