Ancient Double Loveknot 


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Celtic Knot




  Of the interlace patterns, the double knotwork pattern is the oldest repeating pattern in Art History.  

  It represents Balance, two halves of a whole and eternity.  From the twin snakes of the Caduceus to the DNA double Helix, the image of two lines intertwined suggests two parts making up one.  The image on this ring design was inspired by an early Celtic Flagon from the beginning of the Iron Age in Europe.  The flask was made of bronze, however what made it Celtic was the detail of the animals on it, a Bird and a Wolf.  The simple spiral on the ears of the animals make the design distinctive.  The Double Loveknot is found at the base of the vessel and was enameled at one time as well.  At the terminals of this design I added a triskele knot to represent good luck and Eternity.


A Double Loveknot represents Symmetry, Balance and Heredity (Family). 


Catalogue # Double Loveknot-14K

R523 - Ring 7mm wide ORDER
R187 - Ring 5mm wide ORDER
R188 - Ring 10mm wide ORDER


Each ring is handmade per order.

Gold Colours Available:Yellow, Rose, White, Green.

Sterling Silver rings $195.00

Prices in CND


The Bazze Yutz Celtic Flagon  from E.France with the Double Loveknot enameled at its base, circa 450BCE.Ancient Celtic Flagon or decanter



Ancient Double Loveknot wedding set in Gold

The Yellow Gold Ring set, with three diamonds in each ring. Model 187 and 188 INFO


Double Loveknot Ring

The 10mm Version with flush Borders in 14K Yellow Gold.


Ancient Double Loveknot Ring 5mm wide

The 4.5mm Version in 14K Yellow Gold.


Gold Helix ring with Diamonds

The sizing bar was extended in this custom version to fit as a wedding band to fit an engagement band.


Wide Double Loveknot Ring with diamonds

In the Sizing bar of this custom Order I set 3 small Diamonds to match the Ladies Version.























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