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 All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. 

Below is the third page of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2013

Cusotm Diamond Wedding ring to fit engagement ring

.The engagement ring needed a custom fit wedding ring to fit next to it.  The top ring was made in a matching white gold and set with 16 round brilliant diamonds - ORDER 

Welsh Dragon Ring in Gold Thin width

A Welsh Dragon ring 6mm wide finished in 14K Yellow Gold.


Custom Wide Claddagh Ring

A custom Claddagh design of a Traditional Claddagh (R95) mounted on a 10mm wide Braided Loveknot ring.  The result is a 3d style of ring.  ORDER

Custom wide claddagh two tone gold

Side profile of this custom made Claddagh.  This can be made from any flat band with the Traditional Claddagh on top of it.  ORDER

Custom Rune rings with Ogham script

A set of custom Ogham rune rings in white gold.  The smaller 3mm band has a point on which the runes are caved.  The wider model is 9mm and is a flat style band.  Both read in Gaelic 'Brach grà' which would translate to Eternal Love.  ORDER

Sterling Silver AIDS ribbon

A handmade AIDS pendant with a red sapphire in the centre.  The pendant is all sterling silver.  ORDER


Thistle Triskele Ring in an Art Nouveau Style

The Art Nouveau Thistle Triskele Ring.  Finished in Sterling Silver this ring is 9mm wide.  ORDER

Custom Mems Family Ring with birthstones

A Mens Family ring.  We used clients gold material to make a Signet Model R111 and then set birthstones within the hand engraving.   ORDER


Celtic Engagement Ring with Diamond

A 1/2 carat diamond in a R-11 model Dianne Loveknot ring.  Flanked with 4 rubies in the 14K white gold interlace. ORDER

Welsh Dragon Rings 10mm and 6mm

A Welsh Dragon Set of rings in Stelring Silver.  The wide is 10mm and the smaller is 6mm wide.  ORDER


A Pallasite Pendant in sterling silver

This one of a kind pendant has a stone which is a Pallasite.  A slice of an extremely rare gem meteorite.  What makes it rare is the fact that it has a peridot crystal within the Iron Matrix which grew in space.

Lion Crest Ring with Shield

A nice silver Lion Crest Triskele Ring with the initials SJN in the customizable shield.  ORDER


Modern Celtic Diamond Ring

This ring is the inspiration for our new Modern Celtic Ring line.  Titled the Lynn Triskele it is set with a 3/4 ct diamond in a claw setting and is pierced through where the ancient Celtic Triskele designs are.

Modern Celtic Ring with Diamond

A second shot of the Lynn Triskele.  This mount has to be seen to believed.  It is 3mm tall and is a size 6.75.  Perfect for stacking a wedding ring on top of.


Dianne Loveknot in white gold with Sapphire

.A White Gold Dianne Loveknot Ring model R11, set with a 1.1carat White Sapphire.  ORDER 

Custom McMurray Clan Crest Ring and Celtic Rings

A wedding set with a 3mm Braided Triskele Loveknot, a 4mm Dianne loveknot with a 1.9mm diamond and an 11mm wide Custom MacDonald Crest ring.  ORDER


White Gold Oak Tree of Life Rings

The Three Oak Tree of Life rings is now available in 7mm as well as 5mm and 10mm.  Above is a 14K White gold set in 5mm and 7mm.  ORDER

Kells Triskeles Celtic Gold Rings in Rose and Yellow

A pair of Kells Triksele Knot Rings without the border.  The left is yellow gold and the right is rose gold.  The colour is subtle but different.  ORDER


Kells Triskele Gold two tone

A Kells Triskele Ring in two tone gold with raised White Gold Rails. This one is 10mm wide and has a special inside engraving see right photoORDER

Song of Solomon in Hebrew Letters engraved on inside of ring.

The Song of Solomon or Song of Songs in Hebrew letters was custom engraved on the inside of this Kells Triskele.  ORDER