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Celtic Knot

Sleipnir is the 8 legged horse of Odin, chief of the Viking Gods.  The imagery on this Viking ring is inspired by the knotlegged Horses on the 8th Century Standing Stones from Gotland Danemark.  The main image is of Odin naked on Sleipnir's back brandishing his shield and spear into Ragnarok. 

   There is also a small Raven and a Triskele knot.  The coiled knotwork on the shank of the ring is Jörmungandr (the Midguard Serpent), and this motif is also found on 3 of these stones. 

 The ring measures 10mm wide and can be made in Gold, Silver or Platinum

  This design represents Balance, Fate and Wisdom.


Code - Description

R191: 10mm Sleipnir, Odin and Midgard Ring ORDER.

Sterling Silver: $195.00 or inquire for a gold quote.


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Odin's Ring Draupnir

The yellow gold version beside an antiqued background sterling silver version.

Viking Odin Ring

Note the Midgard Serpend which is used to shank the ring.


Viking Ring with Odin

Viking Dragon Ring

Side view of shank



Baltic Standing Stone

A photo of the Alaskog Stone From Gotland.  The Midgard Serpent/dragon Knot is at the top and the Image of Odin and Slephnir is in the Center.

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