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 The Gaelic Phrase "Mo Anam Cara"  translates to "My Lifetime Friend" in Irish Gaelic.    It makes a lovely endearment ring or even a wedding band when made in gold.

  I make a five versions with different Loveknots that separate the words, they also provide space where gemstones may set into them.   They range from 5mm wide to 10mm wide.

  In sterling silver the background comes patinated in black and the foreground polished white.  This is known as "Antiqued" and I normally finish all of my Sterling Silver rings this way.

  The Triskele in the 9mm model (model #241) is a symbol of Good luck.  It also represents The Past, Present and Future. 

  Model #330 and #329 is 5mm or 8mm wide and has a Loveknot that spans the shank of the ring. 



Mo Anam Cara Models available

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R108 MoAnamCara (5mm) - INFO

R109 MoAnamCara (10mm) - INFO

R241 MoAnamCara (9mm) - INFO

R330 MoAnamCara (5mm) - INFO

R329 MoAnamCara (8mm) - INFO


Sterling Silver Rings Start at $195.00

in Karart Gold's or Platinum...

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Prices in CND.

Bellchamber Rings are made with a sizing bar.

Gallery of 'Mo Anam Cara' Ring Models

Mo Anam Cara Gold Rings

18KYellow Gold version of the Mo Anam Cara Set

(model 108 and 109) INFO

Gold Mo Anam Cara wedding rings

A yellow gold with raised white gold border wedding set ORDER

Mo Anam Cara Rings in Silver

Sterling Silver Mo Anam Cara Set is 5mm wide and 10mm wide.

(Model 108 and 109) INFO

 mo anam cara rings

Mo Anam Cara Ring with Loveknot around shank.  5mm wide

Above and below: Mo Anam Cara 5mm width with a Loveknot (model 330).  INFO


Mo Anam Cara Ring with Celtic Loveknot

This loveknot goes around the shank (model 329) note it is interupted by a sizing bar so it can be easily adjusted it is 8mm wide INFO


9mm version with a Triskele between the words (Model 241) INFO

Mo Anam Cara Triskele 9mm

Mo Anam Cara Ring

Gaelic Ring with triskele


Below: The 5mm version with a loveknot between each of the words. (Model 108)

Mo Anam Cara ring with Loveknot

Mo Anam Cara ring

Mo Anam Cara - My Lifetime Friend




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