Dragon Ouroboros

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  This Dragon Ouroboros is a serpent eating it's own tail.  A Symbol of the universe, of never ending.  It is a personification of the wheel of life.  Always in motion for eternity.

  Ouroboros literally means tail eater.

  This motif's history can be found in Egyptian designs, medieval symbols and may also be linked to the Scandinavian Midgard Serpent who is coiled around the world tree and is so large that it must eat its own tail.

 This pendant is available in 2 diameter sizes.

Model - Description

P172S - Dragon Ouroboros Pendant 1 1/4" (30mm) - ORDER

P494S -  Dragon Ouroboros Pendant 1" (25mm)  - ORDER

P172SGw - Dragon Ouroboros with a 10K Gold Wing. -  ORDER

  P428 - Round Welsh Dragon Pendant 1 inch - ORDER 


Prices in CAD

Pendants start at $195 in Sterling Silver


  Dragon Ouroboros Pendant

Pictured is the Dragon Ouroboros. P172 Info


Dragon Pendant in Silver

Above the Silver version without antiquing with a Diamond in the Eye.

Welsh Dragon Pendant

P428 Round Welsh Dragon Pendant 1 inch ORDER


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