Double Venus

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Celtic Knot

This pattern incorporates the symbol for the roman goddess VenusIt is also the alchemical symbol of copper, and gender symbol for female.  Symbolically Copper was the first metal that was able to be formed into tools in the stone age, which advanced whomever used it.  The first gift to modern Humankind, and is still very much essential in industry,  as well as in plant and animal function as a mineral.  It is a feminine colour naturally as well having a red pinkish tone.


 On this design it is a double Venus intertwined with the lines representing energy and stability.


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R224 Double Venus Ring 5mm wide in Solid Gold

R224 Double Venuse Ring 5mm wide in Sterling Silver 

Sterling Silver: $195.00

Prices in CND




Venus Rings in Gold

 A Custom Double Venus Wedding Ring set in 14K Yellow Gold.


Venus Ring

 The width of the ring is 5mm wide (3/8 inch)


The traditional symbol of Venus & Woman



















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