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 The Dragon as a symbol is found in nearly all cultures and represents the supernatural side of nature. 

  An interesting symbol the Dragon is extremely lucky, magnetic and intelligent.

  A dragon is typically depicted as a large and powerful serpent or other reptile, with magical or spiritual qualities.

 Western representations typically have wings and are capable of breathing fire, whereas Eastern ones typically do not. 

  I added a triskele design to the head.  The style was inspired from Scythian design which are found from Eastern Europe and as far as Siberia.  Many of these motifs are over 2000 years old and were tattoos from Scythian Mummies.  It inspired me to design this triblal dragon, which are mainly monochomatic. 

10mm wide

Sterling Silver: $195.00

14 Karat Golds:..$Call for Quote

Prices in CND


Above:The design spans half of the rings shank.





Double Dragon Ring

 Below is a Ring which incorporates 2 of the above dragons into a ring with a cross in the center.  It is model 348.

Tribal Dragon Ring in White Gold

side profile ot the double dragon ring

The Double Sythian Dragon in White Gold.


If you have an idea of what a Ring or piece of jewellery would look like, I can help you make one.  Simply send me a suggestion jason@bellchamber.net


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