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 Below is the Blog Updates from our mainpage

January 5th: Updated the Custom Gallerywith a yellow gold Initial Charm with a birthstone.

August 2nd:  Posted a wedding set with a Celtic Cross design which gamers who play Elder Scrolls will recognize.  See them on the 3rd row of the Custom Gallery.

Aug 1st: Updated a Dianne Loveknot with is lovely moonstone cabochon to the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery.

July 31st: Jason is teaching Silversmithing and Ring making at the Celtic College in Goderich next week.  It's full however, if you want to make your own ring we sell a DIY wax carving kit here.  -  Posted a photo of a pearl earring and pearl necklace restringing on the 2nd row of the custom page.

July 30th: Posted a custom Whale Chief bracelet to the Custom Gallery 19B. Its right at the top.

July 29th: The hot days of Summer are here in Ontario.  We are setting up another artist's booth the 2nd weekend of August in Goderich Ontario for the Celtic Roots Festival.  Hope to see you there!

July 18th:  Our shop is open Thursday and Friday of this week.  However, we will be exhibiting at the Home County Folk Festival here in London in Victoria Park.  We will have a sale of 25% off all stock this weekend.

July 14th: Posted photos of a two tone gold Star Tiara ring.  See it set with a sapphire on the last row of Gallery 19A.

July 12th: Updated the Custom Gallery listings on the columns to show the years up until 2019.

July 10th: We make alloys and different colours of gold in our workshop.  Pictured on the 7th row of the custom gallery are some Green Gold keypattern triskele rings.

July 2nd:  Happy Canada day yesterday and Happy 4th of July to our American cousins! Posted a photo of a double Love bands.  Two half-round bands linked together.  The white had a hammered finish and the yellow has a high polish.  It's near the middle of the Gallery 19a scroll.

June 19th:  Custom engraving is another of our specialities.  We engraved a clients small signet ring with her family crest.  See it on the 6th row of the custom gallery 19A.

June 18th: The price of gold is at the highest I've seen in since 2012 in CAD.  As goldsmiths we are able to help save you money by using your own gold to make  new rings and jewellery.  This also keeps the memory and the special sentimental feelings in each piece.  

June 13th: Posted a new youtube series called Turing Lead to Gold.  The 4 part series shows the steps on lost wax casting to make a pair of gold rings.

June 7th: A custom gold pendant called the Morgan Spiral Triskele is on the 5th row of the 19A Custom Gallery.  It's over 1 inch in diameter.

May 23rd:  We have a lot of photos to post from the last 6 weeks of production.  One a day is our frequency.  Today we post a wedding set photo of in the Custom Gallery Row 5.  they are the Medieval Tree of Life ring.

 April 16th: Easter is a Holiday in Canada.  We will be closed on Good Friday April the 19th until and will re-open Tuesday April 23rd.

April 12th:  A two tone gold Saxon Rune ring is on the 4th row of the Custom Gallery.  Raised borders look very nice on a ring.

April 10th:  Posted a finished Love Bird Tree of Life wedding ring set in 18K yellow gold.  The ladies ring is set with a purple sapphire.  Its on the 4th row of the Custom Gallery 19A. The construction in the mall should only take 3-4 months. 

April 2nd: Updated a custom ring jacket with 22 diamonds to the 3rd row of our Custom Gallery.  The many hours of work turned out a very nice ring!

April 1st: OPEN DURING SUMMER CONSTRUCTION! The Talbot Centre Mall where we are located is getting a facelift.  For the next month we are still open you will have to walk around the construction zone is all.

 February 12th:  We have a Freezing Rain warning and all local schools and colleges are shut down.  This mean we will closed today.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

February 8th: My YouTube channel crossed 10k subs! #10kcreator I've been making free Celtic Drawing videos for over 8 years.  I thought I'd be lucky to get 10K views!  Please visit.

January 23rd: Posted another one of a kind Celtic Wolf Pendant to the Custom Gallery 19A.  It was made by the owner of Crannóg Ales.

January 21st.  Posted a one of a kind Claddagh pendant with rubies to the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery 2019A.

January 16th: Started the new 2019 Custom Gallery A.  There is a new Thistle and Boar Triskele ring on the top row.

January 14th: We love getting telehphone calls for repair inquiries and custom ideas.  It is difficult to give a quote without examining the repair in person or making a sketch and taking a clients measurements for ring sizing.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

January 7th, 2019: It's 2019 and we are off to a great start.  There are lots of repairs we are doing for our clients as well as making wedding rings.  Wedding season usually starts in the spring after the thaw.  Remember to order your wedding rings at least 3 months before you need them.

December 24th: We are open until Noon today and have stocking stuffers available. We are closed for the holidays and reopen Wednesday Jan.7th at 10 am.  THANK YOU for such a great year.  We made many unique rings and stone settings.  We wish you a Happy Christmas and Great New years and a happy holiday to all of you. 

December 17th:  This week our rush ring sizing service is (sizing fee)+$75 for 24Hr turnaround. Regular ring sizing fee starts at $50 for seven day turnaround. We must examine the ring first in person before giving the go ahead.

December 12th: All in store stock is still on sale 20% off until xmas eve. Includes all Gold, Silver and gemstone jewellery.  Call to inquire if you have a favorite piece.

December 11th: Posted a Celtic Dianne Loveknot with a 8x6mm Peridot to the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery.

Dec. 10th: Posted the final Youtube video on How to draw a Celtic wolf.

Dec. 3rd:  Posted a photo of a forged Antler ring in sterling silver on the Custom gallery 18D.

Dec 1st:  Thank you to everyone who made it to our Customer Day!  Do you wish to order one of our rings or pendants? FYI we are guaranteeing Xmas delivery for Rings or pendants up until Friday Dec7th.

 Nov 21st: White gold Claddagh wedding rings each set with a small stone are on the first page of Custom Gallery D for this year.

November 19th: Our Customer appreciation day is going to be Saturday Dec 1st.  Please join us!

November 16th:  Posted a 1.5 carat diamond ring we set into a modern half bezel.  See it on the bottom of the Custom Gallery C.

November 15th:  Updated the custom gallery with an example of our inside ring engraving.  It's pictured on the last row of the custom gallery C.

November 12th:  We have been very busy!  I broke my foot in September and was off for a couple of weeks.  We have had a busy fall.  Xmas orders are rolling in, the last day for ring or pendant gift orders is Dec 1.  The last day for xmas ready custom designs or gem setting gift orders is Friday Nov. 16.  You are welcome anytime to come in and look at our stock items up until Dec 24th at noon.

September 14th:  Uploaded a new youtube video series on Drawing Celtic Patterns.  This one is about drawing a Viking pattern called a 'Ring Link'.  I am very happy to update the youtube videos.  I'm almost at 10,000 subscribers and over 1.3 millon views.

September 13th. We're back, back updating that is.  August and September have been very busy.  Thank you!  Please see the Straice Loveknot ring we made using our clients gold.  Is on the 7th row of the Custom Gallery.

July 31st.  Jason is teaching a Silversmithing course for beginners at the Goderich Celtic Festival next Monday.  A Thors Hammer and simple silver ring are the highlights.  Hope to see you there.  Also update a solid Gold Thor's Hammer to the Custom Gallery on the 7th row.

July 20th: We can use your gold to make new designs.  On the 6th row of the Custom Gallery is a Celtic Cross Charm set with the clients diamond in the center.

July 16th: July has been quite a busy wedding season!  So much so that our dialy updates have been sparce.  Today though we found a ring from the past which we han't posted before.   It's a Celtic Thistle ring in White gold with a yellow gold bezel and an exotic sized 3.5 carat Ruby.  See it on Row 4 and 5 of the Custom Gallery.

June 29th:  Jason will be teaching a silversmithing course at the Goderich Celtic College is August 6-10.  The Festival where our booth will be is on the weekend of August 10-12th.  The Home County FolkFest is the weekend of July 20-22nd.  Both shows are gems!  All details of upcoming shows are on our festival tour page.

June 25th:  Wedding season has been full force this month since mid-May.  Thank you for so many custom orders!  We are nearly into July and August where we will have an artisan booth at the Home County Folk Festival here in London and the Goderich Celtic Festival where Jason will teach 4 silver-smithing courses at the week long college.  The last show will be the Forest City Comicon.

June 5th: Updated a 360 degree video of a two tone Griffin and Dragon Ring to it's web page.

June 2nd:  We are open regluar hours this week.  Jason is in London UK on a research tour of Saxon and Celtic artefacts.  If you have time to meet up please email us.  Thank you.

May 20th:  Next Saturday the 27th of May we will be having an instore Customer Appreciation day.   Please book it off we will be open 10-2 and will have free jewellery care workshops, a drawing instruction and a super special on custom orders!

May 17th:  We are celebrating Victoria Day weekend here in Canada and will be closed Saturday to Monday.  See you on Tuesday after the Long Weekend.

May 16th:  Pre wedding season is upon us.  If you have a deadline for a wedding ring, contact us immediately.  Also, Jason is going to London England for a week of research on May 30th.  If you would like to meet up for a free Celtic Drawing lesson or otherwise please email us.

May 3rd:  Posted some wide medieval tree of life rings on the Custom Gallery.  They are an unantiqued white silver.

April 30th:  See our booth at the Chatham Pop Fan expo 2018.  There was an audience of nearly 2000 people.

April 27th:  On Saturday the 28th Marc and Jason wil have a booth of rings at the Chatham Pop Fan expo.  Come see us!!  It's our first festival show of the year.

April 25th: Custom designs are our specialty.  We made a Rhino Veterinary pendant for a client and set a ruby into the front.  It's on the 3rd row of the gallery.

April 24th:  A platinum and yellow gold wedding ring set is on the 2nd row of the Newest Custom gallery 18C.  Both incorporate different Tree of Life designs and each have a melee diamond from the clients own collection.

April 23rd: A yellow gold Celtic Tree of Life earring and pendant set is on the 2nd row of the Gallery.  Each with blue sapphries.

April 18th:  A very thick Yellow Gold Hammered ring is on the top row of the Custom Gallery 18C. 

April 17th: Square stones in bezel settings take a lot of practice to do.  Jason set princess cut diamonds and purple amythests into a pair of one of a kind rings at the top of the new Custom Gallery 18C.  They look like Royal Medieval rings.

April 16th: Posted a pair of Claddagh earrings to the last row of the Custom Gallery 2018 B.  These ones are stud style.

April 10th:  Updated a two tone rose gold wedding ring set to the 8th row of the Custom Gallery.  The Dimma Triskele ring is a classic Celtic motif from 8th century Ireland.

April 9th: Blue Sapphires are always regal looking.  We set a clients oval sapphires into 2 white gold lever back settings on the 6th row of the Custom Gallery.

April 4th: We set a 1 ct Oval Blue sapphire into a modern 6 claw setting for a client.  See the photo on the custom gallery 2018B.

April 3rd: After a repair, watch accuracy for automatic or quartz time-pieces is measured in our store with Toolwatch.  The link is on the right column below.

March 26th:  Posted a pendant design called the Marybel Triskele on the Custom Page 18B.  It is set with the clients Opal and original engagement diamond.

March 21st:  The first full day of Spring 2018 has opened a new door.  We are finally updating ring pages with a new format.  Click here to see the Nouveau Triskele ring page.

March 15th: Another in our exotic sized gemstones available now is a a 14K Gold Moores Loveknot with a top grade 1.1 carat Tanzanite.  See it on the 5th row of the custom gallery.  

March 14th:  Gemstone and Diamond Setting service is done in our store.  Jason set a 1.4 carat diamond into a modern pendant on row 5 of the Custom Gallery 2018 B.

 March 7th: The mirror site of ours on google is viewable with a mobile version.  We post to it regularly with the same photos on this site as well.

  March 1st: We just reached 25 x Five Star reviews on Google.  Thank you very much to our clients for the business.  Today we are the highest rated 5 star jewellery store in town.

  February 26th: We only make Hammered texture rings on Thursdays using our antique goldsmith hammers.   A new Ivy ring with a hammered finish is on the custom gallery.  See it on row 4.

February 23rd.  Posted a Green Garnet or Tsavorite to the new custom gallery page on row 3.

February 22nd:  We update the pages ourselves.  We finally made a new standard page layout.  See the new Raven Triskele pendant homepage.

February 19th: Updated the Custom Gallery 18b with a white silver Raven Triskele Pendant.

February 17th: A +50 carat gemstone in a 4 claw setting is on the 2nd row of the custom gallery.   When you see it keep in mind the ring it is set on is a wide 1/2 inch Celtic design called the Amphreville Triskele.

February 15th: Exotic gemstones are very rare and valuable.  Finding a goldsmith to set one is actually even more rare.  See the 1.25 carat Blue Sapphire on the top row of the new Custom page hand-set by Jason.

February 1st: Posted a set of 3 custom crosses on the 8th row of the custom gallery.  These are called Red's Crosses.

January 29th:  All gemsetting is done in the shop by Jason.  A 5 diamond ring is on the 8th row of the custom gallery.

January 24th: A ruby is set into the centre of a rose gold heart and crown Claddagh ring.  See it on the 5th row of the custom gallery.

January 20th:  Gold ingots are the first step in producing a gold coloured ring.  It is a solid bar of gold made from melting fine gold and a other metals together.  See row 7 of the custom gallery.

January 18th: A triangular sapphire is set with diamonds in a yellow gold Crescent Triskele on the 6th row of the Custom Gallery 18A.

January 17th: Turning Lead to Gold is something we can do at Bellchambers.  The process is on the 5th row of the Custom Gallery 2018A.

January 15th:  A new Celtic Cross called the Celtic Revival Cross is on the 4th row of the current custom gallery.

January 14th:  The cold wont slow us down.  We are updating the back Custom Galleries so that the link to other years is clear.  Before 2011 the gallery pages were very long scrolls.  Thats they way its was.  New gallery pages have a template though.

January 12th:  The Celtic Key Pattern wedding set with Green Sapphires is on the 3rd row of Custom Gallery A.  See them on the couples hands.

January 11th: The traditional Claddagh ring looks very good when a 3mm emerald is set into it.  It looks like the heart holds an emerald.  See one on the row 4 of the Custom Gallery.

January 10th:  Update the Custom Gallery A with a 2 ct diamond ring in a 6 claw Cartier style setting.

January 8th:  Snow is here for good, or at least the season.  Posted a wedding ring called the Highlander Thistle on the 2nd row fo the 2018A Custom Gallery.

January 5th: Updated the Custom Gallery with a yellow gold Initial Charm with a birthstone.

January 3rd 2018:  Happy New Years.  We wish you the best in 2018!  Updated The Custom Gallery with a Diamond Heart Claddagh!  Just a reminder that we do all repairs and ring sizing in our store.  When you come to speak with us about your jewellery we are the ones doing the work for you!

December 11th:  Until Dec. 21st all jewellery orders will have free expresspost shipping, Fedex regularly $50+ will be a flat fee of $25.

December 10th:  The countdown is on.  TEN days left to order for xmas delivery.  Thats right it's 2 weeks before Xmas day.  Spread some joy no matter what you do.  Updated a White wolfhound ring and a custom rose cut diamond engagement ring to the new Custom Gallery F.

December 9th:  Thank you to everyone who visited the store on today our 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation day was huge!

December 4th:  We sold the first sale item today at 10:30. It was a size 8 Tree of Life ring from the book of Kells.  The 20% off stock sale is all week!  Also, updated a photo of a cast and finished white gold wedding ring to the bottom row of the Custom Gallery.  It fits with a sapphire Dianne loveknot.

December 3rd: Starting tommorow all stock in the store is 20% off.  This includes finished Gold items, Silver items and Unset Diamonds or Gemstones.  Saturday is our Customer Appreciation Event. Free Ring Polishing ($30 value).

December 1st:  Did you hear that Christmas day is three weeks next Monday?  That means 3 weeks of shopping left.  We can still fit a custom sized ring in gold or silver for you.  The How to draw Celtic Knots Youtube page is nearly at 1.2 million views!  Humbled we are.

November 30th: Personally sized rings in any design we have posted, are each still avaialble for Xmas delivery.   Posted a photo of a handcarved wax wedding ring in a 'Locking' style to fit with a Dianne Loveknot Diamond ring.  It's on the 7th Row of the Custom Gallery.

November 28th:  A Dianne loveknot wedding set is on the 5th row of the Custom Gallery.  One is 10mm wide with raised borders and the other is a wedding ring & engagement ring combo both with georgeous blue sapphries.

November 27th:  Platinum is a different and rarer metal than gold.  Many antique and Art Deco rings are made with platinum.  We custom made a wedding band to fit with a clients Art Deco Diamond and Platinum ring.  It's on the 6th row of the Custom Gallery.

November 26th:  Posted a Pinterest pin of the lastest white gold ring set.

November 25th:  A pair of White gold Eternity Triskele Wedding bands is on the middle of the Custom Gallery.  Please take a look.

November 20th:  This season has been very busy already.  We just got our 12th 5 star review on google.  Thank you, it is very very appreciated.  We promise to update soon.  Posted a green Sapphire ring to the Pinterest page and the Custom Gallery too.

November 17th: Posted a the Amphreville Triskele ring in yellow gold with a Green sapphire to our Custom Gallery.

October 30th:  Posted Special Prices for the Tree of Life Pendant in 10K Yellow gold.  The next month including a fine chain.  Keep in mind Bellchamber rings is a 2 goldsmith operation and we make every single item by hand.  Custom gift orders for Christmas are filling up.

October 12th:  Updated a new Celtic Claddagh Wolf ring in White gold on the 4th row of the Custom Gallery.  We shipped it to California last week and we are very thankful for the review on google!

October 11th:  This weekend Jason will have a booth at the London Comic Con, Come visit!

October 10th:  Posted a white set of Ancient Wolf interlace rings to the 3rd row of the custom gallery.

September 29th:  Showing clients a high quality gemstone over the internet is a challenge.  One must have access to the best stones and also be able to demonstarte how they would sparkle under sunlight.  Our sun has eternally been the best light for making a jewel scintillate and show natural colour.  For each client at Bellchamber's we make a small movie displaying the stones then edit it ourselves and post it for viewing.  Examples of Green sapphires and Blue sapphire stones are here.

September 22nd:  Come and visit us at the Forest City Comic Con booth 236 in the North end of the hall.  Saturday!

September 21st:  Welcome to the first full day of Fall in the North and the Spring for the South.  Updated links for the beginner silversmith on the History of Alloy page and the Ring Casting help pages.

  September 20th: A Classic Celtic Interlace ring in 14K White gold is in the top right rowof the Custom Gallery.

September 19th: Posted at work photos on the website of applying a Hammered finish to a ring and als the finished Hammered Ring on the Custom Gallery.

September 18th:  This weekend you could meet the actor Billy Boyd who played Pippin in the LOTR.  I'll have a booth at the one day Forest City Comicon Saturday the 23rd.

September 17th: Would you like to make your own silver ring yourself?  We now offer a DIY silver ring making kit.  Great for a gift idea.

September 11th:  Posted a blue Sapphire 3/4ct set in a Celtic Loveknot ring in white gold.  Posted in the 1st row of Custom Gallery E 2017.

September 8th:  Updated a Hammered finished ring to our pinterest page. Each one has to be done by hand.

September 6th:  Fabrication of Gold rings involve setting gems, metalsmithing of the fine gold and alloys, welding of settings, casting of wax models and engraving of designs on metal.  Each of these is done right here in our stone in London ON. To see our latest Blue Sapphire and Diamond Dianne Loveknot ring see our post here.

September 5th: A pair of yellow gold anniversary rings bound for England are pictured ont he 8th row of the Custom Gallery.  They feature the Braided Triskele with raised white gold borders.

September 4th:  So long summer hello to the Fall and Harvest here in the Northern hemishpere.  The leaves are ready to turn to amber and gold.  Posted a white gold narrow Celtic Wedding band set to the last row of the Custom gallery.

August 30th: We are glad that August has 31 days along with July.  It makes the summer longer.  Posted a two tone gold wedding set on the 7th row of the custom design catalogue.  It features the Classic Dimma Triskele.

August 29th: The Harvest and Late Summer Wedding season is upon us.  This has been our busiest summer for making rings and wedding bands.  Sorry for not updating this month, we will be posting regularly again begining with the Gold Thistle Triskele on row 7 of the gallery.

 August 4th: We finished a set of sterling silver Rune wedding rings and shipped them to Pennsylvania.  The Runes were Saxon with the clients design on the ring.  See them on the Custom Gallery.

August 2nd:  We are in full production mode at the shop.  Wedding season is September and October.  Whereever you order your rings from do it 6-8 weeks in advance so you have a window for adjustments.  Rush Orders are still available.

July 26th:  Excited about the silversmithing course!  Here is an example of my students first work.  Hand pierced earrings and a hammered penanular broach.-Jason

July 25th:  Updated a family crest pendant which has the Murphy and Stewart crests in one design.  Photo is on the Custom Gallery row 6.

July 24th:  Is your wedding date soon?  Have you put off ordering a ring?  Regardless of where you purchase, give yourself at least 3 months before you order so that you have a large window of time for adjustments.  September weddings are less than 7 weeks away from today.

July 23rd:  A sterling silver Lion pendant is up on our pinterest page.  Please share thanks.

July 21st:  There is still room for the silversmithing workshop Jason will teach in Goderich in 2 weeks.  Click here to inquire.

July 19th: posted to the Pinerest page.  A white gold Griffin and Dragon ring.  We are busy right now.  If your wedding is in September it is time to order rings!

July 17th: Summer is fleeting!  Enjoy every second of it.  The Homecounty folk fest this weekend was a blast (and a lot of work).  The next outdoor show for us this year is the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival 2nd week of August.  Jason will be teaching 2 simple silversmithing courses.

July 14th: Look for Jason manning the booth at the Home County Folk Festival this weekend.  It's booth 265 near Wellington and Wolfe st. in the North West end of the park.

July 13th: Posted another pinterest pic.  Of a classic white gold ring.  The Dimma Triskele ring.

July 12th:  Pinterest is so big and endless it seems!  We posted some new items including the cross to our page there today.

July 11th: Posted one of our handmade graduation orders on the custom gallery row 5.  It's a sterling silver cross with unique handengraving and a bezel set opal.  It shines.

July 10th: Sizing a ring or jewellery repair is 1/2 of the business of running a jewellery store.  Same day service is available for many repairs or adjustments.

July 9th: This upcoming weekend.  Bellchamber Rings will have a booth open at the London Home County Folk Festival in Victoria Park.  Starts Friday until Sunday.

June 27th:  On Canada day , July 1st, Jason will be speaking at the Embro Highland gameson The Highlanders Interlace and it's use in Outlander, how Scotland got it's name, and why the Thistle became the symbol of Caledonia.  CANCELLED due to illness.

June 25th:  Found some inspiration in Celtic Art today.  The Snettisham's Hoard of Gold Torcs and Celtic Rings found between 1940 - 1983.

June 24th:  We're closed today due to illness sorry for the short notice.  We will be back on Monday.

June 22nd: Rose gold is very popular today. We make it with an alloy of 85:15 copper:silver.  Posted an eternity Triskele ring in White with a raised Rose Gold border on the 5th row of the custom gallery.

June 21st: Ogham is an ancient Gaelic alphabet unique to artifacts in Scotland and Ireland.  We posted a pair of elegant Ogham Rune rings to the custom gallery on the 2nd row.

June 20th: The mightiest ring we have made is a 22K, 60+gm Mens Square ring with 1ct of diamonds set on the inside of the band.  See it on the 4th row the custom galleries.

June 15th: Ready for another Throwback Thursday?  It's a ring we made 10 years ago and todayon the 3rd row of the custom gallery.

June 14th: Bellchamber Rings will have a booth at the Home County Folk fest july 14th weekend and Canada day at the Embro Highland Games.  Summer is almost here.  My allergies are telling me it is so.

June 9th: Thank you for the reviews. Google reviews are adding up for the store.  We strive to make heirloom quality rings and jewellery for our clients.

June 8th: THROWBACK THURSDAY.  Want to see one of the first rings I made?  It's a block initial ring on the 2nd row of the custom gallery.

June 7th: Custom made a Lithuanian ring with national symbols in two tone gold.  Photo is on the 1st row of the new custom gallery.

June 6th: FATHERS & GRADS in store special.  We have Classic Watches and Fine Pens for gifts.  Starting at $25.  Plus each gift comes with a Free Sports Car! While supplies last. (Hotwheels or Matchbox)

June 5th:  Posted an 18K yellow gold Diana Loveknot ring with a 1/2 carat ideal cut diamond on the last row of the Custom Gallery D.

May 31st:  We new accept debit in store, just got a new machine Saturday. If you have lost a ring and need it replaced we can custom make you a new one based on your designs or even from a photo.  Posted a photo of a 18K gents rings we replicated from our clients details on the 8th row of the custom Gallery.

May 30th: Sunday June 18th is Fathers day and for fathers day we will be giving away a special Sports Car (see store for details) with every Fathers day gift purchased this year.  In store only while supplies last.

May 29th: Wedding bands, Fathers Day gifts and Grad gifts are the mainstay this month.  Just finished a Dimma Triskele in white gold and a matching silver traveler ring on the 7th row of the custom gallery.

May 28th:  Found some inspiriation today whilst looking for rune artefacts. A 9th century Anglo - Saxon Rune ring found in Cramond NW of Edinburg.  Then found this page too.

 May 27th: A pair of yellow gold Spiral Triskele earrings are on the 7th row of hte Custom Catalogue and they look great.

May 24th:  Sterling silver pendants or rings are a nice gift for Fathers Day.  If you have a custom idea or a stone you would like set into a ring let us know asap.  Otherwise we have over 2 dozen pendants ready to ship right now.

May 19th:  The Three Oak Tree of Life ring in 7mm wide was a nice wedding set for a couple this month.  See the models on the 6th row of the Custom gallery.

May 17th: on the 6th row of the custom gallery is a close up of the thinnest Celtic Band we make, the Triquetra Triskele in white gold set with diamonds and is 4mm wide.

May 16th:  Posted a beautiful white gold wedding set which shipped to California.  It features a two tone Eternity Triskele and a 7 diamond wedding band.  See it on the 5th and 6th row of the custom gallery.

May 15th:  We designed a gold pendant for a client with her daughters name 'Petra" in both English and Arabic.  It finished very beautifully.  See it on the 5th row of the Custom Gallery.

May 9th: Posted a new ring to our Pinterest page.  1/2 carat Celtic Engagement ring.

May 7th: Big changes to our website are taking place.  It's an overhaul in a graphic sense.  The Custom Galleries of 2015 started with the clean modern look and now we've finally gotten to the main pages starting with the Finger Ring sizing page.  It will happen at a steady pace, there are over 500 pages on the site to update.

May 5th: When researching Celtic interlace it is interesting to note that the ribbon is usually a primary colour (Red, yellow or Blue) or rarely a secondary colour (Green).  Book of KellsBook of Lindisfarne.

May 3rd: Recieved an order from Chicago today, shipped to England yesterday.  It's nice to be in demand and we appreciate your business.  Posted a new Blue Sapphire ring on pinterest.

May 2nd: Posted a 1/2 carat diamond engagement ring to the 4th row of the Custom Gallery.  It's the Celtic Rebecca Ring in 14K white gold.

April 27th:  It's been a few months since Jason has updated the Youtube page on drawing celtic knots, however there are over 8000 subscribers and 1.1million views!

April 26th: We must be having fun becasue this month has gone by so fast.  Wedding season is nearly upon us and we are finishing rings!  Posted a two tone gold Griffin and Dragon Ring to the 3rd row of the Custom gallery.

April 25th: Posted a lovely 1 ct oval blue sapphire set into a Dianne Loveknot on the 3rd row of the Custom gallery.  Light blue is a popular colour for sapphires at the moment.

April 19th: Viking and Saxon hoard of Silver rings is on the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery.  There are a few more too.

April 18th: Ever wondered where your ring is made?  We make everything from the lead to gold (pencil to finished ring) right here in our London Ontario Store.  We introduced a 3d tour here.

April 17th: Posted a photo of a set of white gold rings one with a 1/4 carat diamond and the other with a 1/2 carat diamond.  They are on the 2nd Row of the Custom Gallery.

April 12th: We will be closed Easter Weekend Friday to Sunday and open Monday 10-5. Posted a 5 gemstone family ring on the Custom Gallery C.

 April 11th: Pinterest, our first direct sale from this site was yesterday.  Thanks!  Posted a new one today.  Please take a look.

April 10th:  What? April is a 1/3 over??Wedding season is upon us, as well as engagement season.  We just updated a new white gold Amphreville Triskele ring on our 3rd Custom Gallery of 2017.  It is nice ot be busy.

April 7th:  We're able to customize widths of rings with borders in order to fit comfortably with engagement rings.  Note the Muny Musk Set on row 8 of the custom catalogue.

April 6th:  A very nice and new Celtic engagement ring called Rebecca's Triskele is on the 8th row of the Custom Gallery set with a 1/2 carat diamond.

April 3rd:  A client of ours had a silver version of our Black's Celtic Cross and wanted us to make it taller, and in yellow gold.  We made her one which is nearly 2 inches tall!  Posted a photo on the 7th row of the Custom gallery.

March 28th: from one of our collectors a cuff we made of a Two Heart interlac in Solid Gold with an oval 3 ct Garnet and diamonds.  See it on pinterest here.

March 27th: A fine Green Garnet (Tsavorite) is set into a white gold Straice Dianne Loveknot on the Custom Gallery.  The colour of this stone rivals the finest emerald.  See it on row 7.

March 25th:  a pierced yellow gold Celtic Wolf triskele is on the Custom Catalogue 17B.

March 23rd: Posted a photo of a white and yellow gold wedding set.  One is Gaelic and one is a Claddagh both with Celtic Loveknots.  See it on the 6th row of the custom gallery.

March 20th:  Thank you Vancouver Celtic Fest for a great St.Patricks day 2017.  YOu are such a beautiful city.  Marc is at the London location has the store open from 10-5 each day.  Jason will be back Tuesday.

March 18th:  Vancouver! I am here with my rings for one more day, today!  My booth is at Robson and Howe downtown across from the Art Gallery. I'll be here until 6pm.  Vancouver Celtic Festival.

March 14th: so excited to be in Vancouver this Friday for St.Patricks day.  The Celtic Fest Vancouver is going to be sunny too!  Check out the Wolves in the Tree of Life ring on Pinterest.

March 13th:  The red malpe leaf engagement ring in white gold set with a 1ct diamond is up on the pinterest page in a close up picture.

March 12th: Posted a yellow gold Tree of Life pendant with diamonds on the pinterest pendant page.

March 10th: Next week on Friday (aka St.Patricks day) and Saturday Jason will have a booth at the Celtic Market portion of CelticFest Vancouver.  Come visit!

March 9th: posted the Greenman rings on Pinterest.  Pinterest is a crazy maze of inspiration.  I just can't stop looking at artefacts.

March 8th: posted a photo of ring where we revitalized a cleitns engagment ring.  We took her diamond basket setting and mounted it on one of our Doulbe Triskeles.  See it on the 9th row of the Gemstone Gallery B.

March 7th: Updated the Greenman Ring page with a new 6.5mm wide version as well as a photo of the set on the Custom Catalogue page.

March 6th: Updated the Custom Catalogue page with a gold and silver ring set of the Odin and Sleipnir rings.

March 4th: Updated a viking Sleipnir ring to Pinterest.

March 2nd: Posted a photo of both a yellow gold and a antiqued silver Raven Triskele ring on the 4th row of the Custom GalleryB.

March 1st: Updated the Raven Triskele Ring page.

Feb. 28th: Did another Pinterest post of a White gold Celtic wedding ring set.  This one with a green diamond and 7mm wolfhound ring.

Feb. 27th: One more day in February left! Using a clients blue oval sapphire, we set it into a white gold bezel and 1/2 inch wide wolfhound ring in antiqued silver.  See it on the 4th row of the Custom Gallery.

Feb 25th: Updated photos of a blue star sapphire ring to the Pinterest page.  

Feb. 24th: The narrowest, thinnest, daintiest ring we have ever made is on the 3rd row of Custom Gallery B.  It's a Triquetra Triskele ring in 14K White gold and it's only 2mm wide!

Feb. 23rd: We can use family gold in rings. Posted a green 1ct sapphire ring and a light blue sapphire ring onto the custom gallery 17b which both used recycled yellow and white gold material.  Our client from the USA wanted us to use her familys gold jewellery to make new rings.  Yellow gold is very easy to use over as long as you add new gold material to it.  

Feb. 22nd: A white gold wolfhound wedding set is on the 2nd row of the custom gallery 17B.  Please take a look.

Feb 21st:  Posted another Ring on Pinerest.  Can get stuck on that site for hours.

Feb. 20th:  Happy Family day.  It is a statutory holiday here in our province of Ontario.  We will be closed today and reopen on Tuesday.

Feb. 17th:  Rings, because they are worn on the finger and continually seen by the wearer, invoke memories.  Like your favorite music, it sparks a good feeling.  No matter what they are made of, they are charged with positive vibes and are worn simply to remind us of happiness.  Posted a simple trillium cut diamond engagement ring on the 2nd row of the Custom Gallery 17B.

Feb. 16th: posted a Yellow Gold Wolfhound ring to the 2nd Custom Gallery, we set a diamond on it which was supplied by the client.

Feb. 13th: Valentines Day is tomorrow.  To celebrate we have a free Kissing Booth in store only and we have a special on our Rose Heart Gold Claddaghs, they are $325 CAD including tax.

 Feb 9th: Posted a new pic of a Rose Gold Claddagh wedding set to the last row of the Custom Gallery.

Feb. 8th: Posted a customized Three Oak Tree of Life ring on the last row of the Custom Gallery.  It has an speciallized antique finish and 3 diamonds in it.

Feb. 7th:  Do you like Pinterest, we do and post to it regularly.  I'm discovering that it is the new inspiration site for ladies.  If your sweetie just forwarded you photos of rings she likes from Pinterest, forward them to me for a free estimate.  

Feb 6th: The Four wolfhound ring set in white gold was shipped to New Zealand for a client.  Photos of the rings are on the 6th row of the Custom Gallery.

Feb. 2nd: Posted versions of the Medieval Tree of Life ring in both white and yellow gold.  They are side by side for colour comparison on the 6th row of the custom gallery 17a.

Feb. 1st: Valentines day is here in less than 2 weeks.  If you're a planner please take a look at our etsy stock store.  We added a Double Love Heart pendant set.

Jan 31st: whoa, this month is done! We updated the Etsy store with another in stock pendant.  A new Thors Hammer.

Jan. 30th: Set up our Etsy store which will feature our in stock ready to ship items.  Please visit it.  Updated a photo of a custom Claymore Kilt Pin to the 6th row of the custom Gallery.  This one is engraved with the Chisholm motto.

Jan: 24th: Special for Valentines day.  We have 3 Heart and Crown Claddaghs in Rose gold and Silver available for $350 including North America Delivery.  Regularly these are $395 before delivery.  See the Claddagh page for details.

Jan. 23rd: Regular cleaning and jewellery inspection will keep your custom piece's looking brand new.   Posted a photo of a 4 years old custom pendant we just cleaned.  It is a yellow gold Crescent Triskele set with a pear shaped 1.8ct blue sapphire and diamonds to the 5th row of our custom gallery.

Jan 20th:  Robbie Burns day is coming up in a few days.  Whisky tasting and Haggis tatties and neeps will be a thing with your friends of Scottish ilk. See our store window display above.

Jan. 19th:  Posted a Claddagh Wedding set done in a new technique of two tone gold.  The Claddagh are white gold and the shank are yellow gold. Featured on row 5 of the Custom gallery 17A.

Jan 18th:  Posted a sterling silver Griffin and Dragon to illustrate the antiqued look of silver to the custom gallery.

Jan 17th: Posted a new 360° video of a Griffin and Dragon ring with white gold and raised yellow borders.  It's on the 4th row of the Gallery.

Jan. 13th: The flush borders on our rings can be finished thinner depending on your taste.  Posted an example of a Medieval tree of life ring with regular and one with thinner bordres on the 3rd row of the Custom Gallery.

Jan. 12th: A gorgeous Blue Sapphire with accent diamonds is set into a custom interlace ring.  See it on the 3rd row of custom gallery 17A.

Jan. 11th: Posted another video this time a fast motion edit of an early Celtic Interlace called a double heart triskele.

Jan. 6th: Posted a photo of a Medeival Tree Triskele ring with raised gold borders to the custom gallery.

Jan. 5th: 'Prices, prices... where are they on your site?'  Excellent question.  General prices are what are needed.  However, because we tailor make each ring like a fine suit, they are slightly different amounts of work and material.  A solution will present itself soon.  We promise.  

Jan 4th: We are working! Made our new page for the 2017 Custom Galleries.  Populated it with some Lion Rings. Just to let you know we're here today until 1pm.  Email is always open.

Jan 3rd: This week our hours will be 10-1pm today through to Friday.  Regular hours 10-5 begin again on the 9th of Jan.  Thanks!

Jan 1st 2016:  Happy New Year!  Good heavens 2016 is done.  Each year I learn something new, laugh at something new and love something new.  We will be open Tuesday Jan 3rd.  Take care.

 Dec 24th: Merry Christmas and Happy New year.  Happy Holidays to you and thank you very much for making our year successful.  We will be closed from Dec. 25th until Jan 3rd.  And Reopen Jan 4th.

Dec 21st: If you are interested we still have stock rings in certain sizes.  $195 including Fedex delivery in North America.  Pendants sets as well.

Dec 18th:  We are no longer casting rings in custom sizes for shipping.  We will for pick up if ordered before Dec. 20.  Please check our $145 Ring stock sale page for available rings.

Dec. 17th:  Uploaded a How to draw Celtic patterns video to Youtube.  This time it is another fast motion cut of a Labyrinth from Kells.

Dec 16th: The shop has limited hours today (OPEN 12 - 1:30 and 4:30-5:30).  We are closed for production outside of those hours.  Saturday Dec 17th OPEN 10-1pm.

Dec 14th: There are still many rings, pendants and earrings in stock and on sale for $50 off or 25% whichever is greater.  They are in the store only at the moment.  And, we are full up on custom orders.  Thank you very much.

  Dec 12th:  Thank you all who visited on Saturday for our first Customer Appreciation day.  We were very busy from 10-3.  We are no longer accepting stone setting jobs for xmas however, we have one cast left before and and make a ring in gold or silver.  Deadline is Wednesday!

Dec 8th. London Ontario, is completely unscathed by the snowstorms of yesterday and today.   It will be easy to visit us Saturday for Customer Appreciation day. Updates inclue a new Fast Motion Video in Jason's How to Draw Celtic Knots series.

Dec 7th: Made an update to the Durrow Eternity Ring page.

Dec. 6th: Made a small adjustment to a diamond size on the catalogue from 2006.  Thank you Mary for pointing it out.

Dec. 5th:  Next Saturday the 10th of December is our Customer Appreciation Event, please bring your Bellchamber ring or jewellery to our store for a free polishing and cleaning, free refreshments are available.  Dec. 10-3pm

Dec. 3rd:  We have 6 guaranteed order spaces left.  After they are filled (likely this week) we will have to charge a rush fee for express delivery.  Email us if you have any questions

Dec 1st:  Finished setting a large oval opal into a 2 sided pendant.  It's a Heart Triskele on one size and intense black opal.  It's on the last row 8 of the Custom Gallery.

Nov 30th: In order to guaranteee Xmas delivery we are now down to 9 order spaces.  They are going daily and it might be all done by next week.

Nov 27th: We have a STOCK SALE ON!   All Stock rings are $125 (reg $195) all Pendants sets are $195 (reg $275).  We are populating the sale page daily.

Nov. 23rd:  We've had orders from New Zealand and Massachusetts this week, thank you!  We are now down to 14 spaces for a custom order guaranteed for Christmas.  This includes stone setting and custom art.

Nov 22nd:  A traditional claddagh with a rose gold heart and 2 rubies is on row 7 of the custom gallery F.  A georgeous gift.

Nov 21: Updated the Welsh Dragon Ring page with half a dozen new styles of designs.

Nov. 17th: Updated the 'About Us' page with Marc's Portrait and experience.

Nov. 16th: There are 18 Xmas custom order spaces left as of today.  These orders will go fast.  If you have a question we're glad to help.

Nov 15:  We are making some silver earring and pendant sets for the end of the month sale.  Stay tuned for the photos.  Also, we are at 19 orders spaces for guaranteed Xmas delivery.

Nov 14th:  If you wish to order for guaranteed shipping for Xmas, we still have 20 guaranteed order spaces.  The cut off for customized gemstone rings is Monday Nov 21st.  Updated the pricing on the Rampart Lion Page.

Nov 11th.  Happy Rememberance day.  Posted a new pendant to row 6 of the Custom Galleyr F it is an Auryn serpent design in two tone gold and silver.

Nov 10th: Finished a custom silver Tie |Bar with a hand engraved initial and a 5pt diamond.  See it on the custom gallery.

Nov 7th:  Platinum Gaelic Claddagh Band is featured on a rotating .gif so one can see the band in 360 degrees is on the Custom Gallery.  It has the Gra Go Deo Phrase on it.

Nov 1st:  The countdown approaches for  gifts.  For guaranteed Christmas delivery our deadline for ordering jewellery is: Full Custom Nov. 7t, Stone setting and custom sized rings, Nov 28th.  Posted a micro set diamond wedding band to row 5 of the custom Gallery.

Oct 31st: For Halloween when the spirits are closest to the fold, we posted a photo of a Haida Soul protector ring on the 4th row of the Custom Gallery.  

Oct 30th: Posted another video to Youtube, this time a fast motion edit of 197 minutes in 5 minutes.

Oct 29th:  We made a custom coin bezel in yellow gold for a clients 1900 year old Roman coin.  Also, excited about new Celtic artifacts being found.  A Pictish Cross in Orkney.

Oct 28th: Updated part 12 of 12 of the youtube video on how to woodburn Celtic Patterns.  Haloween to the Celts and Gaels was considered the New Year eve of old and was an important Harvest holiday.

Oct. 27th: Our Christmas 2016 campaign is starting at the store and Marc and Jason are hard at word making earrings and pendants sets for November and December.  The ad above in our home page features a Celtic dragonfly with a ruby.

Oct. 26th:  custom silver bangle / bracelet with a large 160+ letter inside engraving is on the third row of the custom gallery.   It has a Medieval Tree of Life pattern on the outside of it.

Oct 25th: Posted a new yellow gold Moore's Loveknot to row 3 of the custom gallery F.  It is set with our clients diamonds a 1/4 ct and 2 small melees.  Updated the 2015 Galleries so they now have search bars at the top.

Oct 24th:  Updated a new gold pendant to the Custom Gallery F.  It's called Faith's Heart in Yellow gold and it is set with a raspberry red Sapphire.

Oct 20th: the Kalevala is a story of creation from Finland.  The interlace is a representaion of 4.  Our 8mm and 6mm wedding set is on row 2 of the custom gallery F.

October 19th:  Posted a Fathers Family ring to the Custom gallery.  

October 18th:  We are busy stocking up silver for the X-mas rush.  Published a new custom gallery F for 2016, first photo is an antiqued Triquetra with filigre and braided border.

October 17th:  Posted the penultimate woodburning video in the 12 segment series on youtube.  Please subscribe.

October 15th:  Fixed over 140 broken links in the website.  Hopefully that helps index us on search engines a bit.

October 13th:   Book a Saturday appointment now for inquiries.  Jason will be available via Telephone, Skype or email on Saturdays.  The store will be open Saturday's until Christmas from 10am-12pm.  

October 12th:  The last row of the the Custom gallery features a photo of a Maple Tree Triskele.  It's a Tree of Life ring with Celtic interlace and Maple leaves.

October 11th:  Back to work on regular hours.  Saturdays we will be open from 10:30-noon until Christmas.  Call us if you wish to make an appointment.

October 10th:  Updated the Youtube channel with a new video on drawing celtic patterns.   It's on woodburning a Celtic Interlace onto a box. 

October 9th:  We're closed on Oct. 10th it is Thanksgiving Holiday here in Canada.  See you Tuesday.

October 6th:  Less than 10% of coloured sapphires are unheated to enhance their colour.  We set a 1 carat round Green Sapphire into a gold Key Pattern ring.  It's at the last row of the Custom Gallery E.

October 4th: A hand engraved 'S' is in a yellow gold Lion Crest Triskele ring.  |See it on row 7 of the Custom Gallery E.  Also updated the Youtube page with segment 9 of 12 videos on woodburning.

October 2nd:  A yellow gold family ring with 7 birthstones is on row 7 of the Custom Gallery.  It's a 6mm wide Braided Triskele and it's our newest custom ring.

September 29th:  Posted a photo of a Bezel set diamond in a Kells Triskele wedding set in yellow gold to the 6th row of the Custom Gallery 2016E.

September 28th:  It was a pleasure to make a Maori pendant for a clients request.  It is in 18K Gold and is on row 7 of the Custom Gallery.

 September 27th 2016:  Posted a weddeing ring set in yellow gold featuring an ancient Sword Triskele.   The photo is one row 6 of the Custom Gallery.

September 26th:  Updated step 7 of 12 in my new How to draw Celtic Pattern videos.

September 23rd:  Posted a new 5mm version of the Straice Dianne Loveknot to the Custom Gallery row 5.  It's in 14K white gold.

September 22nd: Happy First day of Fall 2016.  We took our first Christmas order yesterday.  If you're thinking of something custom we can help.  Also, we say goodbye to Michael Carter tomorrow.  He's been the manager here for 6 years.  WE will miss you Mike.

September 21st:  Posted the 6th of  12 vidoes on the Youtube how to draw Celtic pattern pages.  This is the first demonstratingwoodburing on hardwood.

September 20th:  2 days left for summer according to the calendar.  Enjoy every day!  Finished a bangle with a 10mm wide Braided triskele pattern.  It's on row 4 of theCustom Gallery.

September 19th:  Setting an opal is something which requires a lot of patience .  we set one into a gold Moore's Loveknot.  It's on row 4 of the Custom Gallery.

September 17th: Updated a gold Thors Hammer to the Custom Gallery.

September 16th: Updated the next vid on woodburing to Youtube.

September 13: Thank you thank you! To everyone who has watched, yesterday my youtube sight passed the 1,000,000 mark!! 5 years of videos showing how to draw Celtic motifs.

September 12: Todays the day!! Someone is going to be my 1,000,000th youtube viewer!  I'm at 999,704. Please visit my Celtic Drawing page.

September 11th:  I'm 1200 views away from having 1,000,000 views on my youtube page.  Help me get past it!

September 10th:  Part 3 in my video series on showing how to wood burning a Celtic pattern into a small chest is on youtube.

September 9th:  We made a client a silver custom ring with a circle within a triquetra.  It's on the 3rd row of the custom catalogue.  Have you seen our pinterest page yet?

September 8th:  Finished a ring with an oval brilliant cut 2ct garnet.  It's on the 2nd page of the current Custom Gallery.

September 7th: Added the 2nd video in the wood burning series to youtube.

September 6th: Started making a new series on how to draw Celtic Patterns.  This one is on woodburning an interlace pattern to the corners of a wooden chest.

September 2nd: The summer has flown by.  Enjoy this weekend before school is back full time and we will be too.  We will be back on Tuesday Sept 6th after Labor day here in Canada.

August 15th:  Think about calling us if you have a question it is quicker than an email.  We are open Monday to Friday 10-5 E.S.T.  Posted a new Celtic engagement ring in gold set with a deep red Ruby.  It's on row 2 of the custom gallery.

August 10th: Updated a photograph of an emerald cut garnet set in gold on a whiteCeltic Feather ring to the top row of the new custom gallery.

August 9th:  Thank you everyone who we saw at Goderich this weekend.  It was like being to a family reunion.  We're back full time and casting once a week until September.  Please come and see us if you are in the area.

August 3rd:  We will have a booth again for the 20th year in a row at the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival.  It is always an amazing show and it in it's 24th year.

August 2nd:  Updated and made a newCustom Gallery E for 2016.  The new post is a sterling silver limited edition Thors Hammer.

July 29th: A 1.1 Oval Sapphire looks stunning a wedding set we made.  It's in a Dianne Loveknot ring.  The matching wedding ring is a Kells Triskele with raised borders.  See them both on the custom page row 8.

July 28th:  Combining different colours of gold is like seeing the sun and moon together.  Please have a look at the 2 tone gold Heart Triskele on row 8 of the latest custom gallery.

July 27th:  An interesting article on a new titanium alloy using gold β-Ti3Au. It is 4 times stronger than titanium steel.  Not a likely candidate for jewellery however it is interesting compound using gold as the metal to change the character of Titanium.  An alloy is an element or compound which is added to another element where the end result is named for the highest ratio elementally.  For example 10K yellow gold is roughly 10/24 parts gold plus 7/24 parts copper and 5/24 parts silver. 

July 26th: Jason has set many diamonds and gems in rings over the past 6 weeks.  Channel setting diamonds is now available too. There is a new 11 stone channel set diamond ring with a Doulbe Triskele engagement ring on the 7th row of the custom gallery.  Both are white gold.

July 25th:  Thanks for summer!  Posted a hand engraved white gold ring with a 1.1 ct Blue sapphire on the 7th row of the Custom Gallery.


July 15th:  It is georgeous outside, make sure you visit your local folk or music fest!  Summer is fleeting!

July 14th: posted a photo of a Platinum ring with gold borders.  The 7mm Medieval Tree Triskele ring is on the 6th row of the current custom catologue.

July 13th: We custom made a Dianne Loveknot wedding set for a clients Purple sapphire engagment ring.  See it on the5th  row of the custom catalogue.

 July 12th:  Savour each warm day.  It's nearly the middle of July! Which also means summer is almost 1/4 done in school words!  We are very busy making anniversary and wedding rings.  Posted a photo of a very rare 3ct + Tanzanite to row 6 of the custom catalogue.

June 27th:  The next week and a half has many weddings taking place.  If you need a ring adjusted or cleaned please visit our store in person.  Friday July 1 is Canada day and is a stat. holiday here.  This weekend we will be closed from July 1 and reopen on July 4th.

June 23rd: We are lucky to be very busy with custom orders and wedding ring orders this summer.  As of today, models of rings we make are at a 4 week turn around before shipping.  Please call us durring office hours if you have any questions.

June 21st: Anniversary season is the same as wedding season so it seems.  Posted a Kalevala wedding set to row 3 of the Custom gallery.  10K and 14K rose gold looks lsightly different due to the gold content being more in the 14K.

June 20th: Happy solstice everyone, it's the first day of summer.  Last night was fireflies, starry skies and a full moon.  I also was able to see the moons of Jupiter through an amateur telescope!  Posted 2 different styles of settings on row 4 of the custom pages.  One is a bezel setting and the other is a claw setting, both with diamonds in white gold rings.

June 16th: A Client of ours wanted a larger and rarer diamond in his custom rune ring from a few years ago.  We set a D colour 1/3 of a carat gem into a bezel for him.  See row 3 of the custom pages.

June 14th:  Posted a new Viking design ring.  It features customizable runes with Thor's Hammer and the Midgard serpent.  It's on row 2 of the custom gallery.

June 13th:   Finished in white gold and posted on the 2nd row of the new custom gallery. is a 7mm Modern Eternity Triskele.

June 11th:  I can't wait to hear the bagpipe bands massed as the end of the day.  See you at Georgetown.  (there was over 900 musicians in the band that day)

June 10th: The first white gold Three Oak Tree of Life ring finished in white gold is posted on the new custom gallery. It is a gorgeous wedding band.

June 9th: This weekend we will have a both of rings and jewellery at the Georgetown Highland Games.  Come say hello to Jason in mid field.

June 8th: The classic Kells Triskele Celtic Wedding Ring set in yellow gold premiers the 4th Custom Gallery of 2016.  See the photo on the top row.

June 7th: A small gold Welsh Dragon rin is on row 7 of the Custom Catolgoue 16c.  It has triskele interlace on it's shoulders and is perfect for a smaller hand.

June 3rd: What a nice day today. the late spring is such a nice time.  Posted a new ring of a Custom Claddagh with a Dimma Infinity interlace.  It's on row 8 of theCustom Catalogue C.  

June 2nd: Weddings and Anniversaries are happening.  We always suggest to the gents to have your enniversary date engraved on the inside of your wedding ring!  Posted a Celtic Garnet anniversary ring set on the custom catologue row 7 of a Double triskele and a Ancient Double Loveknot with 3 small garnets.

June 1st: The year is nearly half over.  Where has the time gone! Posted a fantastic Emerald ring on the Custom Catalogue row 7.  It is a Bailey triskele ring with a 6mm round brilliant emerald.

May 28th: Finished a 10mm withe 14k yellow gold Celtic Wolfhound ring this week.  Shipped to Vancouver BC.  Photo is on 6th row of Custom Gallery.

May 27th: A 7mm gold ring with a Fleur de lis and Maltese cross ring was finished for a client using their gold material.  See it on theCustom Gallery row 6.

May 25th: That was a nice long weekend we just had.  Posted a photo of a 1/2 Carat Diamond engagement ring in a doulbe triskele mount on the row 5 of the Custom Gallery.


May 20th 2016: Shows where we will have a booth this summer are July 11th at the Georgetown highland games and Goderich Augh 5-7th.  See you there!

May 18th:  My wife introduced me to Pinterest when we we're planning our wedding.  It's very fun for ideas and inspiration!  Visit the Bellchamber Pinterestsite or pin our images too.

May 17th: We are able to duplicate your items in precious metal.  So long as it is hard enough to create a mold from we can make in gold or silver.  See the Custom Catalogue C to see how we made a brass disc into a silver pendant on row 5.

May 16th: I can't believe it snowed here on the weekend.  At least it melted fast, summer is enroute!  Posted a set of yellow gold wolf rings on the Custom Gallery.

May 12th:  We made a solid gold cross this week and shipped it to Toronto.  Apparently it will be going to Chicago and finally England.  Its a small world we have.  See it on the latest custom gallery.

May 10th: When we help a client choose a gem, diamond or otherwise we offer aselection of at least 3. This helps demonstrate the range of values due to qualities.  No two gemstones are alike.

May 9th: Posted a photo of both the white gold and yellow gold models of the Dianne Loveknot ring to the gallery.  They each have holding diamonds making them engagement rings.

May 6th:  A new pendant designed called the Trí Ghealach loveknot set with and alexandrite is avaialbe on the Gallery.

May 3rd: Finally, we figured out how to make a link to the Google Reviews from our Testimonial page. Hopefully google won't go a changin it's template again.

April 28th: Finished a large Gold Anchor pendant.  It weighs just under half an ounce.  Photo is on the 2nd row of the custom catalogue C.

April 27th:  If you are considering a gemstone, we have 25 years experience at hand setting them into your ring as well as helping you select which is your best choice.  Updated some photos of tsavorites and blue sapphires to the gemstone gallery

April 26th: Updated the Custom Catalogue with a Custom claddagh and Gaelic Mo Anam Cara ring set.  Fixed many broken links today on the different custom galleries.  If you see any please do let us know.  I'm thinking of updating the site to a wordpress format within the year.

April 25th: If anyone is visiting our shop from the state of Wisconsin we considerWisconsin Cheddar as currency.

April 21st: Posted some stacking Celtic Rings on the Custom Catalogue top row.

April 12th: Updated a new ring with a Viking interlace to the new gallery 2016C.

April 11th: We have had 2 platinum orders this month!  The latest is an Eternity Triskele with no borders 7mm wide.  It's on the final photo of row 8 on the Custom Gallery 16B.

April 10th:  Slowly but surely we will be changing to the updated format.  The top of each page will have a search engine bar and there are now shopping cart links when ordering or inquiring about a ring.

April 7th: We finished a half carat diamond engagement ring featuring the Double Triskele design on the shoulders and shank is on the last row of the Custom Gallery.

April 6th: Updated a photo of a new design, the Celtic Wolf Tree of Life ring to the last row of the Custom Gallery.

March 31st:  Posted a photo of the Highlander Triskele wedding set in white gold to the custom gallery row 7.

March 30th: Updated a photo of the Luckenbooth double heart and crown ring to row 6 of the custom gallery.

March 24th:  Have an excellent Easter weekend.  We will be closed Friday to Monday and reopen on Tuesday. Updated theKingsmoor Rune Ring page.

March 23rd: It's charm week this week.  Posted photos of a set of earrings with a designer spiral triskelion on row 6 of the custom gallery.  

March 22nd.  Congratulations to Michael the production manager here.  He and his wife are the proud new parents of a baby girl!  Let's make this week charming.  Each day we will post a new earring and pendant set.  Today we posted a Forever Love Heart Triskele on the custom gallery.

March 21st: It's the 2nd day of spring today, thanks to the Leap year.  Posted a photo of a gorgeous yellow gold Celtic Tree of Life wedding band set to the 5th row of theCustom Gallery page.  

March 18th: Mjölnir is the name of Thor's Hammer, the Viking hero god.  It was a popular amulet 1000 years ago and we hand make a few different versions.  A new one is on the 3rd row of the custom gallery featuring a Celtic Triskele.

March 17th: Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Our Claddagh sale ends tonight.  Email us if you are interested.  Jason returned from theVancouver Celtic Festival last weekend which had close to 20,000 people attend.

March 17th: 4000 year old burial in Belfast contains bones which are older than Celts.

March 10: This weekend Jason has a booth in Vancouver's Celtic Festival on Granville st.  Praying for sun!

It's the March 9th: Posted Ladies and Men's Claddagh bands on the 4th row of the custom page.  They range in ring size from 6mm wide to 10mm wide.

March 7th: Joan of Arcs ring has been reunited with France after 600 years.  The ring sold at auction recently for half of a million dollars.  Silver rings certianly can appreciate in value, get yours today.

March 7th:  On the 3rd row of the custom gallery we have posted a photo of our 12th of 24 Gold Thors Hammers, traditionally known as a Mjölnir.  

March 6th: Viking and Saxon humour is eternal is seems.  There where skeptics when it came to what the ancient amulets shaped like a hammer really represented.  It's definite now.  One was found in 2014 with the words "This is a hammer" engraved in runes.  

March 4th: Posted a Green man set of rings to the Custom Gallery.  One is green enameled and the other is dark antiqued.

March 3rd: Getting excited for the Vancouver Celtic Festival.  Also posted a new Kells Triskele ring in yellow gold to the 2nd row of the custom gallery.

March 2nd:  Posted a nice mens wedding ring in white gold on the Custom Gallery.  It features a tightly woven Eternity Triskele Design.

March 1st: Started the 2nd page for our custom Gallery of 2016 with a white Three Oak Tree of Life Ring wedding set.

Feb 29th:  I know it's a Monday, but this particular happens every 4 years!  Happy Leap Year!  We posted a photo of a 7mm Lovebird Tree Triskele ring to the last row of the Custom gallery 2016A.

Feb 26th: Vancouver Celtic Festival 2016will have a Bellchamber booth showcasing rings.  Come out and meet Jason.  OurFestival Schedule has a list of shows for the year, otherwise you can find us at the store.

Feb 25th: You could save 50% off to 37% off our prices if you are looking for a quote and you are outside of Canada.  International currencies are very strong right now compared to the Canadian dollar.  We ship worldwide by Fedex or International expresspost.

Feb 22nd:  Claddagh Rings are on special until St. Patricks day, 17% off gold!  Posted a 360 video of a white gold traditional claddagh to the bottom row of the custom gallery.

Feb. 21st:  Added a photo of a Sprial pendant and earring set in white to the  7th row of the Custom Gallery 16A.

Feb 18th: Our St. Patricks day Claddagh sale is going strong.  If you are interested in a Claddagh please email us.  Posted a new custom Celtic pendant with birthstones to the7th row of the Custom Gallery 16A.

Feb 17th:  Updated a new Two Tone Claddagh with Rose gold heart as our feature ring on the index page. Our Traditional Gold Claddagh rings are on special for 17% off until St.Patricks day, March 17th.

Feb 16th: right now Jason's Youtube page on drawing Celtic patterns is at 900,000views!  In about 3 months it should be at 1 Million!  We're very happy about that and will be hosting a Million Views Party soon. Where do you think it should be?  We made an info store on Wedding Wire.  You can rate us there too.

Feb 15th:  It's a statutory Holiday in Ontarioand our store is closed today.  We will be open Tuesday.

Feb 13th: It's a breakthrough for us!  We just found out how to put animated 360 degree gif on our site.

Feb 12th: Only two days left in our winter sale.  Until the 14th of Feb save 14% on Custom Gold orders and more on silver.  Posted a new Celtic Heart youtube video.  Also, we are posting 360 videos of our fine jewellery our first one is here of a double triskele.

Feb 11th:  We had a snow day today where over half a meter fell in a day on the city of London ON.  It shut down busses and a large portion of the city so we were not open for the full day.  We will be back open for regular hours Friday the 12th.

Feb 10th: Posted a How to Draw Celtic patterns video with a Valentines day heart made of Celtic interlace on youtube.

Feb 9th:  We finally added a site search bar on the side column under the Youtube button.  We are very happy about that.

Feb 8th: There are 6 days left in our sale!  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Or call.  We set a 1.25ct diamond into a modern Celtic mount on the new gallery.  Please have a look.

Feb. 1st: Can you believe it's already February?  That means Valentines day is less than 2 weeks away.  A lovely gift is on sale now.  See our stock items or if you are thinking about wedding rings or diamond rings they are 14% off too.

Jan 30th:  Yes we are having a sale!  Until Feb 14th 2016.   All Gold Rings are 14% off.  Custom Gold Ring Orders Save 14%.  All of our stock silver rings are $140 CAD ~ $100 USD. to check the exchange rates.

Jan 25th: Posted a photo of an elegant Celtic Knot on row 5 of the custom galleryscroll.  It's has a neverending knot from the book of Dimma.

 Jan 21st:  Thank you for the January orders.  Good news!  If you are ordering from outside of Canada our prices have lowered almost 30% because of fluctuations in our dollar.  And if you are ordering within Canada prices have remained the same or have also lowered due to the price of gold in Canadian dollars going down over the last year.  

Jan 19th:  Finished a pair of pierced Celtic earrings for a sweethearts gift.  A photo of them is on the Custom Gallery row 5.

Jan 18th: Our first sterling silver ring halmarked this year is a Duro Bat ring.  The photograph of it is on the row 4 of thecustom gallery.

Jan 12th: The Custom Claddagh ring is now available in 7mm and 9mm.  The 9mm model is on the latest Custom Gallery.

Jan. 11th: We made a family seal with the Richmond crest for a client.  The finsihed item is on row 3 of the Custom Gallery 16A.

Jan. 7th: Our Clients wished to share their joy posing with rings we made them.

Jan 6th: Updated photos of a wedding set of gold Mo Anam Cara Rings to the Custom Gallery.

Jan 5th.  Started the new gallery catalogue for 2016.  It will feature our custom work which we pride ourselves. Our first item is a yellow gold Three Oak Triskele ring.  Finished the 2015H Custom Gallery with a two tone claddagh ring.

Jan. 4th 2016: Happy New Years!  The store is open regular hours.  Please visit if you are able.  January is Jewellery Repair month!  To start things off we posted a video to youtubeof a final video segment on drawing Celtic Knots.

Dec 27th 2015: Merry Christmas! Thank you for your business!  Updated a new video onYoutube.  we will reopen for regular business hours again Jan 4th.  Happy New year!

Dec 21st: Posted a 1/2 carat diamond engagement ring on row 4 of the Custom Catalogue.  Its design features the Double Triskele mount at the shoulders of the shank.

Dec 20th:  Updated a new video in a series on Youtube drawing an intermediate level contiuous spiral knot.

Dec. 15th: A triple a Rainbow Moonstone is bezel set in a gold Wolfhound Ring.  Photo on the Custom Gallery.

Dec. 14th: Posted a pair of white Bailey Triskele rings each set with a birthstone on the Custom Gallery 2015 H.

Dec. 13th: The Christmas rush started a little late this year.  If you want us to consider anything please call us 519-432-1558.  Thanks.  Posted a new video too

Dec, 12th:  Seasons Greetings!  We are busy however not to busy to take a break and wish you Merry Xmas in our new video.

Dec 10th: Part 2 of the latest How to draw Celtic videos by Jason is now viewable on Youtube.

Dec. 9th: Christmas orders are in full swing!  We can still take orders for all rings in gold or silver.  Also posted a new video on How to draw Celtic Art.  

Dec. 3rd:  Finished an 18k yellow gold Traditional Claddagh with a White gold cherry blossom welded to the top of it.  Photo is on the Custom Gallery 2015H.

Dec. 1st: Have all sterling silver stock rings on sale.  We are posting them on Etsy for the month of Dec.

Nov. 30th: A modern engagement ring in white gold with a tensions style setting is on the first row of the Custom gallery H.

Nov. 29th: Updated the Engagement ring gallery B today with a large 2.5 ct diamond ring.

Nov. 27th:  Our custom galleries span from 2006 - 2015.  The 2015 galleries are our new standard look.  Finally one small update to all of them is having a Previous and Next link on the top of each for easier browsing.  We take all photos in our store and you can see from 2006 to 2015 our improvements in taking photos of jewelry.

Nov. 26th: We started a new gallery of custom work with a photo of a custom Griffin Pendant in yellow gold on row 1.

Nov. 25th: Posted a photo of a silver skullband set to the 7th row of custom gallery G.  This gallery is now full and Gallery H will be coming soon.

Nov. 24th:  Christmas order are coming in! If you would like guaranteed delivery by Xmas please order by the 1st of Dec. 2015.

Nov. 21st.  Posted the final video in a series on how to draw Celtic Patterns, the pattern is from a Pictish stone Interlace in Meigle Scotland.Nov. 21st.  Posted the final video in a series on how to draw Celtic Patterns, the pattern is from a Pictish stone Interlace in Meigle Scotland.

Nov. 19th: Added a photo of to row 8 of the Custom gallery of a Family Signet ringfeaturing a Wittich Family crest.

Nov. 17th: A hand pierced yellow gold Giron Pentacle ring is on the 7th row of the Custom Gallery.

Nov. 16th:  Posted a photo of a Silver Mo Anam Cara wedding rings to row 5 of the Custom Gallery.

Nov. 15th: Updated the Engagement rings gallery B.  There are 2 pages now.

Nov. 14th: We set a 2.5 ct Canadian diamond into a custom white gold ring on theCustom Gallery row 6.  It is a huge stone and the ring has 16 smaller diamonds to compliment it.

Nov. 13th:  Posted a penultimate video on a youtube series on drawing Celtic patterns.  It deals with making an interlace based on the pattern found on an Adder skin.

Nov. 12th: A bezel set diamond in a pierced white Celtic Cross is on row 5 of the Custom Gallery.

Nov. 11th: Updated a photo of finishedAncient spiral Triskele.  It is set with 4 birthstones.  It's on row 3 of the gallery.

Nov. 10th:  Posted a photo of a gold Celtic wolfhound ring on row 4 of the Custom Gallery G.  Also good news!  Our 2015 Christmas Sale of Silver and Gold stock is about to launch.  Items are going to be prices from 10 years age.  Keep tuned by weeks end.

Nov 9th:  Christmas feels far away because it's warm out.  Be prepared though, we've warmed up to the idea of extending our deadlines.  Full Custon Christmas ring must be ordered by the 13th of Nov.  Models of rings or pendants in a custom size must be ordered by the last week of Nov for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Nov. 8th: Uploaded another How to draw Celtic Pattern video's on Youtube.  It's the 3rd of 5 in a series on a Pictsh interlace from an Adder skin.

Nov. 7th:  At Bellchambers we like to make jewellery that will be treasured.  Making work in precious metal like gold is a privalege.  Setting diamonds is also one of our fortes.  Please look at the 2 inch gold dragon pendant on row 2 of the Custom Gallery.  It left us and flew to Florida.

Nov 6th: We have been finishing some large work lately!  Posted a photo of an newly made gold Slovak Interlace pendant on row 1 of the custom gallery G.  It is hand pierced and set with large diamonds and and opal.  Truly and herloom piece.

Nov 5th: A limited edition Celtic Heart knot in sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold are available now.  The newest models are posted on the top row of Custom gallery G.

Nov 4th: Updated a new video on the constructin of drawing a Celtic Serpentdesign from an 8th century Pictish stone.

Nov. 2nd: Updated the Custom Gallery F with a white gold wedding set of a Tree of Life ring set with a diamond, photo on