Bellchamber Rings

2019 Custom Gallery C

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2019

Large Star Sapphire in Celtic RingA gorgeous 3+carat Star Sapphire set in the widest style we make, a 14mm wide Dimma Loveknot.  Solid yellow gold borders are raised on the white silver ring.  The bezel setting is also solid gold.  Custom rings like this are truly one of a kind.   Large Star Sapphire in Bellchamber Ring The side view of the Dimma Star Sapphire ring. Note that the stone is set as low as possible with a bezel style setting. I've not seen a gem quality star sapphire in this size before.  Big gem setting is Bellchamber's speciality.  ORDER

Remade Gold Shank for 3 stone setting A client brought us her 3 stone setting with oval ruby and mine cut diamonds, the shank of which was in need of replacement. Pictured above is what we remade her; a new yellow gold band 2 mm wide, welded her 3-gemstone platinum setting to it and finished the sides with hand-engraved scrollwork. We set stones and do all of the goldsmithing repairs at our store.  ORDER Gold Celtic Ring with emeraldsA client had us reset her 1.5 mm emeralds into a gold Modern Eternity Triskele ring. There are 7 in total set alternating in the triquetras.  What holds them in is very small beads set slightly over the girdle of stone.  Jason Bellchamber combines the technique of 3 different master goldsmiths to achieve this.  ORDER

Celtic Ring with Aquamarine This Double Triskele engagement ring has a emerald cut (octagon) Aquamarine in a 4 claw setting.  The ring is 14K yellow and the setting is 14k white gold. Emerald cuts are the 3rd most difficult style of stone to set into a ring.  ORDER Custom Tree Bark Ring with Bloodstone A client wanted something for their fathers birthday which represented a family tree and his favorite stone a bloodstone. So we custom cut a 9mm round cabochon from the rough stone they provided and made this ring with a thick tree bark style pattern and set the dark green bloodstone in a yellow gold setting. ORDER

Wren of Cork Pictured is the Celtic Wren in gold is the Bellchamber version of the Garryduff gold bird. The little wren in Irish Celtic folklore was the King of the Birds and symbolized the old year at New Years. Other stories name the wren as the Queen of Fairies.  It is based on the early artifact in the Museum of Cork.  Ours is 3.5 x 2.7cm.   Silver Celtic Wren Bird Earrings The matching earring set for the Celtic Wren pendant on the left.  This set is in solid silver with an antiqued background to see the design.  They measure 2.2 x 1.5 cm.

Inside Ring Engraving Inside ring engraving ,especially for wedding bands, is a service we provide.  12-16 characters per line is our standard.  Pricing starts at $25, we can do custom fonts or handwriting as well.  Work is done in our shop. Size of letters range from 1mm - 3mm tall.  ORDER Custom Heart Ring A one of-a-kind custom heart design signet ring in Rose gold. The heart was taken from a sketch the client made and the ring we finished. We can make custom jewellery with 100% the clients artwork.

9 Stone Family ring Three 'Family rings' make a whole one of a kind ring.  They stack in a way our client designed so that the stones have a floral and organic feel.  The nine birthstones make up each member in the family.  Each one is individually claw set in white gold.  Let us design one for you. ORDER Intricate Celtic White gold ring with Diamond Inspired by strength, elegance and balance the Bailey Triskele Ring has a mirrored Triskele pattern.  This ring holds a bezel set 1/3 carat white diamond all in 14K white gold. ORDER

Hammered Yellow gold ring 10mm wide Jason loves collecting antique goldsmithing tools. We have about 6 old ball peed hammers we have restored and use only for making different hammered textures. Hammered rings have a texture (see 2nd row) from striking it with a hammer repeatedly on the outside surface. The ring above is a yellow gold ring 11mm wide with a pattern made from a 2cm ball peen hammer from 1920's. ORDER Purple Oval Sapphires 3/4 carat each If a client wants us to source a gemstone we usually get 3 or 4 in to illustrate the differences in value. Sapphires are a vary cost effective coloured stone for setting in a ring. They are tough and will last a lifetime without scratching if taken care of. Pictured is 3 purple sapphires on Canadian and US bills.  If you have one compare it to the colour on your monitor.. A modern camera still can not capture the colours that the eye can see (think of taking a photo of the sunset and comparing it to the real thing). If possible it is best to choose stones in person. We also educate clients on cutting quality and clarity and colour saturation. INQUIRE