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Celtic Interlace

Above is a scan from the Book of Kells (Folio 8r) that shows the Muny Musk Loveknot.


  This pattern represents the dance of life.  Two souls stepping left and right and left again.  Footsteps in a never-ending Love. 


  An early Celtic Triskele Loveknot.  A triskele is a pattern that repeats every 3 steps.  The Triskele is a Celtic Motif that represents The Past, Present and Future.  A Symbol of Eternity and Good Luck.  If you follow this pattern is repeats evey three steps.


  G.Bain refers the the Muny Musk artefact, a 6th century Irish Box, as the earliest example of this Loveknot.  I have found it in the Book of Kells, The Book of Durrow and in and some Scandinavian Stones from the 7th Century as well as Pictish Stones.



Code - Description Muny Musk Rings Available 


R68F - 10mm Muny Musk Ring with Borders. 

R69F - 7mm Muny Musk Ring with Borders. 

R69N - 4.5mm Muny Musk Ring no Borders. 

R68N - 7.5mm  Muny Musk Ring no Borders. 


Prices in CND click model # for a quote in Gold.

Sterling Silver rings start at $195

   18K Gold Celtic Ring

Model R69N 5mm wide with no Borders in Gold.l    




 Photo by Heather MacEchern

The 7mm with borders (R69F) and the 7.5 mm without borders (R68N) finished in 14K Yellow Gold



Gold Celtic Loveknot Rings Pictured without borders R68N left & R69N right.



The 10mm (R68F) version with borders in 18KY

10mm Wide Gold Celtic Ring























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