Bellchamber Rings

2018 Custom Gallery C

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2018

Custom Princess Cut Diamond and Sapphire Royal Scoll ring A pair of cutsom wedding rings in yellow gold with princess cut diamonds and amethysts.  The bezel settings were very difficult to make and then set the stones at an even height all the way around.  The design is a one of a kind set for our client. Custom Hammered Ring A custom Hammered yellow gold ring. This one is 8mm wide and 2mm thick with Brokkr Hammered edges and a rough grit texture in the centre third of the ring. We only finish Hammered rings on Thursday! ORDER

Sapphire Tree of Life Earrings and Pendant A yellow gold Celtic Tree of Life pendant and earring set.  The Earrings are 4 prong posts and the pendant has a bezel setting.  Each set with oval blue sapphires.  ORDER Platinum Tree of Life ring and Yellow Gold Three Oak Tree of Life Ring A platinum Medieval Tree of Life ring and a gold 3 Oak Tree of Life ring. Both set with a melee diamond from the clients own collection.

Veterinary Rhino Pendant A custom veterinary pendant with a rhino and red ruby set into the front. Custom designs are our specialty. Note that taking photos of silver pendants is difficult, it is similar to taking a photo of a mirror.  ORDER Silver Medieval Tree of Life Rings A pair of white 10mm wide Medieval Tree of Life rings. Note that without antiquing the etched background has a textured look to create a pleasant contrast. ORDER

Celtic Wolf Rings of Lindisfarne Celtic Wolfhound Rings, in 14K rose gold and antiqued white.  The wolf represents strength, loyalty and intelligence.   Sketch to Art to Ring Sketch, B&W art and metal ring in silver.  This Thistle design is used below.  When Bellchamber designs a ring we start with a rough sketch and then move to a final black and white finished design.  The final black and white art is used to make a wax model which is then used to cast a metal model using lost wax casting techniques.

Thistle Triskele Ring with Ruby The White gold Thistle Triskiele motif is on the ring and a yellow gold bezel is hand made and welded to the ring. Then we set a 3.5 carat oval Ruby for our client.  Even the bezel has engraving.

White gold Celtic Thistle with RubyFrom the front the Thistle Triskele design with a Exotic sized oval ruby 3+Carats.  The ring itself is 14 mm wide and tapers to 8mm at the back.  ORDER

Updated soon A Leanúnach Celtic Cross earring and pendant set.  The design is a never-ending interlace.  Our client asked us to used the diamond from her engagement ring and use some of the gold from it in the production. This helps retain the history of the ring in a new work of jewellery.  ORDER Updated soon Above is a side angle view of the set.   'Lanúnach' is Gaelic for 'continuous'.   Although the photos is 2d hopefully we can conveigh the feel.  Note the European leverback earrings and the height of the claw setting from the original.  

Thors Hammer in Wales This 14K yellow gold Thor's Hammer has been shipped to Wales UK. It weighed aver 24grams and is double sided. A real family heirloom piece! Stráice Dianne Loveknot Celtic Gold ring This yellow gold Stráice Dianne Loveknot was made using a clients own gold from her original wedding band. We also re-engraved the message on the inside too copying the hand engraved font style. A lovely ring that represents two souls as one. ORDER

Custom inside ring engraving This pair of Wolfhound rings, one antiqued and the wider in non-antiqued white gold have a customized engraving on the inside of the bands. Part of it as Gaelic and the other half is Chinese Hanzi (Chinese character). Inside ring engravings of 16 characters are free with our rings, customized fonts or even handwriting is also available.   1.5 carat Diamond in Celtic RingThis Dianne Loveknot ring has a 1.5 carat diamond in a modern half bezel setting. All in solid white gold (14K). Note the 4 small 1.5mm diamonds set into the 4 corners of the interlace.  We are can supply gems for your order or set your own diamond in to our rings. ORDER