Bellchamber Rings

2016 Custom Gallery E

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are more of our unique custom jewellery designs from 2016

Ragnarock Hammer Mjollnir A silver limited edition Thors Hammer showing both sides, one has Odins Ravens and Thors face the other is Odins eye and Jörmungandr the Midgard Serpent.
Celtic Garnet Ring with Feather motif A 2.5ct octagon or emerald cut garnet set in 4 gold claws on a white Norman Feather ring. The Feather is a symbol of wisdom and the heavens. ORDER

Celtic Dianne Loveknot with Ruby.  Pretty engagement ring A deep red 4mm ruby set into a Dianne Loveknot in 14K Yellow gold. There are 4 accent diamonds at the corners of the knotwork petals. ORDER Oval Garnet in Celtic ring with gold claw setting A 2ct brilliant cut oval garnet in a White Celtic Feather ring. A dainty settting which looks nice with a large stone or a smaller stone too.  ORDER

John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin triskele ring A custom Triskele ring. The style of this motif is a circle within the interlace of the triquetra. Both are representations of eternity and the never ending cycle of time. ORDER Thors Oak Hammer in gold, Mjollnir A solid 14K Gold Thors Hammer. This one has aspects of an Oak tree, Thors Face and a triskelion. ORDER

Celtic Moore's Loveknot pendant in gold set with Black Opal A large black opal doublet is claw set into a Moore's Loveknot pendant all finished in yellow gold.  This design is from the Chi Roh page of the book of Kells.  ORDER 10mm wide custom Celtic Bangle A 10mm wide sterling silver cuff with a Braided Triskele.  This bracelet takes the same material as 3 rings of the same width.  ORDER

5mm Dianne Loveknot Ring in White gold A custom 5mm version of the R434 Straice Dianne Loveknot ring.  This band is even at 5mm all the way around.  It is 2 Triskeles or two souls as one. ORDER Iron Age Celtic triskele from sword scabbards in Ireland and Hungary A wedding set featuring the Ancient Triskele.  A pattern found on sword scabbards from the Celtic Iron age. 2200 and 2100 years ago.  It can be found in both Hungarian, British and Irish Celtic artefacts.  10mm wide and in yellow gold.  ORDER

18K Gold Maori triple pendant A custom carved Maori Pendant in 18K Yellow gold. The legends of Cheif Maui are great stories of the worlds creation and I concentrated on him when I was making this for a client.  A triple pendant like this can represent 2 people growing together. It is 4.5cm tall.  ORDER Kells Triskele Rings in gold, one with a diamond A set of Kells Triskele Bands, one is set with a clients diamond with a white gold bezel. Both are finished in Yellow gold. ORDER

A yellow gold Celtic Birthstone/Family ring This family ring is a thin 6mm wide Braided Triskele with 7 birthstones.  The Celtic Braid is a symbol of Strength and unity.  ORDER. Celtic Lion Crest Triskele Ring in Gold A Lion Crest Triskele ring with a hand engraved 'S' initial in the crest. All finished in yellow gold and 10mm wide. The Lion is a symbol of authority and guardianship. ORDER

Celtic Key Pattern ring in gold with a 1 carat Green Sapphire The 5mm wide Celtic Key Pattern ring in yellow gold set with a 1 carat unheated natural green sapphire.  The design is pierced.  The motif of the key pattern predates interlace on very early 6th century artefacts.  It has a pattern which repeats every 3 steps, which indicates a Triskele or Eternity.  ORDER Maple Leaf Celtic Ring in antiqued whiteA Tree of Life ring with Maple leaves and an Eternity Triskele interlace 8mm wide.  The two leaves are a Red Maple Leaf and a Silver maple.  Custom designs are available.  ORDER