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Pictured is an example of the "hand engraved" work that I offer through my shoppe.   This pendant for instance is 10K Yellow gold which I milled myself to .35mm thick x 2.5cm x 2cm. I had a clients Family Crest engraved on it.  An example like this is ~$275CND and is very durable. 

Rings, Penants Earrings can look extra special either completely or with a touch of Hand Engraving.

 Hand engraved work is done on the finished piece itself.  It is done with a hardened "high-speed steel" graver and takes years of practice to master.  It is also the last work done to a piece of jewellery.


We can work with any family crest or design that you have in mind.   Let us make your special heirloom.


Hand Engraved Family Crest

Tennant Family Crest hand engraved by Bellchamber Custom Goldsmiths.

 Birthstone Ring with Hand-Engraving

Above is a White Gold Birthstone ring with Hand-Engraving surrounding each stone and the band. 

Birthstone Ring in 14K White Gold

Side view of how far this engraving spans the rings shank. 

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