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The store is located on the 1st floor of the Talbot Centre Mall in London ON Canada

Address: (1st floor unit 17) 148 Fullarton St. London ON N6A 5P3. Canada

 Jason Bellchamber - Custom Goldsmith - Artist statement

I've been Goldsmithing since 1990. What started as a hobby soon developed into an apprenticeship under three different goldsmiths. I have also developed many of my own personal metalsmithing techniques.

Since 1995, Celtic Artifacts have been my passion. Their design and history serve as an exploration into my own heritage. I am also very interested in rediscovering the ancient techniques, which the Celtic Metal-smiths and Artisians used to create their masterpieces. I love to learn!

My Jewellery incorporates styles of Knotwork, Spirals and Ancient zoomorphic (animal) patterns from different Celtic artifacts throughout Art History. This gives each of my rings and jewellery pieces a deep meaning and symbolism. The artifacts are of Stone, Wood, Glass and Precious Metal. Celtic history ranges from 600 BC to 1100 AD.  It began with the Iron Age in Europe.  The Iron Age started in the Persia and India in ~1500BC.  See my Publication on Alloy History for more.

  There is meaning behind all of the elements of the Celtic style. Through my own artistic research, I have interpreted the meanings of knotwork, spirals and many of the Celtic Motifs that I use in my jewellery. I also recreate replicas of Celtic Jewellery.  I've also found that Scandinavian design had a large influence on Celtic Knotwork developement.

  If you have any questions about the history of the designs on my jewellery, please contact me and I will respond within a couple of days. My email is . Each piece of jewellery is hand made, one of a kind and also includes an historical description.
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Who works at Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario?
Myself Jason Bellchamber(designer and head goldsmith) and Marc Poirier (goldsmith).
Marc started working at Bellchamber Rings in Spetember 2016.  He has a certificate in Jewellery Methods from George Brown College.  One of us will greet you if you call or visit us. 
Jewellery is a personal and sentimental decision, it is our mission is to make your experience enjoyable.
Jewellery Repairs and Estimates.
   Jewellery Repairs account for half of a jewellery store's work and this is no exception for us.  Most repair work is done on the premesis, larger jobs such as Watch Repairs are sometimes sent to Pfaffs Jewellers.  Bellchamber Rings guarantees all services for material and workmanship.   Repair estimates are free and it is best if you can bring the piece in to give a true estimate.  Here is a map to our Store.  

Stand up electric Bass at Eric Stachs Jazz nights 2008.  Photo by Wendy Saby
Donavan and I at the '05 London Medieval Joust
At the Ad Astra Convention 2006 with my friend Dan Petker.

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