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At Bellchamber Rings, every stone is hand-set by myself.(Jason Bellchamber).

  A gemstone set properly in your ring will provide an enjoyable and worry free experience.  Knowing how to care for different gem stones is something I like to help educate my clients with. Not all stones are suitable for a ring due to the hands being the toughest on jewellery. A harder stone is more suitable for a ring worn daily, such as a Sapphire or Diamond. A medium hardness stone such as a Quartz or Emerald needs to be worn gently as they will show scratches after a few years of everyday wear. A soft stone such as amber or opal requires extra care if worn in a ring as they can fracture if dropped.. Any hard or soft stone can be used for a pendant setting or earrings since they have a gentler environment on the body. Whichever stone you choose let your heart guide you, but how to love it!


  Bezel set white diamond and 4 gypsy set green diamonds.  Set into a Dianne Loveknot.

  Dianne Loveknot ring with Ideal Cut Diamond and 4 Green Diamonds

A 12 x 10 mm Garnet in a 4 claw setting. The ring model is a Celtic Feather Knot.

Celtic Ring with Garnet



  Settings are what hold a stone. Different settings also require long term care. The delicate yet strong claw style setting is excellent for faceted stones which show fire in the light. It only covers a small area of the upper facets of a gem. A bezel setting is the oldest style of setting, it is very secure and can make your stone look more integrated with the whole band. A bezel is akin to small lip that has been folded over the circumference of the stone. It’s great for cabochon polished stones or faceted stones. It will not make a stone look less brilliant. All of the light reflected by a well cut stone will come from the top not the sides or bottom.


  Bellchamber Rings sell all varieties of gemstones. diamonds and sapphires are what we stock the most of. We like to provide the best cut and best coloured gemstones available. I’ve set Bellchamber Rings with White, Yellow, Blue, Black or Green Diamonds.

  Diamonds are gems traditionally used for an engagement band. The word Diamond comes from the Greek Word meaning ’Unbreakable’. A diamond symbolizes endurance, toughness and brilliance.

  Sapphire is a stone found in all colours of the spectrum. When it is Red it is classified as Ruby, any other colour is Sapphire.  Different colours of Sapphire symbolize different parts of the life, Blue for the Sky and Water, Orange and Yellow for the Sun, Green is Nature.  Black for the night sky.  Red for Passion and Vitality.  They are the colours of Life, the colours of the Chakra.

 Below a Heart shaped Alexandrite Gemstone and the unassembled Claddagh ring and setting.

Traditional Claddaugh with Sleeve unassembled

 White Gold Dianne Loveknot with 2 blue diamonds 7pts and a 22ct white diamond

 Bezel set Blue Diamonds frame a White a Dianne Loveknot Ring.


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