Amphreville Triskele

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  The Amphreville Helmet note the Spiral Triskele

The Amphreville Helmet Artifact 500 BC.  Found in Brittany.

   The Amphreville Triskele is Celtic pattern dated to 500 BC.  It's found on a Celtic Helmet d’Amfreville-la-Mi-Voie, made between the 5th or 4th century BC.   It's motif is of an ancient spiral design representing the dance of life meandring left and right and back to the begining.  A triskele pattern represents eternity. |

  This is the oldest Celtic design in my repertoire. The Celtic Knotwork we are familiar with today was inspired by the early triple sprials from the Iron age Celts of 2600 years ago.  They lived from the British Isles to the moors of Spain to the Rus river near Istanbul.   What connects the Iron age Celts is the similarity in the motifs on the artifacts from these regions.  Especially repetition of 3.

  The Triskele represents the past present and future, never ending good luck.


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Catalogue# - Amphreville Triskele

R5 - (11mm) Amphreville Triskele INFO

R30 - (13mm) Amphreville Triskele INFO

R349 - (11mm) Amphreville Triskele (bas relief) INFO

R440 - (8mm) Amphreville Triskele (bas relief) INFO

Each ring is handmade per order.

Gold Colours Available:Yellow, Rose, White, Green.

Sterling Silver rings $195.00

Prices in CND

Celtic Spiral Ring
The Amphreville Triskele Ring in Yellow Gold with borders.  Model R5.  INFO

Tree of Life Ring Gold

R349 model of the Amphreville Triskele.
This ring is 2 Tone Gold. Flush White Borders on 14K Yellow Gold. Note that the design is raised or bas reliefINFO


R349 Amphreville Triskele 2 tone Gold set with new diamonds

The new Amphreville Triskele with 3 small diamonds and
one 1/5 Carat diamond Bezel set into the center.  Model R349 ORDER


 R5 Amphreville in 14K Yellow Gold with Raised White Gold Borders size 13

Model R5 in 14K Yellow Gold Finished
with Raised White Gold Edges, 11mm wide.

  Tappering Celtic Gold Spiral ring

Above is model R637 in yellow gold.  This Amphreville Triskele ring tapers from 7.5mm wide to 5mm wide at the back. It would look great with a gemstone or without.  ORDER

R5 Model Amphreville 2 tone gold

Notice the 3 small diamonds set into the center sprial.

 R5 Model Amphreville Triskele in Yellow Gold with Flush White Gold borders.

Above is a Size 5 two tone Amphreville Triskele

with Flush White Gold Edges in 14K. 









 n.b: I hand cast each ring and make the alloys from the raw materials myself.  My personal hallmark is the final touch in my work.  

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