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  Designing a ring is something that I enjoy very much.  All of the steps involved in creating the ring are worth it when my clients are satisfied.  I'm very honored that people like to wear my art.  This is true for other jewellery that I make as well.  I feel very lucky to do what I do, I've been working at it professionally since 1992.

 If you are even looking for a custom tattoo design or illustration artwork, I can do that too.   If any designs pique your interest please or if I can help you bring and idea to paper let me know.



Jason Bellchamber


The process of creating a ring is facinating.  The method I use is called Lost Wax Casting.   This means that the wax model that I make is 'lost' or melted out of the mold and the metal is melted and cast into the plaster mold.   I make my metals from the pure raw metals; Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Zinc, Paladium and Nickel.  I use formulas that I've researched from many sources.

Here is some of my Latest Custom Work



Initially I begin with an idea then sketch it out on paper then make a wax model and then cast that.

Metal that has been cast requires 12 more steps to polish it and keep the detail.

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