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All work is hand-made in London Ontario Canada.  Please email us if you have any questions.

Below are our custom jewellery designs posted 2011.  Click here for Summer and Fall and Winter.


Celtic Dragonfly in Gold with Ruby Briolettes

Bellchamber Celtic Dragonfly Pendant.  This one is finished with 1.5 tcw Ruby Briolettes and is 14K Yellow Gold.  Limited edition 2 of 24.  Info.

Celtic Engagement Ring in White Gold

A White Gold Dianne Loveknot Ring set with clients Grandmothers and Mothers Diamonds all in a 3 stone bezel setting.  


Reilly Crest Ring

Custom O'Reilly Crest Ring in Sterling Silver in a size 19, most gents sizes are 9-13.

Thick rings must be hollowed out.

 Large size rings that have a thickness of over 2mm should be hollowed out in those areas to ease casting. 


Reilly Clan Ring

This ring is a size 19.5 and was made for Canada's Tallest Man 7'7" Jerry Soko.  Darrin at the shop carved a 2mm thick wax shank for the model and it needed to be cast completely on its own.  3 hours of wax carving, 1 hr casting and 2 hrs final polishing.  It weighed over 1 oz (35gms) of Sterling Silver.

Welsh Dragon Ring in Platinum

 A 6mm Welsh Dragon Ring in Platinum.  Note the Celtic Knot that circumvents the shank. Info.


Celtic Dragonfly

Celtic Dragonfly Pendant, limited edition 1 of 24.  This one is finished with a .25ct Red Sapphire and is 14K Yellow Gold. Info.

Tree of Life Ring with Lovebirds

A Celtic Wedding set of Lovebird Tree of Life Rings in Silver with Raised Borders.  The design is from the Book of Kells.


 Celtic Ring with Sapphire

A 5mm wide Dianne Loveknot with a 1/4 ct Blue Sapphire set in a bezel.  All in 14K Yellow Gold. Info

Gold Celtic Ring with Blue Sapphire 

Note that this model of the Dianne Loveknot (R11N) has no borders around the loveknot and tappers from 5mm to 3mm at the sizing bar at the back of the ring.


18K Gold Celtic Knot Ring

 A very fine 5mm Muny Musk Loveknot finished in 18K yellow Gold.  This design is a Celtic Triskele due to the pattern repeating every third step. Info

Blue Sapphire Ring with Hand Engraving in White Gold

This 14 K white gold ring was set with my Clients Mums 6 small Diamonds and a 1ct Sapphire. The Hand Engraving gives it a unique and Victorian Look. Info


Welsh Dragon Pendant

A Bellchamber Welsh Dragon Pendant in Sterling Silver.  2.4 cm diameter, about the size of a quarter. I'm proud of the way this dragon looks!  Info.

Austrian Eagle Pendant

An Austrain Eagle Pendant in Sterling Silver.  2.4cm in diameter.  Info.


 Gold Thor's Hammer

Ravens & Mobius Side of Bellchambers Thor's Hammer in 14K Gold 

 Mj´┐Żllnir in Gold

Sleiphnir & Triskele Side of the Hammer.  This 2 sided hammer is number 7 of 24.


 Tree of Life rings with Celtic Loveknot

Three Rings using 3 sisters Gold Material.  The Pattern is a Medievel Tree of Life with a Celtic Loveknot going arond the shank of the ring.  In order to  make a Gold ring using your own material you'll need 10-15 grams per ring.  Info

 Claddagh Bracelet in Silver

 A Sterling  Silver Claddagh Bracelet.  There are 5-6 Claddaghs and a Lobster Clasp.  If you wish for  Gold, that is not a problem and we have finished 2 Gold models too.  Info.


Welsh Dragon Ring with Signet 

The Ruby is an Emerald/Octogon Cut set into a Basket style setting in this White Gold ring.  Note the Welsh Dragon engraving.  Info.

 Welsh Dragon Ring in White Gold with Ruby

Left side of the 14K White Gold Ring with a Clients Ruby.  The Welsh Dragon was hand engraved on each side. 

Celtic Knot Ring 14K Rose Gold with Sapphire

A Rose Gold Dianne Loveknot Ring with a Platinum 6 claw setting holding a Gorgeous 0.70 Cornflower Blue Sapphire. Info

This 6 claw setting is the lowest of the prong style settings.  A bezel seting can set the stone lower and be smoother, however many people like to be able to see the sides of the stone too. 


Kavanagh Crest Ring

The Kavanagh Family Crest on a Signet Ring.  Each edition of this ring is hand engraved with the owners initials on the sides.  The left is a T.  Info

Kavanagh Signet Ring in Silver

The right side of the Kavanagh ring has the letter K Other Family Signet Rings are available.


Custom Celtic Wedding Rings

  Celtic Spiral and Triskele Wedding Rings.  One set with a .40 ct Diamond.  This design represents Eternity and Balance. 7.5mm wide.  ORDER

Custom Silver Rune Wunjo

 This Rune is Wunjo, representing Joy and Bliss.  When finished it was over 2.5inches tall.  The quarter serves for scale. ORDER


 Celtic Triskele and Loveknot box Pendant with Sapphries

A Custom Celtic Charm in all 14K White Gold.  It's a box with a 4 pointed star that hangs under a Triskele and 2 Princess cut Sapphries.  Concept by Don Pettipas.  Info

White Gold Celtic Pedant Triskele with Sapphires

From the Front.  The box shapped charm is 9mm square and has 3 sides and is peirced.   The triangular triskele knot debued in Pictish Stones 1600 years ago.



































































































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If you have an idea of what a Ring or piece of jewellery would look like, I can help you make one.  Simply send me a suggestion






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