Uffington Horse
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The Uffington Horse is an ancient geoglyph of a horse in Uffington County UK.


We offer two rings.  The first is a simple version of which was meant to look like the hill.  Just the Horse etched into a simple 10mm wide band.


Uffington Horse Ring in Silver

Model R-77 Uffington Horse ring in sterling silver.  10mm with high polished shank.


The second version is 10mm wide but utilizes Celtic sprials from an iron age sword scabbard from 100 BCE.


There is evidence that the Uffington Horse actually dates to early bronze age because the same design is found on celtic coinage of that era.  There are a few other hill figures near it as well.  The horse was a representation of energy, strength and independence.


Available in two designs.


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R-77 (10mm wide shank- high polished)

R-207 (10mm wide -spiral shank)

R-475 (7.5mm wide -spiral shank)


Each in sterling silver: $195.00

Please add $250 for raised gold edges


Please email me if you would like a quote in Gold or Platinum.





Other Horse Rings include Slephnir

Model R-207 has a bas-releif Uffington Horse ring with spirals on the shank.  Available in 10mm or 7.5mm

Uffington Chalk Horse with Celtic spirals

Uffington Horse Ring with Celtic Spiral














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