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  The word Drui is Gaelic for Oak.  The Oak of course is the most sacred tree to the Druids and Celts.  It is a symbol of Wisdom, Strength and Love.  I named this ring the Oak Druid ring because there are motifs of three different Oak Leaves.  Black Oak, White Oak and Red Oak.

  Other clues of Druid translations.

Daur Irish - Oak (Drui - druid)
Dervo Gaulish Oak
Derw Welsh Oak (Derwydd - druid)
Drus Greek Oak


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R35 (10mm wide) Oak Druid Ring- in 14k Gold - ORDER


Silver Sterling: $195.00 - ORDER


Prices in CND. Available in Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver

Prices in CND.


Druid Ring

Druid Oak Ring

Oak Leaf Ring




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