Bellchamber Rings

2019 Custom Gallery A

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2019

Updated soon The Scottish Wild Boar Triskele ring in white gold. This band is 8mm wide and features the Scottish thistle flanked by a pair of boar, the shank features a Pictish triskele interlace around the shank. Updated soon Side view of the Boar Triskele ring. The boar represents natures wild ferocity, the thistle is the flower of Scotland and the Interlace represtents eternity. ORDER

Claddagh Triskele with Rubies A bold sterling silver Claddagh Triskele pendant with two 3mm rubies set into the hands of the claddgah. Jason sets all of the stones by hand in the shop. This custom design is a one of a kind. Crannóg Ales A custom, one of a kind-pendant made for the owner of Crannóg Ales in BC. The Celtic (alpha) wolves are a great theme. The two leaders of the pack, the alpha male and alpha female. This one was a nice size the round part is over 25mm.

polynesian spearhead gold ring A custom ring jacket to fit with our clients centre engagement ring. She wanted to incorporate a Polynesian spearhead design on the shank to represent a warrior spirit. We set 22 diamonds into the ring jacket. See the photo on the right. polynesian spearhead design This photo shows the sketch with the engagement ring next to the sketch and the finished ring jacket. All in a 14K white gold. INQUIRE

Gold Love Bird Tree of Life Rings Made of solid 18K yellow gold, this set is a Love Bird Tree of Life ring. The ladies is set with a 1/2 carat purple sapphire. Birds partner for life which makes it a perfect symbol of a union.  ORDER Kingsmoore Ring A two tone 14K gold Saxon rune ring. The design is from the Kingsmoore Invincibility ring found in the British Musuem. This model is 10mm wide. ORDER

Medieval Tree of Life Rings set in Gold A yellow gold Tree Triskele wedding ring set in gold resting on heather. The tree is a symbol of the connection of heaven and earth. These rings are 10mm and 7.5mm wide. ORDER Celtic Spiral Labyrinth A custom keepsake called the Morgan Spiral Labyrinth in 14K Yellow gold. Just over 25mm (1 inch) in diameter.  The theme of numbers in Celtic mythos may be interpreted as repeating calendar events : 7 - quarter of lunar month or days of a week. 3 - Solstice events or Full New moon times, 2 - Day and night. ORDER
Custom Engraving jewellery A client brought us her small plain signet ring and had us engrave her family crest on it. This design is a Semenchenko crest. It is a rampart lion with a crescent moon and 3 white stirpes on red background. Custom engravings are available. ORDER Hammered Forever Love bands A Forever Love Band with a white gold and yellow gold ring linked together. The 14K white gold band is hammered and the yellow gold is done iwth a full polish. ORDER

Green Gold Celtic Rings The Key Pattern Triskele ring in 14K Green gold.  Making different colours of gold is enriching as a goldsmith.  Note that green gold is more of a pale yellow green. Celtic Key Pattern rings in Green gold and Silver A set of antiqued sterling bands and the 14k green gold Key Pattern Triskele bands to compare metal colours.  Sterling silver is the whitest metal however, it does not have the sheen or hardness of gold. 

Updated soon A two tone gold Tiara ring set with an ocean blue sapphire.  The ring was hand made from 2 rings, one white and one yellow.  It has a wonderful superhero inspiration in it's design. Updated soon The same two tone Tiara Star ring as to the left.  This photo was taker before the round sapphire was set into the band. ORDER