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  The Tree of life is an ancient symbol found in all cultures.  To the Celts, the Oak tree was the most important Tree representing Wisdom, Longevity and Family.  The word "Druid" can be translated as "Oak-Knower".

 The Tree symbolizes the connection of heaven and earth by rooting in the earth and rooting in the sky. 

  In Scandinavian cultures it is an Ash Tree called Yggdrasil , To the Chinese it is the Ginko, to the Japanese the Cherry, Canada the Maple, in the US and Britian The Oak, Palestine the Cedar, to Hebrews it is the Kabbalah and so on.

This pendant is the Bellchamber Celtic Tree of Life design.  The roots of the tree are connected to the branches by Celtic Knotwork.  The blooms in the branches may have small stones set into them too.

It is available in 4 sizes; 2.4cm in diameter (about the size of a quarter), 2.0 cm in diameter, 1.3cm and 1.1cm.  And can be made in Gold, Silver or Platinum.

Catalogue Number
P299 Tree of Life Pendant (Diameter 2.4cm) ORDER
P298 Tree of Life Pendant (Diameter 2.1 cm) ORDER
P297a Tree Of Life Pendant (Diameter 1.3 cm) ORDER
P297b Tree Of Life Pendant (Diameter 1.1 cm) ORDER

Tree of Life Pendant in Silver Sterling start at $195 CAD with a chain


Prices in CAD


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Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in Gold

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in 14K Gold with the Knotwork pierced out.  Model P299Gy.

 Celtic Tree of Life Charm in Gold

 The Celtic Tree of Life charm in gold.  This charm is about 1.3 mm in diameter.  Similarly a dime is 1.8mm.  Moldel P297a. INFO

 Celtic Tree of Life Pedants in Gold

From L-R: Celtic Tree of Life Pendants in Yellow Gold with a quarter and a nickel to show the scale. (P297a, P298 and P299)





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