Bellchamber Rings

2018 Custom Gallery B

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2018

Kells Celtic Tree of Life Ring with 1 1/4 Blue Sapphire Gemstones which are as large as this 1.25 carat blue sapphire are considered Exotic for their rarity.  Finding a goldsmith to set a large stone like this is actually even more rare and will increase the value of your gem.  Jason hand sets every one methodically, ensuring that they secure and straight.  The round-brilliant cut sapphire is bezel set into a custom 11mm wide Celtic Tree of Life ring in GoldORDER Celtic Tree of Life Ring in Gold 11 mm wide The Celtic Tree of Life pattern is found throughout the Irish Book of Kells.  The side profile of the ring demonstrates the height of the bezel required to accomodate the stones height.  This is the lowest and most flush type of setting.  The culet (bottom point) of the stone is only 1mm above the finger when it is worn. -

Exotic Gemstone settingThis “Dinner Ring” holds another Exotic Gemstone Jason has hand-set. This Imperial Citrine tops over 50 carats! The cut is a Fantasy Emerald with many scalloped facets which scintillate gold and amber. Our client paired the citrine with a 14k gold Amphreville Celtic Triskele ring to illuminate the brilliance. Fantasy Emerald Cut Imperial CitrineJason had to modify standard pliers in order to make the claws hold this stone.  Time involved in setting the stone after the ring was polished fully was about 4 hours.  ORDER

3 Raven Pendant The carved Raven Triskele Pendant in white silver (925). This made a very nice gift.  This one has nice weight of 16 grams. When you see 3 crows or ravens together its often a family you are witnessing. The young can stay with it's parents for 2 years before finding a mate. Ravens are very ingrained in world myths.  Note the egg and shell shape symbolizing life itself. ORDER Green Garnet - Tsavorite Dianne Loveknot Apple green is the colour to describe a Tsavorite. It is the rare and beautiful green variety of the Garnet gemstone. This one is a 4.6mm or 1/3 of a carat bezel set into the Dianne Loveknot ring in yellow gold. ORDER

Hammered Ring in Rose Gold with sapphires A one of a kind Ivy design ring from a clients drawing in solid 14k rose gold. The leafs are high polished and the stones are 2 diamond cut blue sapphires. Note the hand hammered design on the outside of the rest of the band. This texturing is done with one of our antique goldsmith hammers. Hammered rings by Bellchamber are only finished on ThorsdaysORDER Sapphire cabochon Earrings Earrings with very large 10 carat star sapphire cabochons set in yellow gold.

1.373 carat Diamond F Colour Vs1 Stuller Pendant 86380 This 'exotic' sized gemstone is a 1.4 carat (7.1mm) Ideal Cut Diamond set into a modern 4 claw pendant. Bellchamber Rings sets all gemstones in house by hand.  Rush service by appointment or regular 5-7 day turnaround is available with our Diamond Setting service.  ORDER 1.1 carat D block tanzanite in Moore's Loveknot pendantIn stock now!  This 1.1 carat brilliant oval cut Tanzanite is set into a solid gold Moore Loveknot pendant.  Tanzanite is only found in Tazania in a small mining area of 7 x 2km.  Top grade gems such as this one exhibits 3 colours, violet, purple and blue.  Retail Price $2995, on special for $2495 CAD.  ORDER
Updated soon Close up of a Marybel Triskele design with clients opal and diamonds accenting the loveknot design.  The design is a very early interlace form the 7th century.  The style of stones setting is bezel briolettes. ORDER Updated soon The Marybel Triskele as it would hang naturally.  Jewellery has a very high detail therefore the best way to photograph it is using more than twice the magnification making it appear close up.

6 claw 14K White setting with Blue Sapphire 1 ct oval This is a 1ct oval sapphire 8x6 mm which we set into a 6 claw modern white gold ring. Blue sapphires are very popular at the moment. ORDER Oval sapphire earrings in white gold 4 claw settings Blue Sapphires are always popular. We set these two 10x8mm oval sapphires into a 4 claw scroll dangles, the European lever-backs add security when they are closed. ORDER

Dimma Triskele Loveknot Celtic wedding rings A wedding set of Dimma Triskele rings.  The ladies in 14k rose gold and the gents in two tone raised rose gold borders.  This interlace design is a classic Celtic motif from the 8th century Book of DimmaORDER Claddagh Earrings in Silver Our handmade Earrings are available as studs, drop-ball dangles or lever-back dangles. Pictures are some small traditional Claddagh studs in sterling silver. ORDER