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Whalebone Raven Triskele

The Raven Triskele original was carved in whalebone. It is quite 3-dimensional at 4cm tall (1.5") and has a nice weight of ~ 16grams in sterling silver. When you see a crow or raven there is always 2, but when you see three togetehr it is a representation of a family unit. A Raven offspring will live with it's parents for a number years until it finds a mate and will mate for life. Ravens are very ingrained in all world myths. Note the egg and shell shape symbolizing life itself. The Triskele pattern of three represents good luck and eternity in Celtic Art.

John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin triskele ring


Each one is individually made at our shop in London Ontario Canada.

To order or inquire please email: jason@bellchamber.net or click order below.

ORDER Silver (Sterling) - Raven Triskele P150 - $175 CAD plus $40 for sterling silver chain.

ORDER Gold (14K) - Raven Triskele P150 - chain extra depending on length.


Antiqued Raven TriskeleA dark antiquing can produce a pleasant contrast on a sterling silver pendant. Vancouver RavenRaven photographed at the UBC campus in Vancouver BC in 2010 by Jason. Raven TriskeleClose up in white sterling silver.