The Whale, Eagle of the Sea

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  I was inspired to make this pendant by many of the Southern Pacific designs at the museum of Anthropology at the UBC, in the Spring of '06. 


  The Whale is the Eagle of the Sea, in other words, the Whale is the Chief of the Ocean.  In cultures around the World the Whale provides so much of itself for Humanity's survival.  Beowulf refers to the sea as the "whale's road".


  If you look at the top of this pendant the outer edges form a Whales tail, the inner however shows an Eagle coming straight at you. 


 Whales are gentle and highly intelligent animals.   This pendant symbolizes Leadership, Courage and Intelligence.



 Measures 3.5cm across.



$225 in Sterling silver includes chain.


Eagle Pendant

Whale, the Eagle of the Sea, Pendant in Sterling Silver

















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