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This design is a Wolfhound Triskele.  The wolfhound represents Strength, Loyalty and Intelligence.  It is also a strong family symbol because a wolf can only survive in a pack.  The triskele (repetition of three) symbolizes the past present and future.  Good luck and Eternity.

The original model was carved in whalebone and I took the wax model from that.  This pendant is rather bold as it has a diameter of 3.5cm and is slightly domed.

The wolfhound triskeles from the book of Kells provided the inspiration for this design. 


It is available for $200 in Sterling Silver with a chain.

14K Gold would be $1200CND.



If you have an idea of what a Ring or piece of jewellery would look like, I can help you make one.  Simply send me a suggestion jason@bellchamber.net


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