The Bailey Triskele Ring


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 This is a Nouveau Celtic design which I call the Bailey Triskele.  It is inspired by strength, elegance and balance. 

  Initially, I designed it to have a stone (round brilliant cut, oval or especially a marquis cut stone) to fit in the centre, however I think it looks good on it's own just as well.  It's reminiscent of two Whale Tales which hold a celestial body (moon or sun) between them.  Where the stone sits in the iris of an eye shape.

  The Whale symbolizes the Chief of the Ocean and is the largest animal on our planet.  The Eye is an apotropaic talisman that only allows good luck to happen. 


  The two triangular knots are triskele knot patterns from 1200 years ago, found in the Book of Kells.  A Triskele symbolizes good luck and eternity.  Two triskeles as in this case represent two halves of a whole. 


  It is named for the first person who ordered it, Ms.R.Bailey.



Catalogue Number - Description

R204-Bailey Triskele ring in 14K gold - INFO


Each ring is handmade per order.

Gold Colours Available:Yellow, Rose, White, Green.

Sterling Silver rings $195.00

Prices in CND

E203-wide Bailey Triskele earring set -
E202-small Bailey Triskele earing set - INFO

P203-wide Bailey Triskele pendant-
P202-small Bailey Triskele pendant- INFO

Fine Celtic Jewelry - White Gold Triskele Charm

Model P202, a small Bailey Triskele in White gold.  INFO 



















 Celtic Interlace Gold Ring with Diamond

Above is the Bailey Triskele in white gold with a 1/2 ct bezel set diamond. INFO


Bailey Triskele 18K Yellow Gold with a Bezel Set 1/2 CT Ideal Cut Diamond

Above: a 18K Yellow Gold Version with a 1/2 Carat Ideal Cut Diamond. INFO


Bailey Triskele in 14K White Gold with a 10pt diamond

 This White Gold model is pierced and set with a pretty 0.12ct diamond. INFO


Celtic Triskeles Earrings in Gold

To complete the set the 6mm earrings are finished with pierced 4mm balls in Yellow Gold.











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