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   The following are links to many Bellchamber Rings rings which incorporate Triskele motifs.

  A Triskele is a predominantly Celtic symbol of Eternity and Good Luck.  The Past Present and Future in a never ending cycle.  Be it a sprial design of three, a three sided knot-work or a repetition of three.  In all cultures 3 is a lucky number because the shape, a triangle, can't be broken.  If you divide a triangle in two then two triangles remain. 

  Celtic Triskele designs occur on artifacts found from 500BC to 1000AD. 

AmphrevilleTriskele.htm Ancient Triskele.htm
DianneLoveknot.htm eternity_triskele.htm

Silver Triskele Ring

Kells Triskele.htm

Silver Triskele Ring

Love Bird Triskele Ring.html

Medieval Tree Triskele.htm

Raven Ring.htm
muny musk.htm

Sythian Dragon.htm

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