Bellchamber Rings

2017 Custom Gallery C

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2017

Classic Amphreville Triskele ring 5mm wide in white gold The Classic Amphreville Triskele ring in 14K white gold. The pattern is the oldest Celtic design, a spiral Triskele representing eternity in the 3 aspects of life. This ring was finished at 5mm wide. ORDER Art Deco Family Ring A custom Art Deco 14K yellow gold 5 gem Family Ring. Each gem is a 3mm round brilliant cut and held in a 4 claw setting. Custom Designs are available.  All work creating rings is done right in our store. ORDER

Celtic Diamond Rings one Rhodium plated Pictured are a pair of Double Triskele diamond rings, one has a quarter carat diamond the other a half carat diamond. Both gems are brilliant cut, set in a 4 claw setting and both rings are solid 14K white gold. The smaller diamond ring is also rhodium plated over the white gold. Rhodium plating is available on request for an extra fee. ORDER Viking Hoard of Silver Rings forged at Bellchamber Rings A true Viking Hoard of silver rings. In this case from left: The thin Saxon Wolfhound, Odin, Sleipnir and Midguard serpent ring, the wide Saxon Dagger wolfhound, Hugin and Munin Raven Triskele ring and the single Viking dragon ring. All in sterling silver.ORDER

Celtic Dianne Loveknot with 1.08 ct oval Blue Sapphire and diamonds A lovely 1.08 ct oval light Blue Sapphire.  It's set into a Dianne Loveknot without borders accented with 0.06ct of small full cut diamonds in the Triskele interlace.  ORDER. Celtic Griffin and Dragon Ring in two tone goldThe 10mm wide Griffin and Dragon ring in two tone gold is a bold ring of balance between fire andd water.  The male and female aspects of nature.  ORDER

White gold Celtic Rebecca ring with 1/2 carat diamond The Celtic Rebecca ring in white gold with a 1/2 carat brilliant cut blue white diamond. The two triquettra interlaces on the sides are the finest detail that we are able to finish on a ring.  Can be set with other stones.  ORDER Dragon and Lion Triskele Rings A pair of Lion and Dragon Rings in white silver.  The Triskele and Celtic interlace forms around the shank of these rings.  ORDER

Petra custom Gold name pendant A custom gold pendant for a lady named Petra. The design we made has the English script and the Arabic writing with palmette inspired chevron designs from antiquity. Incidentally in Arabic phonics the 'P' sound falls under 'B' thus Petra is heard as "Betra". ORDER Celtic Wedding set in white gold A white gold wedding set featuring a two tone gold Rossie Eternity Triskele with raised yellow borders and a very narrow Triquetera Triskele with 7 diamonds set into the interlace.  ORDER
Triquetra Ring in 14K with 7 diamonds The Triquetra Triskele from the side and the other has the 7 x 2mm diamonds set in a row.  The Triquetra is the first Celtic interlace and originates from the early 7th century.  ORDER 6mm Oak Tree of Life Rings A wedding set of Three Oak Leaf Tree of Life rings in sterling silver. These are the 7mm versions with an antiqued background. ORDER

Triskele Earrings in Gold Celtic A Pair of 14K Yellog gold Spiracl Triskele Earrings with a pierced finish. The Earring components are called European lever backs and are standard on all of our earrings. ORDER Celtic Dimma Triskele Rings The White gold and sterling silver versions of the Dimma Triskele. Often we offer a sterling sivler version of Gold rings as a 'traveler' ring. ORDER

Custom Princess Diamond Ring Our client needed his wedding ring replaced. It was 18K and had a 1/4 ct princess cut diamond gypsy set into the halfround band with white gold accents. The smaller version was his wife's. Bellchamber Rings can replicate lost rings from your design easily ask us how. White Gold Celtic Claddagh BandA 6mm Celtic Claddagh Loveknot band in 14K white gold.  Note the fine interlace surrounding the band.  ORDER.