Braided Triskele Knot

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Celtic Knot


  This elegant interlace pattern is found around the world.   The triple braid is one of the strongest knots.  In Celtic artifacts the interlace pattern is found from the 5th century CE onwards.  It's also found in Roman Mosaics and Medieval motifs.


  The symbolism of the Triple Braid is Strength, Eternity and Good Luck.

  The smaller width may fit together with an engagement ring as a complete wedding set.  As well the borders can be taken off to make a smaller width giving the ring a more sculpted look.

The Braided Triskele Ring is available in 3 widths.


 Model -Description-Click to Order

R9 - 6mm Braided Triskele - ORDER

R8 - 10mm Braided Triskele - ORDER

R7 - 8mm Braided Triskele - ORDER

Available in Gold, Platinum or Silver.

Please contact us for a gold quote.

 Prices in CAD

In Sterling Silver each model is  $195 CND and includes a 12 character inside ring engraving.



Braided Wedding Rings

A Braided Triskele wedding set, model R7 on R9

Gold Celtic Rings

A set of 8mm and 10mm Braided Triskeles in 14K Yellow Gold both with Flush Borders.

Braided Celtic Ring in two tone Gold

Two Tone Gold 8mm wide, with Raised White Gold Borders on an 18K Yellow Gold ring.



Two tone gold version of the Celtic Triple Braid

Above the 10mm wide version in white and yellow gold with flush borders.  ORDER















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