Bellchamber Rings

2016 Custom Gallery D

All work is hand-made at the Bellchamber Rings Store in London Ontario Canada. Below are our unique custom jewellery designs from 2012

Kells Triskeles Celtic Gold Rings R_32 Kells Triskeles in yellow gold.  A classic Celtic interlace wedding ring.  Each ring is a comfortable 9mm. Gold Oak Tree of Life Ring R_636 A white gold Three Oak Leaf Tree of Life ring. This version is 7mm wide. A thoughtful design of a family and strength.

White gold ring Celtic Triquetra with dark backgound antiqued This white gold ring has a Modern Eternity Triskele on it. Eternity Triskeles are based on a late 7th century interlace representing three.  Good Luck in the past present and future as well as the Trinity. Note that it's background is antiqued meaning the recessed areas are a dark black. Total width is 7mm wide. Viking ring of Mjölnir and Jörmungandr aka Thors Hammer and Midgard SerpentA Viking designed Ring of Mjölnir and Jörmungandr aka Thors Hammer and Midgard Serpent (World Serpent). The serpent is so large it's able to grasp it's own tale when it surrounds the earth as an Ouroboros.  A representation of opposite strengths of nature.  The ring is 10mm wide and features customizable runes.

Gold Rune Ring with Diamond Our client wanted a larger diamond for his custom Rune ring. So we set a 30pt D colour diamond into the bezel setting. Custom rune rings are available on request. Kalevala ring set Rose gold Kalevala rings in 8mm and 7mm wide. The 4 sided interlace symbolizes heaven and earth held up by the 4 dwarves (4 directions).  The Kalevala is an epic Finnish prose of Life.  

Dianne Loveknot Ring and Double Triskele engagement rings On the left is the Dianne Loveknot ring with a bezel set 1/4 ct diamond ring and on the right is a Double Triskele with a 1/2 ct diamond in a modern 4 claw setting.  The shank of the bezel setting can also be thinner making the ring more streamlined. Bezel set and claw set diamond ringsNote the bezel setting is able to sit closer to the finger and the claw setting is higher so that the setting is strong. The Double Triskele also has what is called a 'split shank' where the shank of the ring appears split and the shoulders have a plane 45 degrees to the ring increasing the protection to the claw setting.  It also makes the stone appearto be in a crown.

Dianne Loveknot wedding set The Dianne Loveknot ring wedding set.  The purple sapphire engagement ring sits atop the custom made wedding ring which interlockingwith it. Purple Sapphire with Dianne Loveknot wedding setEach hand made gem setting requires the interlocking band to be made after the engagement ring is finished. 
Cushion Cut 3ct Tanzanite set in gold Dianne Loveknot A rare 3 ct + AAA cushion cut Tanzanite.  The shank is a hand pierced Straice Dianne Loveknot ring in yellow gold.  This has georgeous gem has fantastic triclorism which means it exhibits, violet, purple and blue. ORDER. Medieval Tree of Life ring in Platinum with Gold borders The Medieval Tree of Life Triskele Ring in platinum with flush yellow gold borders.  Welding gold and platinum together is a challenge due to different melting temperatures.  ORDER

Channel set ring with diamond Double Triskele ring A clients 0.60 diamond in the Double Triskele ring and the wedding band is an 11 diamond channel set ring.  Diamonds and gemstones are set here in our store.  ORDER Emerald cut (Octagon) Blue sapphire ring A custom hand-engraved ring in white gold set with a large Blue Sapphire. The gem shape is octagon cut which is also known as an emerald cut. The hand engraving travels up the claws as well as the top and sides of the shank to the sizing bar. There are also 6 x 2.5mm diamonds on the shoulders. ORDER

Forever Love Heart triskele in Two tone gold A custom two tone gold Forever Love Heart Triskele.  This pendant is 2 cm square tall and is hand pierced.  ORDER Celtic Wedding set, Diana loveknot ring set with a 1.1 ct Oval Blue Sapphire A Celtic Wedding set in gold.  The sky blue sapphire is set into a R_11 model Diana Loveknot ring, it's a georgeous 1.1 ct gem.  The top ring is a Kells Triskele in yellow gold with raised white gold borders.  ORDER