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Engagement & Gemstone Ring Gallery B

Welcome to our men's and women's engagement ring and gemstone ring collection. We work with gold, platinum or silver. Each order is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Emerald Celtic Engagement Ring A Dianne Loveknot engagement ring in Yellow Gold set with a 6x4 oval emerald. ORDER Celtic Double Triskele Diamond Ring The Double Triskele engagement ring in 18k yellow gold set with a half carat diamond in a 4 claw white gold setting.  ORDER

Novo Ring with diamond A glorious 2.5 ct Princess cut diamond set into a modern white gold ring. The each of the 17 diamonds were hand set at Bellchamber Rings shop. As was the setting being hand made. s. ORDER Kovo RingThe large stone is a certified Canadian Diamond as are the small mellee stones. ORDER

Viking Engagement interlace Ring The Double Triskele model R175 in white gold stacks perfectly with a flat band.  In this case with the narrowest Triquetra Knotwork ring in Yellow gold model R242.  ORDER R_175 Double TriskeleHere the rings are show straddled.  The diamond in the white gold Double Triskele is a 1/4. 

Updated soon Alternately a plain band can be stacked nicely as well.  Any flat band is able to fit nicely as a wedding set.  The wedding band here is 3mm x 2.5mm and is modeled on antique bands form the turn of the 19th century. Updated soonThe same rings on the left are shown straddled together.  ORDER

Updated soon When a client would like a gem we order in 3 or 4 to for them to select.  In this photo there are 3 unset green garnets or 'tsavorites' beside a Dianne Loveknot ring. Note that the oval has more facets than the 2 round garnets which provides more sparkle, the round stoneshave a deeper colour saturation.  Email us.   Updated soonSapphires are an excellent choice for a ring since they are the 2nd hardest natural crystal next to diamonds.  in some cultures they represent the sky and the world.  The word 'sphere' is very close to 'sapphire' which is what our planet is.  Traditionally they are thought of as being 'Ceylon Blue' however they are available in every colour of the spectrum.  Email us.

half Carat diamonds Pictured are 3 different diamonds of varying qualities in 1/2 carat round brilliant cut styles. When assisting a client to choose, we stress fitting with your budget and getting the best cut 1st as it will sparkle under the lowest light. Diamond Rings Celtic Viking Interlace Two Diamond Dianne Loveknot rings. The yellow gold model on the left has a 0.20 ct diamond and the white gold ring resting on it has a 0.25 carat diamond.  The yellow gold model also has 6 accent stones in the interlace and the white is left natural with the centre gem.  ORDER

Double Triskele Ring with clients basked diamond setting We used a clients basket setting from her original engagement ring and set it into a Double Triskele Ring revitalizing her engagement ring. Remade Gold Shank for 3 stone setting A client brought us her 3 stone setting with oval ruby and mine cut diamonds, the shank of which was in need of replacement. Pictured above is what we remade her; a new yellow gold band 2mm wide, welded her 3-gemstone platinum setting to it and finished the sides with hand-engraved scrollwork. We set stones and do all of the goldsmithing repairs at our store.  ORDER