Dimma Loveknot
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The classic Celtic pattern of the Dimma Loveknot is from the Book of Dimma (8th Cent).   It is the knot that is above and below the eagle on the 1st page of St. John.  This style of Celtic interlace is instantly recognizable.  It is distiguished by it's natural flow and strong bond.


What I like about the pattern is how the knots form two Hearts alternating up and down.  Its also interesting to note; that this particular knot must be made of 2 lines rather than one and that it repeats every three steps, classifying it as a Celtic triskele.


 Book Of Dimma carpet page of St.John's Eagle

 Celtic Rings in silver

Above are the 3 widths of the Dimma Loveknot in Silver 


Model Number (width) - Please click for a quote


R72 (10mm) Dimma Loveknot in 14K Gold - Order

R59 (8 or 7mm) Dimma Loveknot in 14K Gold - Order

R233 (5mm) Dimma Loveknot in 14K Gold - Order


Rings in Sterling Silver $195 each - INFO

Prices are in CAD



Dimma Loveknot Ring in White Gold

This is a 5mm version with borders that are rounded.

The pattern itself is 3.2mm wide.



Dimma Loveknot Ring

Model R59 in 14K white gold.  Width is 8mm.

Dimma Loveknot Rings

Above: A 10mm Dimma Loveknot with Raised Gold Borders and a 4.5mm version without borders.  Both are antiqued (black background)

White Gold Celtic Dimma Loveknot with Raised Yellow Borders

Above: a White Gold 10mm Version (model R72) with raised Gold Borders and no antiquing (black background) INFO

Celtic Ring with Blue Sapphire

Model R59-the 4.5mm wide Dimma Triskele Loveknot set with a 4mm blue Sapphire in a Solid Gold Bezel ORDER

Dimma Celtic Ring

Model 59 at 7mm wide in 14K white gold.  Finished with slightly rounded border. INFO


three tone gold ring in progress

Yellow Gold ring with rose gold sleeve

A work in progress of a 8mm Dimma Loveknot In White gold with a Rosegold inside sleeve.


Celtic Ring with Diamond

Dimma Loveknot 7mm wide with a .27pt Diamond



The 7mm version with the borders cut off is 4.5mm wide.

The elegant 4.5mm version with no borders.

Finished in Sterling Silver with Antiquing.








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