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The Claddagh [klah-duh] is an Irish promise ring that dates back over 100 years. There are many legends associated with it but all agree that it has three lucky meanings. Faith, Friendship and Love represented by the Crown, Hands and Heart.

Heart and Crown Claddaghs in Rose Gold and Silver

Above are 3 handmade Heart and Crown Claddaghs in Rose gold and Sterling silver.  Special for January and February 2017. $350 CAD Including Delivery.  (taxes extra)  There are 3 available so act now to ORDER

Claddagh in white gold

This model is a traditional Claddagh which is 3 dimensional with the hands pierced out.

"I crown my heart with faith, to give to you my love, in friendship." Claddagh poem.

Custom made claddaghs with combinations of 2 colours of gold or even 3 look stunning and are available for an extra fee.  The hands and crown must be one colour, then the shank and the heart can be other colours too.  Each is hand finished at our London location.


The three sizes of traditional Claddagh rings we offer: 

A small, medium and wide Claddagh rings

Above: Claddagh model R96 on the left, the center is model R95 and right model R304


Model - Description - Click for a quote.

R95 is ~ 9mm tall from the Crown to the bottom of the heart the Shank is ~3.5mm wide and the hands are 6.5mm tall. This model is the medium.  Order

R96 is ~ 9mm tall from the Crown to the bottom of the heart the Shank is ~3mm wide and the hands are 6mm tall.  This is the dainty model. Order

R304 is ~ 9.5mm tall from the Crown to the bottom of the heart the Shank is ~3.5mm wide and the hands are 6.5mm tall.  This is the heavier model. Order


Silver Claddaghs start at $145

Prices in CND


 Gallery of Claddagh Rings with stones

Below: an 18K Rose Gold and Platinum two tone Claddagh set with 2 Rubies. INFO

Claddagh Platinum and Gold

Below is a white gold claddagh with a heavy yellow gold sleeve and a 6mm heart cut Alexandrite set in a 4 claw setting.  The unassembled photo shows the settings height.

Claddagh with Alexandrite

Gold Claddagh ring with Alexandrite

NB. The stone must have a tall setting for strength.

Yellow Gold Claddagh 14K

Traditional Claddagh in 14K Yellow Gold Model R95. INFO

A Gold Claddagh with a form fit wedding ring.

Claddagh Wedding Set in Gold


Gold Claddagh Wedding Set

 The wedding band is custom made to fit with the Claddagh (model R95).  INFO

 Two Tone Gold Claddagh

A Three Tone White Gold Claddagh with a Rose Gold Heart and Yellow gold shank. (model R95) Inquire

Claddagh with diamonds and emerald

Above is a 14K Yellow Gold Claddagh with 2 10pt diamonds and a 3mm emerald set in the heart. INFO


Below is a Traditional Claddagh in White Gold with a Rose Gold Heart on a Yellow Gold Band.~ 8.5mm thick.    Please inquire if you have any questions about this style of Claddagh. INFO

3 Tone Gold ring with inside ring

White Gold Claddagh with Rose Gold Heart and Yellow Sleeve



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