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   Bill Reid & Charles Edinshaw are the two Canadian Artists that inspired me to become a metal smith.


 I was inspired to make this particular design after I visited the Anthropology Museum in Vancouver in March '06.


  Within 24 hours of landing in Vancouver I was on my way to the musuem on the UBC campus.  It was one of my mandatory pilgrimages.  All the art I've studied for 20 years was there on display. 


  The morning I left for the museum I woke to the sound of "hiya, Hiya!".  I looked outside the window in Strathcona and saw some elderly folks doing Tai Chi in the park.  But something wasn't right.  You're not supposed to yell Kiai in Tai Chi.  I laughed when I saw the Crows and Ravens yelling at them.  Those birds really do imitate and make fun of human beings.


  I wanted to make a design which incorporated spirals with bird/Corvid motifs.  If you look closely there are many characteristics of birds in this piece.  This is the beauty of abstract design, every eye sees differently.   It symbolizes two halves of a whole,  like two birds of a feather, in constant motion.


  It can be set with any stone of your choice.  Each wing measures about 2.5cm.


Catalogue Number VWP1
Silver Sterling: $175.00 (with Garnet)

Other stones.

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In different Karat Golds

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Prices in CND




Vancouver Winged Pendant with 6x4 oval Garnet in Sterling Silver.


















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