Bellchamber Rings

2015 Custom Gallery B

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada.  Below is our 2nd Gallery of unique custom jewelry designs from 2015

Tree of Life BrazilA Custom Jacaranda & Maple Tree of Life ring set with a 2ct Green Tourmaline from Brazil. This side has the Maple leaves. Updated soonOn the other side of the shank from gemstone is the Jacaranda leaves and Flowers. It is all 18K Gold and just over 10mm wide. ORDER

Tree of Life ring GoldA custom Medieval Tree of Life ring in two tone gold with it's background pierced out. Every step in handmaking this style of ring must be done perfectly, then it will have a truly stunning result. ORDER Celtic diamond ringThe Celtic Delaney Loveknot set with a 1ct diamond. Finished in white gold with a platinum bezel. The interlace pattern on each side of it's shank represents confidence and intergrity. Available with other gemstones. ORDER

Celtic green gold Engagement ringA Green Gold Dianne Loveknot ring. Set with a .52ct round brilliant blue sapphire and 0.04ct in diamonds. Note how the green gold is a pale yellow green. ORDER Updated soonThe Double Love Triskele set with a 0.40ct diamond. In solid White Gold. ORDER

Updated soonA simple 2mm wide ring was custom fit to sit locked with an existing 3 oval diamond ring. Peter Cook hand engraved the wedding band and the gold was upcycled from the clients supplied existing gold. ORDER Updated soonA close up of the hand engraved scrollwork and how the two rings fit together as a set. Custom fit wedding rings are our specialty. ORDER

Gold Celtic Wedding RingsA pair of Lovebird Tree of Life rings in 18K Yellow Gold with Raised edges. The widths are 10mm and 7mm wide. High karat gold is very nice ot work with. ORDER Celtic Wedding RingsA pair of Braided Triskele rings in antiqued White. The 6mm model is R9 and the 8mm model is R6. ORDER.

Celtic Tree of Life Book of Kells A yellow gold Celtic Tree of Life ring from the book of Kells. This model is R57 and is 10mm wide. ORDER Updated soonThe first of 24 gold Vance Kelly Thors Hammers. This Mjöllnir was a collaboration between Bellchamber Rings and Graphic Artist Vance Kelly.  ORDER